Everything I Didn't Say

"This is everything I didn't say."
Entrie for the fanfiction Royale
@Cara<3 made my cover


1. Prolouge

I walked up to Calums house slowly. Today I had to break up with him, he's getting so far into his music and my parents settled their divorce which means I go back home.

My mom is staying in the US but my dad is moving to Britain. I knocked on the door and Calum answered in his sweatpants and beanie but no shirt. "Hey Em." He smiles widely and went to go and kiss me.

I turned turnned away only to make him frown, that made my heart break. "What's wrong?" He asked worried. "Calum.... I'm breaking up with you. It better this way trust me." I fought back the tears.

His eyes started to water and he looked at me,"What did I do wrong? I can fix it!" "You did nothing love." I looked down at the ground. 

"I have to go." I kissed his cheek and kept my lips there for a second. "Bye Calum." I walked out of his driveway and couldn't hold back the tears as he was yelling through his sobs,"I love you!"

I went into my car which had my packed stuff and drove to the airport. My flight ended up landing 24 or so hours later, I met my mom at the doors and I couldn't help but think about the guy I left behind in another continent.





































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