Bits and pieces

This is a journal created for the convenience of putting down my ideas for random scenes or stories that pop into my head. Most of the chapters, ideas, and storylines wont match so if you feel interest for any of them please leave comments below. any thoughts are appreciated :)

ALSO THESE ARE MY IDEAS IF YOU STEAL THEM YOU WILL GO TO JAIL. So please be nice and just enjoy them :)

<3 <3 <3


3. The pink gaze ^_^

The chill that swirled off of the lake whipped the girl's dress back and forth in such a way that it resembled a great bird flapping its wings. Lilac hair tumbled to the white sands beneath Her and Her gaze, sharper than a razor, was glowing a steady neon pink.

Gazing over the realm She chose to dwell in after so many millenia, She felt that it was her home. In that feeling however, She also felt a sensation that she hadn't felt since she was just a thought. She felt...bored.

Now, usually when a great one felt bored, the world suffered for it. However, when She felt bored, it meant something else entirely.

After all, when the supreme one was bored, whose not to say the universe would be engulfed just to be Her plaything?

And so She descended into something unknown. She descended on HUMANS.

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