Criminal Love

After yet another failed robbery, Shifty kicks Lifty out in anger, with no where to go, Lifty doesn't know what else to do, but can a certain red-haired girl change him for the better and show him there is more to life than stealing?


4. Unamusement Park

Three words to describe the carnival: flies, run-down rides, crappy food. Lifty thought those 3 things as they pulled into the parking lot, Flaky, though, was excited to hang out with Lifty and Flippy, whereas Flippy was annoyed that Lifty was tagging along, and thought about tripping him as he got out of the car, but saw Flaky was watching him with sad eyes, that made him stop, and continue walking

"Stupid thief" muttered Flippy

"I have a name, solider boy" glaring, "and it is LIFTY!!"

"Sorry, Lifty, I won't called you thief ever again"said Flippy, sarcastically

"G-guys, lets go on t-that one" Flaky pointed at the tunnel of terror

"Flaky, aren't you scared of rides like that" said Flippy, know his friend was scared of pretty much everything 

"I"ll protect you,Flaky" grinned Lifty

Flaky blushed and said "Thanks", while Flippy glared at Lifty's flirting with Flaky

They paid money for 3 tickets, then got on the scary themed boat, Flippy sat down, then Lifty, then Flaky. Flippy glared once more at Lifty for moving between him and Flaky, but Lifty either didn't care or didn't notice his death glare. The ride started as it move slowly along, Lumpy, popped out, dressed in a hockey mask, with a knife, and screamed like a manic, making Flaky also screamed and cling to Lifty in fear, making Flippy growl in anger, after more jump scares and pop outs, the ride ended, with Flaky pale as a ghost.

"M-m-maybe, t-that w-wasn't a g-good idea......" stuttered Flaky, in fear

"You okay?" said Flippy

Flaky breathed a bit to calm herself down, then spoke "Y-yeah, I'm f-fine"

"I'm hungry" said Lifty, who's stomach let out a loud rumble

"I'd hate to agree with the thief, but so am I" said Flippy

"O-ok, lets get s-something to e-eat" said Flaky


They walked to the multiple food stands, Lifty got a cheeseburger, Flippy got chicken, and Flaky got a salad, they ate their food, when Lifty kicked Flippy just to annoy him, Flippy aimed a kick at Lifty, but ended up kicking the table, and yelled out in pain, Flaky jumped at Flippy's yell of pain, and looked at Lifty, who was laughing at the war vet's pain

"Nice one, solider boy!" laughed Lifty

"You kicked me first, stupid thief" growled Flippy

They started arguing with each other, Flaky said "S-stop it", but either male heard her, so she said it a little louder, still nothing, then she put her foot down, and loudly said "B-both of you, STOP!", the two instantly stopped at looked at the smaller red headed girl's outburst.

"Sorry, Flaky" they both muttered

"Hug e-each other" said Flaky

Both guys looked at each other, then back at Flaky, who nodded, implying she was serious, so they quickly hugged and backed away. Flaky smiled at the two as they looked away, arms crossed


"W-we better go" said Flaky

They started walking to the exit, not knowing when Lifty and Flippy hugged, Lifty stole the other male's wallet, and he didn't even know it, Lifty grinned



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