Everything I Didn't Say

"This is everything I didn't say."
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2. reunions

Its been two years since i left Australia, since i also left Calum. When i got back to the US i of course dated other guys but they werent Calum. Im now back in Australia and the only people that know is aunt and uncle Clifford. Im going to surprise Michael tonight at his last concert. I got off the plane and looked at the time it is 5:30 and the concert is at 7.

I made sure i had the ticket and started to head to the arena cause its a hour away. By 6:40 i was at my seat on the floor front stage on the left stage. The arena got dark and the opening act came on. They were good my favorite song would have to be Sparks Fly. There was a intermission then suddenly there was girls screaming as the band came out, i started to laugh at the boys actions.

They started to sing and Michael saw me, he smiled widely and waved. I waved back and the girls around me noticed and frowned. Calum caught what Michael was waving at and frowned then quickly looked away. I felt my chest get tight but i ignored it as i listened to them speak, "This next song is one that you guys know its called Everything Thing I Didnt Say." Calum spoke in the mic looking at me again.

I looked down this time and fiddled with my jeans. I looked up and listened to Calum sing, " This is everything I didn't say Wait, don't tell me Heaven is a place on earth I wish I could rewind all the times that I didn't Show you what you're really worth (What you're really worth) The way that you held me I wish that I'd put you first I was wrong I admit, numb from your kiss While you were slipping through my fingertips."

I dosed off before i knew it and then when i decided to listen but the concert was over by then. I walked backstage and got in back of the line so i could be last. I smiled as i saw the fans get excited, this is one of the reasons i left. I stood in line for a hour and a half then it was finally my turn.

"Michael!" I ran and hugged him. "I missed you so much, all of you!" "I missed you too." He hugged back tightly. He let go then i hugged everyone else. I stopped in front of Calum and looked down. All of a sudden i got pulled into a hug, i looked up and saw the big brown eyes that i adored 2 years ago.

I backed away and stood next to Luke. "I loved you guys on stafe tonight. Hopefully you guys will show me some more of it now that im staying for good." I smiled. They all cheered and hugged me. "You can stay with us! We have a extra room!" Michael looked at the boys and they nodded excited.

"Then i guess you got yourself a new roommate!" I giggled. Michael picked me up and started to carry me somewhere. "Where are we going?" I asked. "atao the tour bus duh!" Michael laughed. "Well i drove a car here with all my stuff so i should probbaly drive it." i looked at his. "NO your coming with us. Gabe drive Em's car!" The gabe guy nodded and i threw him my keys. "Carry on." I sighed. Michael continued carrying me to the car and all i could hear was the boys laughing. Gosh i missed them so much.

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