Criminal Love

After yet another failed robbery, Shifty kicks Lifty out in anger, with no where to go, Lifty doesn't know what else to do, but can a certain red-haired girl change him for the better and show him there is more to life than stealing?


7. Reunion

Lifty laid on the couch, thinking to himself, what a loser he was, if his brother saw him now, he would agree and laugh at him, calling him a wimp for crying over a girl and a few name callings. There was a knock at the door, thinking it was the war vet or the pink bitch, he yelled, "Go away, Flaky isn't here!"

Another louder knock made Lifty get and answe it, "I said she isn't....." Lifty stopped when he saw who wasstanding in the doorway

"You gonna stare at me all day or let me in?" Shifty grinned at his younger brother, who stood there with his mouth open

"What do YOU want, no-good bastard" said Lifty, who had to restrain himself from decking Shifty right in his smug mouth

"Well, I just wanted to see my dear old brother, after you left me" said Shifty, fake frowning

"You kick me out of the house, remember" growled Lifty

"I need you back brother, I haven't got any loot since our jobs required 2 people to do it" said Shifty

"You want me to come back, after you kicked me out, called me an idiot, and yelled at me to NEVER COME BACK, your stupider than I thought" Lifty said 

Shifty's smile fade into a scowl, his eyes glared, "So you grew so balls since I kicked you out, huh?, I thought Flaky and her goody goody friends would have turned you into a pussy' bu I was wrong, You have 2 choices, you can come back home and we can forget about this ever happening, or, you can stay and I destroyed everything yo ucare about, whatdya say"

"Go fuck yourself" Lifty then spit on his brother's jacket

"You made a bad choice, little brother, by the time I'm done with my revenge, you will be begging to come back" Shifty then walked out of the house and disappeared around a corner,

Lifty muttered, "Idiot", then slammed the door in anger, wondering if Shifty was really going to ruin his new life or just ignore him.....he guessed his brother is planning some sort of revenge right now as he walked away. Flaky came back a few hours later, she looked at Lifty, who was watching T.V., and said, "L-Lifty, are you o-okay?", she sat next to him, and Lifty sighed, "I'm okay now, how about you.."

"I'm okay too..." Flaky looked at him

They sat on the couch, watching television until they both fell asleep in the warm glow and faint sound of the television.


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