Criminal Love

After yet another failed robbery, Shifty kicks Lifty out in anger, with no where to go, Lifty doesn't know what else to do, but can a certain red-haired girl change him for the better and show him there is more to life than stealing?


9. Why Would You Do This To Us?

It was the day of the party, everything was ready, they just had wait until 9:30 pm when it got dark enough for the light show, Flaky remember something, "Oh!, Giggles, w-we need t-to go into town f-for something!"

"What is it?" Asked Giggles

"Just c'mon and you see it is at Pop's Bakery" said Flaky

"Lifty, can you stay here and watch the party" said Giggles

"Whatever....." Sighed Lifty

"O-okay, let's go!" Flaky said, as she and Giggles walked out to her car and drove to the bakery, leaving Lifty alone with his thoughts, when a voice said' "Hello"

Lifty jumped up, spun around to face his brother, who was somehow  appeared behind him, "You no-good piece of shit, I will kill you", and threw a punch at his older brother, who caught his fist in his hand, "now now, brother no violence, I'm just here to talk, for now"

 "I don't want to talk to you, you are nothing to me anymore" Lifty growled

"You just don't get it, do you, I am going to destroy everything you care, right now" Shifty the punched him in the face,  knocking him  to the ground, then got out a wooden bat, and  destroyed everything, smashing the tables, ripping up the streamers, and popping the balloons. Lifty looked at everything, it was gone....all gone

"What is Flaky going to say when she sees what you did, 'Lifty, why would you do this'" said Shifty, mimicking Flaky's voice

Lifyy stood speechless as Shifty said, "When Flaky kicks you out, you are welcomed back as long as you know who is in change this time" and walked away, laughing 

Lifty looked at the disaster Shifty had made, when suddenly, car doors sounded, 'Oh no, they can't be back already'  but they were, Flaky and Giggles walked in, and gasped at what they saw, Lifty standing in middle of their destroyed party


Flaky just looked at everything with sad, tearful eyes, then at Lifty, she didn't say anything, but her face said, 'Why.....we trusted you...and you do this', she said in a shaky whisper, "Why lifty....w-why" she started shaking, and then....boom

"WE TRUSTED YOU, I TRUSTED YOU, I THOUGHT YOU COULD CHANGE!!, I THOGHT YOU WOULD BECOME A GOOD PERSON, BUT YOU DID THIS, GET OUT OF HERE NOW!!!" Flaky shoves Lifty, who was taken back by her sudden outburst out anger

"Flaky, please I didn't do this....I would never do this, you gotta believe me....please" Lifty pleaded with her

Flaky cried, all anger gone, replaced by heartbreak, "Go a-away and never com back....." She used the same words his brother used when he kicked him out, except it hurt much worse when she said it

Lifty left her backyard, leaving Flaky sobbing, Giggles holding her friend, as she looked at Lifty with udder hatred in her eyes, Lifty heard Flaky's sobs, he stared crying as well, as he left her , thinking it was all over, and it may be.....

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