Criminal Love

After yet another failed robbery, Shifty kicks Lifty out in anger, with no where to go, Lifty doesn't know what else to do, but can a certain red-haired girl change him for the better and show him there is more to life than stealing?


11. I'm Sorry.....

Flaky's heart beat slowly as she had heard everything Lifty had said to her voicemail on the phone, he loved her, she felt terrible for kicking Lifty out, just like his brother had done. She need to make this right so she called, Giggles, and said, "G-Giggles I need y-your help"

"What for?" Giggles said, wondering if her friend was okay after everything that had happened

"I-I need to get Lifty b-back, he sent me a v-voicemail, and he l-loves me, he really loves me, and I need y-your help to get him b-back" said Flaky

"But, he destroyed everything for the party, and lied to us about it. He isn't worth it, he is just a thief" said Giggles

"H-he is more t-than a thief to me" said Flaky and hung up, got her coat and started walking outside to find her friend


Lifty was inside his house, Shifty asked fearfully, "C-can I have my hat back", to which Lifty said, "NO!, and ask again, I will break your hand", he heard a knock at the door, "GET THE DOOR!" he yelled at Shifty, who scrambled up and went to answer the door, he opened it and saw it was Flaky.

"Flaky..." said Shifty

"Hey Shifty, where's Lifty, and where's your hat?" asked Flaky

"He came back here, beat the shit out of me, and took my hat. He is in the living room, c'mon" said Shifty, who walked back to the living room

"Who was at the...door" Lifty stopped when he saw Flaky, standing in the living room

"Lifty, I-I'm sorry, for yelling a-at you, shoving you, a-and kicking you out. I want you come back and leave with me, please" whispered Flaky, tearing up

Lifty looked at his friend, and smiled a bit, and said, "Flaky, I forgive you". They walked out of the twin's house, "Shifty, here you go" Lifty threw his brother's hat back and said' "Be good from now on, no more stealing, or I'll be back" and walked out.

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