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This is a journal created for the convenience of putting down my ideas for random scenes or stories that pop into my head. Most of the chapters, ideas, and storylines wont match so if you feel interest for any of them please leave comments below. any thoughts are appreciated :)

ALSO THESE ARE MY IDEAS IF YOU STEAL THEM YOU WILL GO TO JAIL. So please be nice and just enjoy them :)

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5. Here there be Dragons!

another story idea :)


The moons glowed brilliantly beneath the black night, stars dotting the sky like white paint marks on a dark canvas. Every now and then white streaks flashed across the skies and in the distance a nearby red galaxy swam with energy. Down below through the clouds made of silk deep canyons etched through the high mountains and deep forests made a green canopy. Floating hills of flowers hung in the air connected to the ground below by thick vines. Waterfalls fell to the rivers and creeks below and the ocean on the horizon flashed with the stars. Yellow eyes glittered like hundreds of lanterns within the canyon walls and shrieks of hunger made the things around them shiver with fear and excitement. A sharp wind was streaming through the canyons and at a low hum in the distance wings made of colors only seen in dreams were flung into the air and tossed forward into the night, ready for the hunt.

A small call in one of the caves called forth the courage of a young hatchling as white as the snow that topped the peaks, silver lining her wings, tail, and nose. Her sapphire eyes glowed neon in the dark and she jumped into the wind to merge with the other younglings. She lowered herself to just below and behind the elder in front of her to take advantage of the smooth air, her wobbly wings steadying to a smoother rhythm. Down below a herd of Antillions sped out from the canyon into the grassy fields above to graze, only to scatter into groups as they caught wind of the dragons descending down to feast. The herds looked like a mix of goat and cows mixed together with horns on their snouts that curled like obsidian daggers. Their fur was a splotchy red and brown and their eyes were as green as the grass underfoot.

The hatchlings formed a group of their own, about ten or so with an older teen guiding them as they flew below and targeted a young Antillion whose nose horn was just a stump. The white dragonets eyes glowed with anticipation and at a mutual call, the group descended on the poor creature. It bugled a cry of anguish as the teen grabbed it by the throat and bit down hard enough to paralyze but not to kill. The teen with blood red scales shading to a deep purple glared its yellow eyes at the youngsters, searching for one worthy enough to make the kill. His eyes lit upon the white hatchling who was waiting patiently, her eyes bright with blood lust and confident. He lowered his head in acquiescence and she winged her way slowly to the beast. About the same age as she herself was, the beast held no hope left and was just an empty shell. Seeing that she lunged forward to sink her teeth into the beasts belly and ripped the heart out, her eyes glowing so bright they looked white. Blood streamed down her jaw in silky streams as she swallowed the heart, the others quickly lunging to the thicker meat along the ribs. The night was strewn with screams and tearing meat as the beasts were brought down one by one, the forested hills absorbing everything they witnessed within the early hours before morning. Pools of blood sank into the earth and it sang with joy at being reunited with what it had first given.

. . . . .

Time passed like a mystery within this land and before long the hatchlings grew into their namesakes, growing larger with each passing season. Moon, the white hatchling, grew twice the size of even the largest male, her wit sharpening to that of a dagger the more time passed. She was strong of heart and opinion, gentle in her ways, and the commanding future alpha of her pack, never defeated in any type of challenge. The others looked upon her with trust and respect, making her well known throughout the regions. Her hatch mates Night, Sunset, and Stone shielded their sister from any trouble within the pack when needed, their adoration for Moon going well into the realm of obsession.

Night was a dark blue shading to black dragon with golden eyes that gave Moon a run for her hide in the wits department. He was able to run circles around the others and never get caught he was so smart. His playful, prankster attitude often got him in trouble with the others but he was well loved with the hatchlings.

Blaze was a fiery little thing, quick to anger and agile enough to make the sharpest turns at a seconds notice. Her scales shined red-orange all over her petite frame as fierce as the sunset she was so aptly named after and the only person she listened to was Moon.

Stone was the biggest male in the pack, equaling Moon in weight but not quite in height. He was quiet in his ways but as solid in his decisions as stone. Bright green scales shaded to a dark teal to a sandy brown around his middle and the end of his tail, a bright contrast against the bright blue sky when flying.

The days leading up to her taking control of the pack as the alpha Moon had entered her second to last growing phase, something that happened every a hundred years or so. Her long neck, which resembled a snake, grew an extra 3 feet in length and her body widened to twice the size it was before. Her leg muscles smoothed out to where she looked sleek and beautiful and the shoulder blades that held the wings similar to a bats deepened to a dark silver along the joints. Her scales stayed white as snow lined in a bright silver so when she moved she looked as graceful as water. Her snout went from the thick U shape of a babies to a pointed V of the adults and both horns on her forehead spiraled like crystal daggers. She was so beautiful she intimidated anyone who saw her; fear and intimidation brought about admiration.

She had been by the canyon lake, a large portion of water that the canyon actually widened for, taking a swim. The dragons used the water source as a place to gather for playtime, as well as swim and quench their thirst, when the day grew hot and boring.

The summers hatchlings were paddling through the water around her while their wings floated on the surface, spread out to collect the warmth of the sun. She nudged a bright, sky blue hatchling with her nose and he flipped through the dark blue water like a seal, making happy chirping noises when he broke the surface. She rumbled a laugh deep in her chest, and watched

as the heat from her growing body made the water steam up around her in a light mist. Her back tickled suddenly and Moon looked behind her, her eyes bright with curiosity, and saw two hatchlings the colors of a pink rose with yellow and a deep brown shading to a golden brown stretching themselves on top of her to get dry. They quickly dozed off and were joined by a third, this one a tiny, pure sapphire blue hatchling. She ambled toward Moons' outstretched neck and squeaked a question to lay down on her. Moon turned her head sideways and contemplated about how thoughtful the young one was being. She blew through her nose at the hatchling with permission and watched in amusement as the little thing was blown backwards. The little sapphire darling righted herself and then lay right between Moons shoulder blades, her wings and legs stretched out like a spider.

A shadow passed overhead and she looked up to see Stone flying above her lazily before gently flying into the water. The waves created by him made the young dragonets squeal with delight and they surrounded Stone, who settled neck to Moon, his eyes looking at the young hatchlings on her back. He looked at her questioningly and her eyes squinted with amusement.

A trickle of thought made its way into Stones mind as he was about to nudge the young ones awake.

Let them sleep Moon told him gently. She touched noses with him and he nodded his head slightly before settling next to her, his eyes bright with excitement.

The elder has little time left my sky. All the dragons are needed in the clearing for the final passage and the descendant ceremony soon. Stone thought to her.

Moon looked up from the water surprised, her heart going out to the Alpha named Garnet. Old and always wise beyond his years he had been grievously injured while trying to protect a fellow pack from a rogue dragon. His blood red scales had hidden the injury well but it had caught up with him and he collapsed. His mate Cloud hasn't left his side since, without sleep and needing her younger hatch mate to bring her food and water.

Moon looked back at Stone, her eyes sad.

I understand dear one, we will leave immediately.

She looked behind her and gently nudged the young ones awake as she started to swim serenely to the shore, Stone right behind her. The two hatchlings stretched like one of the hunting felines near the desert plains, shaking themselves awake as Moon stepped up onto the white sands on the beach. She and Stone were so big now that they almost towered over the large pine trees that were as tall as twenty men, catching the attention of the other dragons.

The dragonets flew back to their mother near the lake and the two adults ambled through the forest, the trees spaced out enough in all directions there was no need to fly.

Branches scraped against them and Moon glanced back when a small tickle garnered her attention. She blinked in surprise upon seeing the sapphire dragonet still sleeping, having forgotten she was there, and sent a gentle nudge with her mind.


The young female jerked up in agitation and upon seeing Moon and the surrounding forrest, stretched out and landed her claws on Moon's shoulder to see around her, her body vibrating with excitement. The young one would gain the power of mind speech after the first two years out of the egg, so until then all she could do was motion her head and make noises at the adults. Moon wondered where the mother was but her thoughts meandered else where as they entered a large field that spanned the length and width of 50 football fields all around. Garnet lay in the very center, his large scarlet head resting on his mate Clouds' shoulder while dragons made their way into the area from the sky and the forest to pay their final respects. His normally vibrant yellow eyes were tired and dull, looking like a muddied brown.

The dragons all converged into separate groups, the teens in one while the adults and babies in another. The eldest of the dragons sat in a circle around Garnet, looking like a large pinwheel of colors with a red and gray center. Blaze and Night landed nearby, sending warmth and waves of excitement to the others around them, while Moon and Stone moved close by. Garnet lifted his head, meeting eyes with every dragon in the glade, his eyes brightening to a bright gold with determination. He stood shakily, his legs almost collapsing underneath him while Cloud caught him at the last second. He shook her off and Moon's heart went out to him in his final moment of strength.

The descendant ceremony, done when the pack lived peaceful and the alpha lay dying, is one of the most important events to happen within the dragons lives. The alpha picked his successor from among five of the most promising dragons by connecting his mind to theirs and seeing the inner strength they possessed. Once he had found the strongest one, he would merge the souls of every past Alpha and the new ruler would be born. To consummate the passing on of rights, the newly appointed alpha must tear the other dragons heart out and swallow it whole to celebrate the last of the

It was a gruesome act but if the new alpha did it correctly and with no hesitation, they gained the respect of the entire clan.

Garnet lifted his head to the sky and roared a call that shook Moon to her bones and her heart unintentionally sped up with excitement. The elders stationed around him backed up to create

a wider circle and his voice resonated around the field as he called out the names of the chosen dragons.


Wings cracked the air like a whip as a male dragon with dark green scales that looked almost black launched from a nearby tree to land in front of Garnet. He was still a young one, barely out of his teens and still in the process of choosing a mate, but he was a natural born leader who willingly fought anything head on. He spread his wings in a submissive gesture before settling himself to Garnets far right.


A deep blue-purple dragon that resembled a walking blueberry sauntered forward in a commanding stroll, glaring at any eyes that made contact with his. Fang was a vicious fighter who was arrogant beyond belief, always picking quarrels with anyone who would let him. It was no question however that he was strong. He positioned himself directly in front of Garnet, glaring a challenge at him which he ignored.


Moon looked over at Stone, her eyes holding pride for him as he walked slowly but confidently to Garnets left, his head held high. She had no doubts he would be a strong alpha and it was no secret he was favored among the other dragons for his solid presence. Garnet nodded his head to him in a show of respect before calling out the fourth name.


Moon raised her head, her eyes wide with surprise and wonderment. Come, my sky. Stone called out. Moon realized she had yet to move and walked resolutely up to Garnets right, between Glade and Fang. Glade nodded his head to her, his eyes large as she squeezed next to him while Fang ignored her existence. She sat and curled her tail around her forelegs, her wings slightly open trying to look confident. The hatchling stilled on her shoulder and quieted herself with a small chirp. Garnet stared at her, his eyes unreadable, and the final name rang across the clearing.


There were muffled noises and you could hear the shadows of whispers the others thought as shock, doubt, unease, and anger settled within them. Fang growled next to me and Glade glowered. Willow came forward hesitantly to settle on Garnets far left while her odd colors blue, purple, and crimson blended together like the flowers in the field and caught everyone's

attention. She was shy and was known to be a little bit of an outcast, but she was graceful and loyal beyond belief to the ones she considered to be friends. Moon nodded her head at her in approval, glad to see her straighten up a bit.

Come, let me see what makes you who you are. Garnets voice reverberated within Moon like an echo and suddenly feeling a pull, her vision went black. She could see nothing and no sound was heard within the dark space, making her shudder slightly. The air was freezing, as if she were ice itself, and when she moved her limbs burned making her hiss. She forced herself foward, her eyes sharp and glowing a blue-white in frustration. There was no where to go, no one to yell out to, just a desolate space of nothing. Moon strained her eyesight, refusing to give up, when suddenly a white orb popped up in front of her. She reared back in surprise and watched as the orb let loose small stabs of light that fluidly moved like water, all the while looking like a porcupine. Moon slowly lowered herself and nudged the orb with her muzzle, blowing air at it thoroughly confused.

What is this? Moon asked herself. She nuzzled it again, surprised to find it blazingly hot. She scooted closer, hoping the thing would share its heat with her cold limbs. The orb of light flitted around like a deranged bird when she got close and it shot into her chest with a streak of light. Moon froze, her heart thudding uncontrollably, and suddenly she lit up like a flame. Her body flashed white-hot and made the darkness shrink around her with one final blast of light and she broke into a million pieces. Each piece of her was aware of the surroundings and she could see like never before, the particles belonging not just to her, but merging into the world.

Moon could see the white crested waves to the west, the high-topped mountains to the north, the wild forests, plains, and canyons to the east, and the searing hot desert and jungle to the south; Floating mountains in the skies and large underwater bubbles held the unknown. It was all one and everything belonged to the planet, a force of life that was so formidable it made everything else pale in comparison. Moon was humbled, caught unaware that she was just something connected to a greater design.

Astounding! Moon breathed out. Every piece of her flew together once more and all to quickly she snapped back into awareness and was in the field again. The other dragons situated around the alpha had their eyes closed and she waited patiently as one by one they opened their eyes to stare around them. Moon waited patiently among the others, her breathing shallow as she tried to calm herself.

What was that? Moon asked herself. Stone across the way locked eyes with her and shook his head slightly telling her to keep quiet.

Garnets eyes popped open and he lifted his head to the sky. With a screech of triumph his inner voice boomed across the clearing.

My friends! It has been a success finding the next alpha. May Moon be forever strong and just in her decisions with you and our clan for as long as she lives! Garnet turned to Moon and lumbered over to her, his eyes bright with pride, and bowed as much as his wound would allow him to.

Moons heart stuttered when she finally understood Garnet. She felt as if her breathing may cease, but she forced herself to stay calm. Looking around the glade, she made eye contact with each of the others who all had a somewhat resigned look, although Stone also showed pride for her. Willows eyes brimmed with happiness for the larger dragon who had always been kind to her and she chirped in excitement.

The alpha Garnet lowered his long neck to the white dragon in front of him and touched noses. An intimate gesture, his mate Cloud had to herself still as a growl bubbled in her chest. She knew that it was a special moment, when one Alpha dragon bowed to the other. Garnet was sharing the feelings of fright and determination that swirled within his heart with Moon, who would share his blood and become the next leader of the clan. She would share his soul as he passed on to the Great Beyond above in the skies, and she would grow from his previous knowledge and the knowledge of every other Alpha dragon in the past.

Moon snorted and she closed her golden eyes with specs of sapphire and breathed in the alphas scent. Smaller than she, Moon had to lower her neck to the male as they exchanged the respect they had for each other, and she felt her heart thud in excitement as the smell of blood and earth entered her nose from his scales.

With a final puff of hot air, Garnet slowly lowered himself to the ground with his wings splayed out of the way. He was surrendering himself to the new alpha and Moons eyes started to glow in excitement. She slightly opened her mouth so her long tongue could lick the atmosphere and blinked in surprise when the blue hatchling cooed from on top of her head. She felt slight amusement pinch her and she spread her inner voice through the thoughts around her.

Which mother does this hatchling belong too?? She asked gently. Her eyes scanned the group around her and took in the ambling form of Feather. Unlike her name, she was anything but light, her stout body and wide chest made for carrying and heating eggs. She had birthed half the clan and had hatchlings almost year round. She was small, with amber scales that shaded to a baby blue around her extremities.

She ambled up to Moon who towered over her and raised her own head, a snort of reproach directed at the hatchling who ducked his head. Moon lowered her neck and the little one jumped off and onto his mothers back. Quickly moving away the pair rejoined the others and Moon refocused her attention on the alpha who was now laying on his side, the ribs that were holding his heart positioned for easy access.

This was it. It was the moment that made Moon both terrified and excited out of her mind for. The others watched as she slunk forward, sniffing the air around the alpha male. A pause and then with a sudden savagery that made most of the others jump back in surprise away from the two of them, Moon snapped her head forward and slashed her way to the old alphas heart with her razor sharp claws.

His flesh split like water, a testament to how weak he was, and his heart sat in front of her, the red of it clouding her mind with blood lust. With new vigor, she snapped her head forward and clamped her teeth on the other dragons heart and ripped from his body, swallowing it in one gulp. Vaguely, Moon could hear the others around her and Clouds wail of pain at the loss of her mate, but it faded into the background as the memories of every previous alpha flooded through her. It was so intense she felt her body give out and she collapsed to the ground, barely able to raise her head and reposition herself as more and more images, thoughts, feelings, and knowledge streamed through her blood in continuous bursts of energy.

Before Garnet, there were five others, and each was known in some way for their leadership. There was Diamond, colored pure black and smaller than the others, he was known for his inner strength and ambition. There was Kale, steadfast in his decisions and resolute when it came to fighting. Amber, who was courageous beyond belief and had a strong sense of justice. Gale, wise and calm for the centuries he lived. Citrus, know for her cunning and trickery to get what she wanted. And the Garnet was last, trustworthy and honest to a fault, he was an amazing leader who had gained everyone's respect.

When the ringing in Moons head had stopped, she raised her neck slowly and opened her eyes to take in the others surrounding her.

She stood on shaky legs, but eventually she was able to stand tall with a new feeling of authority and power emanating from her.

There had been other amazing alphas, other rulers, before her. And now it was Moon's turn to lead.


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