Criminal Love

After yet another failed robbery, Shifty kicks Lifty out in anger, with no where to go, Lifty doesn't know what else to do, but can a certain red-haired girl change him for the better and show him there is more to life than stealing?


10. Vengeance Is Mine

Lifty walked around town, thinking about what just happened, Shifty destroyed everything, and Flaky and Giggles blamed him for all of it, and Flaky even pushed him, and yelled, he never thought she would do something like that, he growled in anger, and whispered, "It's my turn for revenge", and started walking to his old house, and knock on the door, loudly.

Shifty opened the door, and grinned, "Oh, look who decided to come crawling bac-AHH!" Shifty's gloating was cut short, as his brother grabbed him and threw him out onto the grass, and Lifty yelled, "YOU SON OF BITCH, YOU RUINED EVERYTHING, AND NOW YOU ARE GONNA PAY!!!", and started to kick at his older sibling's stomach, and chest, then, as Shifty coughed up blood, he picked him up and slammed his fist repeatedly into his face, until he heard the sound of Shifty's nose breaking, blood pouring from his nose, Lifty took Shifty's fedora off his head and put it on.

"Get inside now, you are lucky I am not gonna kill you" said Lifty

Shifty had fear in his eyes and he ran back into their run-down house, clutching his broken nose in his hands, Lifty followed him into the house and closed the door, Shifty grinned, despite the pain, and said, "You really are getting tougher, ya know that...." and they passed out on the floor, Lifty pulled out his phone, went to his contacts, saw the name "Flaky", sighed, and pressed "Call", putting the phone to his ear, he waited, until a voicemail message came up, so he left her a message, "Flaky, I am sorry, please forgive me. I have been wanting to say this since you let me into your house and showed me kindness. I love you Flaky, goodbye" and hung up, sobbing once more into his hands, not knowing that Flaky was actually on the other end, listening to every word he had said.     

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