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This is a journal created for the convenience of putting down my ideas for random scenes or stories that pop into my head. Most of the chapters, ideas, and storylines wont match so if you feel interest for any of them please leave comments below. any thoughts are appreciated :)

ALSO THESE ARE MY IDEAS IF YOU STEAL THEM YOU WILL GO TO JAIL. So please be nice and just enjoy them :)

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8. New Story: The Little Sister *Trigger Warning* IN PROGRESS

Leaves crunched under my bare feet, the only noise sounding in the quiet forest. The tears in my eyes had long since dried out, leaving them red and raw. It was hard to move but I forced myself to keeping stumbling forward. I was almost there; I could hear the cars in the distance as they drove past the park entrance on the highway. 

Hearing cars and possible help made excitement stream through my blood and I tried to walk faster. My muscles, not expecting it, spasmed and I fell to the ground. I hit the floor hard on my already bruised ribs and felt the air knocked out of me. Starting to choke, I grabbed my throat as pain shot through me from the hours I had spent screaming. I massaged it and quickly sat up to make sure I could breathe properly. I couldn't fall apart yet, not now. 

I stood up and leaned against a tree until I felt that I had some strength back before walking forward again. It was hard to see out since it was late, maybe 2-3 o'clock in the morning but it was hard to tell, so I made extra care not to trip on anything. 

I looked forward and through the trees I came out into the concrete lot, exhausted and almost comatose, viewing my surroundings through a haze. There were no cars in the parking lot except for my own and only one street light was on, causing a sinister shadow to fall over the area. 

I had a black Subaru Impreza and as I saw the familiar bumper stickers on the back, I felt my heart and body tremble with relief. I stumbled to the door and quickly punched in my code for the keyless entry, thanking my stars I had left my keys and phone hidden in my car when I went for my run, only taking my iPod, which I had never found. 

I pretty much collapsed into the driver seat, uncontrollably shaking, and made sure to lock the doors after I closed it. Never, not once did I think I would become a victim, but as I pulled down the mirror to look at me, I knew that's exactly what I was. A victim...but also a survivor. 

I smoothed my hand over the strangle marks on my neck, trembling the entire time. My left eye was swollen shut, my lips split and cracked with dried blood. Blood still trickled from nose, which I thought might be broken. Scratches and cuts covered every inch of me. My jogging bras had disappeared and my pants had been shredded to where I could no longer wear them, which left me completely naked. 

I twisted so the car light illuminated my side and I winced at the amount and degree of bruises I wore. Blood covered both my hands and two of my nails on my left hand were gone, making them look like bloody stumps.  

I shook harder when I felt tears prick my eyes and I could no longer hold back my tears. I felt so alone, so useless, helpless. It was a while before I managed to calm myself down enough to think properly.  

I pulled out a sweatshirt from the backseat, a stroke of luck on my part since it had rained earlier and I brought it with me just in case. Shivering and freezing, I turned the car on to get the heater going and finally saw it was about 3:47 a.m. My parents would kill me. Thinking about them, their voices, all I wanted was to be held by them and to be told I'd be okay. That I was safe.  

I picked up my phone, noticing there were about a dozen missed calls from both my parents. I went to the dial pad, but instead I called my oldest brother, Austin. He had to be at home and he was always the one who had my back about everything. He was the one who looked after me when our parents were busy, and I was much closer to him than my other brothers because of it. 

The number rang and I felt impatient as I waited for him to pick up the phone. When he did, I felt an intense amount of relief wash through me. 

"Hello?" His voice was groggy from sleep but hearing the familiar sound made me smile. 

"Ausy..." I used the name I had for him from when I was little that I hadn't used in years. 

"Charlotte? What? Why are you calling me at 3 A.M?" His voice was groggy and surprised, which made my throat close up.  

" me." My voice was rough and scratchy, making it almost impossible to hear me. I tried to calm down and breathe, but it was so hard. 

 "Charlotte? What's wrong? Sweetheart talk to me-" his voice came through now, more alert and worry filtered through. 

I cut him off, "P-please, Ausy, h-help m-me." I stuttered, my body still shaking. 

"Okay, okay Charlotte I will. Just calm down okay? Can you tell me where you are? Can you tell me what happened?" I could hear the underlying panic in his voice even though he tried to hide it and I took a deep breath to try and calm myself down. 

"I'm, um, at Lincoln park... off of 18th ave a-and 1st st." 

"What are you doin- nevermind it doesn’t matter. I'm on my way. Is there a building you can get into or a secure place you can wait for me?" He asks. The concern is gushing from him and in the background I could hear questions from my sister-in-law Hannah but I felt dazed and couldn't catch what was being said 

"I'm in m-my car. It's lo-locked." 

"Alright, don't move from there okay? I'll be right there so don't move." 

"Okay." I blinked back the tears I was holding. He was coming. He would help me. 

I brought my knees to my chest to pull the sweatshirt over them, and leaned my head against them. I was so exhausted that after closing my eyes for what felt like seconds before I heard a car door slam shut and heavy tapping on the window. 

I peeked around the hood of the sweatshirt and saw Austin staring in at me, his face worried and full of apprehension. I unlocked the door but kept my face hidden as he opened it. 

"Charlotte, sweety, look at me." He demanded, or more like pleaded with me. His voice was so quiet and filled with fear, like if he spoke normally or dared to shout at me, I would break. If I hadn't already. 

I lifted my head and turned to him. The car was directly in front of the driver side door, so the headlights were pointed straight at me. I had to squint from the brightness when I fully faced him. 

I couldn't meet his eyes, almost ashamed he had to see me in this state. 

I felt a feather light touch on my cheek and I hesitantly looked up into my brothers chocolate brown eyes, which were wide with horror. His fingers were shaking, like he was afraid to touch me. Pure anguish laced his features as he stared at me, mixing with disbelief and shock.  

"Oh, baby girl, what happened to you? Who did this to you?" His voice cracked and I stared as his eyes went hazy with tears.  

Seeing my big brother like this, to see him on the verge of tears, broke what little wall I had managed to build up and I reached for him, silent sobs making my body quake uncontrollably. I squeezed him with everything I had, which being as exhausted as I was, wasn't much. 

His arms surrounded me and enveloped me in their warmth as he cooed to me. He whispered assurances that I was okay, that he was here, and soon enough I calmed to where I was shaking on and off, mostly on unused energy. 

I sat back and rubbed my eyes, careful not to touch my nose, snuffling back more tears. Austin's cheeks were wet, evidence that he too had cried and my heart clenched. I forced my thoughts away from it. 

I opened my mouth to speak, but stopped. It took a few tries, but Austin never rushed me, just staring at me patiently, waiting. 

"Ausy, I-I was attacked-" I coughed and more tears came out, though this time from physical pain. My throat was getting worse. I pulled my sweatshirt down so I could show him the bruises around my neck and as I witnessed, a switched was turned on. 

His gaze hardened, completely turning into stone, and it scared me with how much power he seemed to push out from the fury in his gaze. 

"Are there more?" He asked quietly. His voice felt sharper than a razor and I nodded quickly, not being able to speak. 

His eyes softened slightly. "Show them to me, please?" 

Numbly I moved sideways so I was facing the wheel then with one hand covered my lower region, I used my other hand to lift my sweatshirt.  

I glanced at Austin to see his eyes wide in disbelief at seeing the multiple bruises all over me. There were multiple ones the size of hand prints or larger, all black and purple, a few yellow and green.  

When he touched my side near one of the bigger sized ones it surprised me so when the pain erupted I couldn't hold back my yelp. He flinched back and looked up at me, his eyes unreadable. I had to look away from them. 

I saw him stand up and I lowered my head further, mortified with the thoughts of what he could be thinking rushing through my head. 

"FUCK!!!" His voice bellowed out into the forest and a loud thud echoed. I snapped my head up and stared at the light pole. It was one made of wood, with one of those lights connected at the top, and it now sported a very angry looking hole on its side.  

Taking a closer look at Austin, I could see his hand bleeding from splinters and I quickly called out to him. 

"Ausy!" I squeaked but he heard and immediately came to me. When he was close, I grabbed the first aid kit stashed in the backseat and motioned to his hand. When he hid it behind his back, I glared up at him, motioning with my hand for him to 'give it here'. 

With a huff he did so and I made sure to pull out any wood before wrapping it.  

I looked up to see him staring at me with such heartache, and I had to look away again. 

"Come on sweety, we need to get you to a hospital. Can you move?" 

I nodded and stood up after turning the car off. My feet were wobbly but I could stand. With Austin's help, we started to walk to the passenger door but I stopped when a pain shot through me. I whimpered and looked down to see lines of blood streaming down from between my legs to the floor. I tried to hide them, embarrassed and tears pricked my eyes, but Austin stopped my hands. His face was void of emotion but he picked me up bridal style like I weighed nothing and gently placed me into the passenger side of his car. 

He grabbed a blanket from the back to wrap me in it and that's when I realized I was still trembling. I was numb so I couldn't even feel the coldness of the air outside, but I snuggled into the blanket anyway and stared at Austin as he got in.  

He had his phone out and I tuned out his voice while he spoke to Hannah to let her know what was going on. My oldest brother was the one that most went after our parents. He had high cheekbones and a strong, square jaw from my dad. His chocolate brown eyes were our dads too, but his curly black hair and thick lashes were from our mom. 

He glanced at me multiple times during the drive and my mind kept jumping back and forth over what happened and my conflicting feelings.  

When we made it to the hospital, we immediately  went into the ER and they wheeled out a wheelchair for me to sit in. At this point I was so tired that my eyes were drooping and it was hard for me to stay conscious. My bundle of nerves were still tightly wound, but being in a room of people surrounding me, keeping me safe, made that ball unwind a little. Austin never left my side, and so when they gave me sleeping medication, I welcomed it gladly and made my way into dreamland. 

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