Criminal Love

After yet another failed robbery, Shifty kicks Lifty out in anger, with no where to go, Lifty doesn't know what else to do, but can a certain red-haired girl change him for the better and show him there is more to life than stealing?


5. Unacceptable

"WHERE IS MY WALLET" yelled Flippy, who noticed during the car ride back to Flaky's house that his wallet was gone

Lifty put on a fake surprised face, "Oh, this is YOUR wallet? I'm sorry here you go" said Lifty, while trying not to laugh

Flippy grumbled and swiped it out of thief's hand, open and said "My money too", Lifty's smile faded into a frown, pulled out a $5 bill and handed it back, and muttered, "Your no fun"

Flippy sighed and faced Flaky, "Can I talk to you in the kitchen"

"S-sure" said Flaky

They walked into the kitchen, Flippy slammed the door closed and shouting was heard, Lifty didn't hear much except, "COMPLETELY CRAZY", "STUPID THIEF", and "I'M DONE!", Flippy then burst threw the door, and walked out towards his own car, fuming in anger. Flaky walked out of the kitchen, pale and close to tears, and whispered "I-Im going t-to bed now" even though it was only 5:30 pm, she walked into her bedroom, crying was heard by Lifty, and guess that Flippy had never been so angry with Flaky before.

"I'm going to pay the war vet a visit" said Lifty, then started walking out the door


It was dark by the time Lifty found Flippy's house, he got out of the car, he knocked loudly on his front door, and yelled "HEY SOLIDER BOY, GET OUT HERE, WE NEED TO TALK!"

Flippy opened the door, and sighed , "Hello Lifty, what do you want now", he looked tired and angry

"You yelled at Flaky....why, I thought she was your best friend" said Lifty

"She needs to understand that she can't help you, you are nothing but a no-good crook" Flippy growled

"And yelling at her is a good way to help her understand" said Lifty, ignoring the "no-good crook" comment

"I suggest you leave before something happens" Flippy whispered angrily

"Whatever" said Lifty, as he walked back to his car and drove off back to Flaky's house, hoping she wasn't freaking out, wondering where he was 


Lifty walked into house, careful not to wake Flaky, but she ran out of her room and starting frantically talking, "W-where were y-you, where d-did you go, y-you had me super worried, and I-" Flaky stopped when Lifty surprised her with a unexpected hug, "Flaky, shush, go to bed, you have had a long day".Flaky walked back into her room, closed door, Lifty's eyes started to droop, as sleep came hold of him, he laid on the couch, letting sleep wash over him and take him away.


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