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This is a journal created for the convenience of putting down my ideas for random scenes or stories that pop into my head. Most of the chapters, ideas, and storylines wont match so if you feel interest for any of them please leave comments below. any thoughts are appreciated :)

ALSO THESE ARE MY IDEAS IF YOU STEAL THEM YOU WILL GO TO JAIL. So please be nice and just enjoy them :)

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11. Mind over Matter

The day that I finally arrived in the smallest city in existence was also the day my life actually started. I was a senior, transferred in from a made up hometown. Not too many, if anyone at all, actually knew me. I was a ghost, and hoped to stay that way. I didn't want previous trouble stalking me, hoping to keep the past behind me.

Unlike the normal kids who transfer out of the blue, I was unfortunately not. Normal that is. You see, I wasn't normal for a couple reasons, but the most common one was that I, Beautiful Lily Williams, can read minds.

Creepy right? It's even harder when I also can't control it and it's strong enough that I can read and See peoples daydreams. Those usually consist of perverted thoughts and violent actions from both male and female persons.

My parents had never really been around growing up. Since they discovered I had this 'ability', they weren't too fazed until I got really personal a few times. They grew scared of me, but they still took care of me in a minimal effort. And yes, my first name really is Beautiful and that's not me just being vain. As you can imagine how odd that is, I usually go by my middle name Lily.

The few friends I had tried to make quickly grew uncomfortable with me and soon enough moved on and forgot. It was easy for me to be alone, so I isolated myself. Books and wasting time on the internet helped.

When I turned 18 the summer of my senior year I decided to do everyone, including myself, a favor. I moved out to live on my own. I moved to some really small town in Montana with barely 700 people and found a hotel room to live in by myself.

I made a deal with my parents that they would pay for everything while I was in my last year and registered for my senior year at high school. That was the one thing that surprised me about this place. The local highschool was shared between counties and so had three times as many students as I first thought. It didn't make too much a difference to me though. It even kinda worked in my favor since it was easier to hide in large crowds.


The morning of my first day at school was quiet. I had snagged an apple and a small box of cheerios from the hotel lobby to munch on while I drove my black Nissan Xterra to the school 20 min away.

I arrived early, not wanting to deal with the crowds, and parked to look at the building. It was like a large L with a sideways C connected to the tall part of the L. It was two stories, with lots of windows, and was painted a deep maroon red with sun yellow.

"Welcome to the home of the Gryphons." I said under my breath.

I climbed out into the semi empty parking lot since there was an hour and a half before classes started, and checked to make sure I had all my papers.

I called the school to make sure they had gotten my transcripts and shot records a week before so there wouldn't be complications. It wouldn't have started off well if those hadn't been taken care of properly.

I sighed, not wanting to go inside, but took a deep breath before closing the doors and locking them. Growing up in a fairly large city for twelve years taught me a lot of things, especially when it came to locking things down. I breathed in the air, surprised that there was barely a whisper that I could hear. I exulted in the quiet, completely unused to it. It was amazing.

I couldn't help but smile and finished walking up the steps. When you first walked in to your right was a large lobby with benches and wall chairs situated around the area. Right in front was a set of stairs and directly behind them and to the left were classrooms down a long hallway.

To the far left was the office and the student counseling. The window blinds were drawn and I walked up to the door, my heart sinking.

Pleasebeopenpleasebeopenpleasebeopen. I chanted, crossing my fingers.

The minute my hand touched the door handle, a flash of images swept through my head and I jerked back, panting.

Well, at least now I knew someone was in there.

I covered my fingers with the sleeve of my hoodie and pulled the door open. My sight immediately met a wall covered in posters and student papers. Glancing to my right I found a desk with a woman in her mid thirties with black hair and kind brown eyes. She was pregnant.

I walked up to her slowly, unsure if she was busy. She glanced up at me and motioned me forward while signing a few papers. I could hear voices coming from the office next to her, the counselors preparing for the new school year.

"Good morning." I said quietly. I sat in one of the chairs across from her, my hands sweaty from nervousness.

"Good morning. How can I help you?" She folded her hands in front of her.

"Um, I'm a new student. My name's Beautiful Williams."

"I see. What year are you going into?" She rifled through a few folders on her desk, crinkling her nose in concentration.


"And your name is Beautiful Williams?" She asked a little skeptical. She glanced up at me and I nodded.

Well, at least the name isn't exaggerated. The girl really is beautiful.

I blushed at the compliment. "Oh thank you."

She looked up at me confused. "For what?"

"For saying...that I was beautiful." I hesitated.

She looked at me strangely but covered the look with a smile. "Well you're welcome. I'm so embarrassed; I hadn't thought that I had said that out loud." She laughed lightly and went back to looking over the information in my file.

I felt my face pale. No, she hadn't said that out loud. She'd thought it. I took a deep breath to calm myself.  Okay, so I let that one slip by my judgement but I'll be more careful next time.

 She finished finding my information and brought the folder out to show my transcripts and everything else my previous school sent over.

"Do you have your emergency contacts card?" She asked.

I held it out for her while she took a look at it. "I'm sorry hun but why aren't your parents placed as primary contacts on here?"

I cleared my throat before answering. "I live alone and I'm at a legal age where  I can live without my parents so any decisions made about my education should be discussed with me first." I explained.

The woman, Trudy, nodded and wrote a quick note down somewhere.

"Normally we like to have a little bit more information about who we can contact about progress in school, but even from your progress reports I see that shouldn't be any problem. 4.0 three years of middle school and the first three years of high school doesn't leave much to look at except how much motivation you must have."

I smiled at that. She had no idea.

She cleared her throat and finally drew out a few papers from the bottom of the pile. She handed them to me in the order she introduced them.

"Alright, so this is your locker number. Being a senior is awesome in this regard since all seniors get a top locker.

"Here are your lunch pass and your parking number since you already paid the fee. The lunch pass has a prepaid amount of about 50 lunches so you should be set for awhile. We are an open campus so going out to eat is also an option. We usually suggest you be back in time for classes so keep track of the time if you go out."

I nodded as she handed me the credit card looking lunch pass and put it into my bag.

"Picture day for student passes is Thursday this week, so you don't need to worry about that for now. And this is your schedule."

She handed me a paper that was split in half. My lunch was the same time each day and I had three classes for red days and three for yellow, leaving a free period each day since normally there were supposed to be four each day.

I had psychology, U.S. History, and Dance one day while the other I had Creative Writing, World History, and regular P.E.

I love math and science so I signed up for as many classes as possible from the previous three years which quickly covered the prerequisites for graduation. Unfortunately I didn't need to take the classes anymore.

Next Trudy handed me a map of the school and I gratefully took it.

"Alright I don't think I missed anything. Do you have any questions?"

I shook my head. The schedule ran similar to my other school so it was easy to understand. I stood up and shook her hand, thanking her.

I walked to the door and remembered something so I turned around with a smile on my face. "Also, Congratulations."

She looked surprised. "Thank you? For what though?" She asked.

I almost pointed to her stomach but caught myself. She didn't know she was pregnant yet."Oh nothing. Nevermind Trudy."

As I exited I could hear her bewildered thoughts float to me. Did I ever introduce myself?

I quickly walked down the hallway not wanting to hear anymore. When I walked far enough away  I sighed in relief and slowed down to a walk.

I was frustrated with myself. I knew how dangerous my 'gift' was and yet I had almost blown it three times already my first day in a new place. It was hard enough that I sometimes couldn't tell the difference between thoughts and something actually being said, but my power had been getting stronger lately. Now I could sometimes see peoples daydreams and fantasies like pictures flashing through my head and I can also see things about a person if I touch what they touch. I couldn't control it most of the time, even with all the time training myself. It was honestly hard being a freak.


I had found the library within a half hour of walking around the school and so I had ventured inside to a quiet corner. I had found all my classes and my locker fairly quickly, getting lost only a few times. It was surprisingly easy to get lost in such a small school compared to my other one.

The corner I was in was situated farthest from the door, in a small nook of beanbags and books. A rack of magazines sat nearby and right behind me were windows that looked out at the football field.

I set an alarm on my phone twenty minutes before class began and pulled out the book I was currently reading. It was a biography of a young woman from Germany who was one of the Jewish escapees back during World War II. I found it interesting because it told of her family escaping but then they were captured and separated. It was heartbreaking reading it.

The song Burning Love by Wynonna Judd rang through the silence and I jerked back to reality. I wiped the tears off my face and stood up only to be assaulted by hundreds of voices in my head.

School had started. I concentrated and quickly erected a barrier to keep the voices out, glad that was one thing I had practiced relentlessly to get it perfect. If I didn't have that barrier I'd have migraines so intense that if I didn't take constant breaks I could go into shock and pass out. It's happened before.

I stashed my book into my shoulder bag and slowly made my way out into the hallways, concentrating on keeping the barrier erected. Bodies closed in around me and words streamed around the wall I had up. If I wanted I could close it completely, but I didn't want to be completely unaware. After having voices constantly around me since birth, complete silence when in a crowd made me uncomfortable. It wasn't something I was used to.

I looked up from my shoes and looked around, making sure I wasn't missing the numbers on top of the doors for my first class. It was from looking up that I finally noticed that I had lots of stares directed at me and whispers that didn't belong in my head made their way to my ears. A few whistles and hoots could be heard from the guys, but I ignored them.

I knew I was attractive, but I normally don't do anything to enhance my looks with anything but the minimal. My black hair fell to my waist in a waterfall of silk, my skin was pale and perfect, I had high cheek bones and naturally red lips, and my teal eyes were almond shaped and framed in long, dark lashes. I was semi-tall at 5'8" and both my boobs and my butt were amazing thanks to genetics and exercise. I wasn't vain in any sense but being around people had made me aware of how pretty I was, even if I scoffed at the idea.

Even when people tried to talk to me, since I could hear their thoughts, I usually brushed them off. It was easy to be a loner when they thought you were a mute or a bitch. Either one worked perfectly well.

I thinned the barrier in my mind out to see what a few of the people directly around me were thinking and instantly grimaced.

Woah, who's the hottie?

How can her butt be so fuckin mouthwatering-

Dayummm what I wouldn't do to fu-

Her eyes are gorgeous. I'm so jealous.

I wonder what her name is-

Alright, lets do this. Plan A is a go-

A flash of images of someone fantasizing bumping into me then apologizing and possibly getting my number crossed my thoughts and I snorted. This guy can't be serious.

I recognized the guy from his fantasy, a tall Junior with blonde hair, fair brown eyes, and a signature smirk. A regular player or whatever. I kept my pace going towards him and kept a eye on his thoughts. When I was almost right next to him I heard it.

Alright, now!

Expecting the large shoulder bump coming my way I easily stepped around him with an eye roll. Like that'd actually work.

I strengthened the barrier again and turned a corner into the designated hallway, bee lining it to my psychology class.

There were a few people already inside but I still managed to find a seat towards the front far from the door. My desk was right next to the teachers, which was also next to one of the three large windows on my right. I gazed out into the school parking lot my body finally relaxing.

I gazed off into nowhere, thinking about what to eat for dinner, when my desk suddenly jerked to the left. I almost fell over, unstable, and glared down at the hand wrapped around one of the legs of my desk, trying to pull me closer to them.

I followed the hand to the male sitting next to me, my glare hot as a brand.

"Can I help you?" I asked waspishly. I jerked my table out of his hand and leaned away from him, my temper flaring.

I stared at him, noticing how cute he was before I clamped down on those thoughts. They weren't needed.

He was broad shouldered and tan, taller than me, and his dark blue eyes held a dangerous shimmer. I looked him up and down, noticing the leather jacket and ripped jeans accompanied by a few chains.

"Like what you see?" His voice came out deeper than the fucking ocean and smooth as chocolate which caused me to snap my eyes back to him. I felt mortified that he had caught me staring but kept my face neutral. I leaned back, my eyes hard as I met his stare before answering.

"As far as I see, there really isn't anything to like. Just an annoying child who doesn't know how to mind his own business."

The class quieted so quickly after I said that that I thought the teacher walked in. I glanced towards the door but  didn't see any sign of them. I refocused on the view outside, effectively ignoring everyone.

I didn't want the attention that was directed towards me, but what could I do at this point? He provoked me first and in all honesty we all knew I could have been a lot meaner to him.

I instead opted to be ignorant of him trying to grab my attention the rest of the class. He was blatantly trying to get me to talk to him even when the teacher was talking. I could feel the vein in my neck pop out numerous times from trying to hold my anger in check at how obnoxious he was being. The fucktard.

Finally when the bell rang I shot up from my seat and walked like a champion fast walker to the hallway. Once I was outside I  broke into a run and sped down the stairs to my locker. I didn't have many books yet but I kept my notebooks in there so i didn't have to lug them around. I quickly opened my locker and looked inside, grabbing a red spiral notebook. When I closed the door, it was all I could do not to scream when I saw the person on the other side of the locker door.

A girl around my age with shoulder length red curls was smiling at me, her hazel eyes twinkling with laughter.

I swallowed my fear back and tucked a hair behind my ear, calming down.

"Did you need something?" I asked hesitantly.

Her smile widened. "Not really. I just wanted to introduce myself to the girl who told Bryan Dell off."

I raised an eyebrow. "Bryan Dell?"

The redhead nodded. "Yeah, the bad boy hottie with the blue eyes."

"Oh. Right." I nodded, understanding. I stared at her, seeing if she needed anything else when she stuck her hand out to me.

"Sorry! I just realized I never introduced myself. I'm a senior this year, my name is Savannah Baker."

I grabbed her hand lightly, trying not to wince when her fingers clamped down and almost crushed my bones to dust. A few images flashed but I ignored them, not wanting the info they brought.

  "Also a senior. I'm Beautiful Williams. I usually go by my middle name Lily though."

Savannah let out a laugh. "Wow, your name really is Beautiful Williams? What were your parents smoking?"

Wish I had what they had!

I shook my head, slightly amused at both what she said and her thoughts. "No idea."

She chuckled again, "Well, Nice to meet you Lily. Hope to see you around." She spun around and flounced down the hallway, her skirt swirling around her. I watched her for a second before heading to my next class, U.S. History.

It might not have been the best idea to stop so long talking as I walked in right behind the teacher. He glanced at me and I quickly sat at one of two empty desks.

He was an older guy, maybe mid forties or fifties. His green eyes were framed by bushy eyebrows and blonde with grey hair curled around his face.

"Alright class, for those of you who don't know me, my name is David Fredenum or what you'll refer me too, Mr. Fredenum. Welcome to U.S. History, where we learn about slavery, witches, and chauvinistic pigs."

I let out a startled laugh with the rest of the class and felt the teachers eyes settle on me. "So most of you students already know each other from previous classes or schools together, even the freshmen, but it seems that today is a little different in that there is a new student who no one knows yet. Would you mind standing up and introducing yourself."

He gestured to me and I stood slowly, trying to keep my heart from going into palpitations. I turned to the class with a small smile. "Hi. My name is Beautiful Williams. I go by my middle name Lily and I'm a senior this year."

I sat down with a nod of my head to the other students and luckily we went straight back to our class.


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