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This is a journal created for the convenience of putting down my ideas for random scenes or stories that pop into my head. Most of the chapters, ideas, and storylines wont match so if you feel interest for any of them please leave comments below. any thoughts are appreciated :)

ALSO THESE ARE MY IDEAS IF YOU STEAL THEM YOU WILL GO TO JAIL. So please be nice and just enjoy them :)

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6. Too much? Or too little? ;) another werewolf excerpt

He pulled my wrist, his lust filled eyes burning. We went further into the forest and I felt my heart beat start to race, curious as to what we were doing. The black swimming in his iris from his wolf was making me tremble, but in anticipation. Soon enough we entered a glade surrounded by thick vegetation and trees that towered over us. Streams of sunlight were coming through the leaves, leaving sunny patches on the emerald green grass around us. I squinted my eyes the further in we went and noticed the large red blanket spread around the floor, a basket positioned to the left with a bottle of champagne resting in a bucket of ice.

My eyes lit up with excitement and I couldn't help but internal Aww at the scenery. He slowed as we got nearer and I stared at his back, watching the muscles under his dark dress shirt shift and flow with grace as he bent down to sit on the blanket. I stared at his butt, drooling over how delicious it looked. He turned to me, his hand still on my wrist, and pulled me down so I was straddling his waist. I repositioned my dress around my legs and looked up to meet his gaze.

His normally green-gold eyes were swirling with black, which I couldn't help but think was gorgeous. His black hair was fluffed around his angular face and the dark bronze of his skin seemed to glow from the rays of sun. He was mouthwatering.

His eyes solidified into black at my look and I gulped, not forgetting that I had told him that I was ready to take it to the next level. I was ready. I wanted to give him everything I had, to be with him. To be his. I loved him.

I stared right back and leaned forward slowly, my palms starting to sweat with nervousness. I closed the distance and lightly kissed him, my whole body alighting on fire when I did so. I deepened the kiss and within seconds I was on my back, his arms on either side of my face, his body between my legs. I felt almost dizzy with how fervent his kisses were, but I matched his vigor right back. I pulled back slightly for some air and he stared at my face, both of our breaths ragged.

"Harley..." His voice came out a deep baritone, and when I felt it rumble through his chest, my nipples hardened and I felt a blush run over my heated skin.

"Darius. Please, I want to be yours, the whole way." My voice came out quiet, a bit wobbly even, but I meant what I said with everything in me.

His eyes blazed and he closed them, leaning his forehead to mine. "Are you sure? If we do this, there will be no turning back." He stated, his voice filled with a hundred emotions all at once.

I grabbed his face and waited until his eyes met mine before speaking again. I smiled with every happy particle that seemed to flow through me and I could feel my eyes glimmer with emotion with how much this meant to me.

"I love you." I told him. I didn't need to say anything else.

A growl ripped through his chest, startling me as he lowered his face into my neck and breathed in my scent.

"Then I wont hold myself back." He whispered. I felt my core tighten and unintentionally tightened my legs around his waist, making his head snap back up. He kissed me again and as his tongue battled mine for dominance, I felt him lift up slightly to remove his shirt. I indulged with myself and ran my hands over his muscled chest, my hands sparking with a thousand volts wherever I made contact. I pulled my fingers lightly down his chest, in between the creases of his abs, and felt myself moisten. I glorified his body, perfect like every girls fantasy, and all mine.

Darius pulled back slightly and I knew he could smell the pheromones coming from me. He sat me up to where i was still straddling him, and smoothed his hands lightly up my thighs to the hem of my dress. He lifted it slowly, testing the waters to see if I would stop him. Instead, impatient I took the hem of the dress and pulled it over my head instead, naked now except for my bra and underwear.

I couldn't help but feel slightly embarrassed with how bold I had his been, blushing even more to where im sure my cheeks were redder than apple.

Darius chuckled lightly, kissing me in a slow passion that made me heat with something else. His hands wandered down, past my shoulders to my breasts where his fingers traced their roundness. Falling further, they slipped down my midsection and I tightened my muscles from his touch, a gasp escaping and I leaned into his shoulder, breathing heavily.

His touch felt divine and foreign all in one go and it caused my body to spasm with longing. My own hands wandered down his chest to rest above the beltline of his jeans. I traced it and was satisfied when a hiss came from Darius's mouth followed by another growl. I grabbed the leather of his belt and started to undo it, my hands shaking slightly. This was it. I was going to do this with him.

I leaned back and looked into Darius's eyes which were now pitch black, and felt my throat tighten. The amount of love, patience, desire, and awe that pulsed through the dark depths made me almost choke. My doubts disappeared within seconds, and I quickly undid his belt.

I moved off his lap so he could take them off, leaving only his black boxers on. He pulled me into his lap again and when I felt the bulge that was positioned right between my legs, I couldn't help but grind myself against it, the need and want mixing into each other, increasing the deep pool of desire that seemed to engulf me. He groaned and I whimpered when I felt his hands travel lower, to my opening. He rubbed the already sensitive skin there over my panties until I felt like he might be drowning with how wet he was making me, but I could see the delight and excitement in his eyes for how I was reacting to him.

I felt my pulse accelerate and I started to sweat again, causing me to snicker.

He glanced up and gave me a quick kiss, smiling against my mouth. "What's so funny?"

"I'm sweating with how nervous I am." I giggled slightly and Darius pulled back to smirk at me.

"Don't worry darling, I'll take care of it."

And he did; I've never sweat so much in my life.

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