Criminal Love

After yet another failed robbery, Shifty kicks Lifty out in anger, with no where to go, Lifty doesn't know what else to do, but can a certain red-haired girl change him for the better and show him there is more to life than stealing?


3. Normal Awkwardness

Lifty had heard what Giggles had said about him, it angered him, that she thought he was a no-good crook, so he said to Flaky, "Nice conversation you and that pink prissy bitch had there" 

"S-she didn't mean it, and i-it isn't nice to swear and call people names" said Flaky, turning red because the thief's language

Flaky walked into the kitchen and said "Do you want something to eat?", Lifty said "Sure", so Flaky made him and herself some sandwiches with a glass of milk and brought it out to him, they ate in awkward silence, when they finished, Flaky looked at the clock and jumped up, "Oh!, I'm going to be late!", and she got up and starting get her shoes on, and grabbing her keys, when Lifty asked "Whoa Whoa, what's the problem"

"I-I have to go see F-flippy at the library, so we can h-hang out, i was suppose to leave 5 m-minutes ago!" said a frantic Flaky, "Do you w-want to go with m-me?"

"Whatever" Lifty muttered, as he got up from the couch

Flaky and Lifty got into her car and started driving to the library, they stopped in front of it, it was a big building and in the windows they could see Flippy looking out the window at Flaky's car, he walked out the library doors and waved at Flaky, who waved back. smiling and got out of the car with Lifty. Flippy's smile faded into a scowl when he saw the twin

"What is that thief doing here?" said Flippy through gritted teeth

"I a-asked him if he wanted to hang out with us t-today" said Flaky, getting worried that Flippy would hurt Lifty

"And I have a name, solider boy" said Lifty, glaring at the war vet

The tension was thick between the two males as they continued their glaring at each other, ignoring Flaky, who was trying to get them to stop, until she said "S-stop it n-now please, I d-don't want my two friends to fight, I w-want you guys t-to be friends"

"I will try" grumbled Flippy

"No promises" said Lifty

Flaky smiled as they shook hands, not knowing, they were trying to crush each other's hand,while shaking their hands

"So w-where do you g-guys wanna go?" said Flaky

"Movies?" said Lifty

"LAME!, how about we go to the carnival?" said Flippy

"Sounds fun.....not" grumbled Lifty, who didn't want to go to a run-down carnival, with rubbery food, flies and crappy rides

"C'mon, Lifty, It'll be fun" smiled Flaky

"Fine, let's go...." said Lifty

They got up, went out to Flaky's car and drove in silence to the Happy Tree Carnival 

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