Everything I Didn't Say

"This is everything I didn't say."
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3. Everything I Didnt Say

Michael finally got done carrying and threw me on to the couch. "MAN YOUR HEAVY!" He fake panted. "Hey you eat more than me!" I pointed out. He frowned then we both laughed, I layed down on the couch and put my feet in  Calums lap. He laughed as I did it, "Tell  us what you did as you were in the US without us." The boys nodded and started blurting out questions such as about my last year of highschool to dating to te concert tonight.

I was unsure about telling them about the dating part but did anyways. "Lets see, i graduated high school of course then decided to move here since i missed you so much. I did date a couple guys but was nothing compared to what i was hoping. They ended up cheating on me. I loved the concert tonight and my favorite song was Everything i didnt say and End up here." I giggled. 

I felt Calum tence up as i spoke about the boys but then relaxed. Michael looked at me with a knowing look and sighed. "Im sure that you will find it soon. Oh yea Luke, Ashton come with me to the bathroom!" He gestured them to follow. "Why the bathroom?" "Yea why?" They both asked. "I-I think I clogged the toliet again!" He stuttered.

I glared at him and he saw it causing him to smile even more. They all left, leaving me and calum alone. "So..." I spoke. "Why did you actually leave and please tell me the real answer." He begged causing me to look up. " You know, I'd sacrafice to make this right." He looked down.

"Thats the thing I know you would sacrafice but i dont want you to do that! It was so hard to leave you but I had to. My parents divorce was finalized and i had to move in with my mom." I crawled over to him and moved his face to look at mine. He was tearing up so i wiped his tears. "How do you think it felt for me i kept hoping that you would walk me up and tell me that this is all a bad dream. But it never happened." I felt my heart break. "I am so sorry about that and im back now. Im not going anywhere." I kissed his cheek causing him to smile. Man i love that smiled.

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