Criminal Love

After yet another failed robbery, Shifty kicks Lifty out in anger, with no where to go, Lifty doesn't know what else to do, but can a certain red-haired girl change him for the better and show him there is more to life than stealing?


8. Planning Time!

The phone rang, Flaky got up to answer it, "Hello?" she asked

"Hey! it's Giggles, I'm coming over okay, bye!" Giggles hung up

"O-okay..." Flaky hung the phone back up 

"Who was that?" Said Lifty

"G-Giggles said she was coming over, but I don't k-know when-" Flaky stopper when a knock on door was made, "That m-must be her" and opened the door, Giggles rushed in and yelled "Unbelievable!, stupid Lumpy...."

Flaky sat down on the couch, then looked at her friend, and said, "W-what's wrong?"

"Lumpy just called me and told me that we can have our annual Happy Tree party at the park, because it being worked on to add new benches...ugh, why do we need more benches, anyway, I have everything to make a party, but nowhere to put it on, so I was wondering if we could, maybe, have it at your place" said Giggles, who looked at Flaky, wondering what she would say 

"U-um....sure I don't see why not" Flaky smiled

"Yay! Thanks Flaky!" Giggles hugged her, noticing Lifty was sitting in the couch. "What about him?" She whispered

Flaky looked at him and whispered back "H-he can help too, plus if he goes, people will see h-how good he r-really is"

"Okay, but if he doesn't anything like steal it cause any mayhem, I am going yell at him so loud, his ears will explode" said Giggles, glaring at Lifty, who stuck his tongue out at her 

"O-okay, let's g-get started" Flaky smile


"Okay, we need streamers, balloons, tables, chairs, food, a D.J., drinks, and colorful decorations" said Giggles, who was going off the  supply list for the party, "I can get the food, drinks, streamers, and balloons, Flaky, can you get the food, drinks, and find someone to be a D.J."

"O-okay, I c-can do that" said Flaky

"What about me?" said Lifty

Giggles scowled, but said, "You can go get set up tables and chairs, please"

"Fine....." Lifty was annoyed he got a stupid job to do, instead of something interesting, and walked off to go get the chairs and tables


Flaky had gotten everything except for finding someone to be a D.J., she thought about Disco Bear but decided against cause he would just play 80's pop and flirt with every girl, so she had to keeping thinking, until she got an idea, and called the person she thought of, "Hey, L-Lumpy, we are having the Happy Tree party a-at my place, a-and I was wondering i-if you w-wanted to be the D.J."

"Do I get paid?" Lumpy asked, who was thinking about cheese

"U-um......sure I'll ask G-Giggles" said Flaky

"Okay!, see you there!' Lumpy smiled and hung up

"T-that was easier t-than expected" Flaky muttered and started walking back to her house to see how the party planning was going


The party planning was going good, Lifty actually helped and set the tables and chairs, much to Giggles surprise, "Wow, he is actually helping, who would've thought" she said, as she was hanging streamers and balloons Flaky brought, "Flaky?"

Flaky jumped in fright, "O-oh, sorry, what d-do you need?"

"Did you get a D.J. for the party" Giggles laughed at her friends jumpiness

"Y-yeah, it is L-Lumpy" said Flaky

"Okay, what are we gonna pay him anyway" said Giggles

"H-he likes c-cheese, so c-could we p-pay him in cheese?" asked Flaky

"He is also not smart, so that could work" said Giggles, thinking about how many times Lumpy had done something completely idiotic

"O-Okay" muttered Flaky

"We are hiring the dumbest person in the whole town to be a D.J." Lifty said

"He does pretty much every job in this town, so I don't see why not" retorted Giggles

Flaky looked at her two arguing friends, and laughed, and said, "You to bicker so much, just kiss already!"

Giggles turned bright red, and Lifty faked throwing up, all while Flaky is laughing her head off at her friends 




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