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This is a journal created for the convenience of putting down my ideas for random scenes or stories that pop into my head. Most of the chapters, ideas, and storylines wont match so if you feel interest for any of them please leave comments below. any thoughts are appreciated :)

ALSO THESE ARE MY IDEAS IF YOU STEAL THEM YOU WILL GO TO JAIL. So please be nice and just enjoy them :)

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4. First chapter for a new story CALICO CATS

This is like another werewolf intro or a vampire book intro, not sure which one to go with yet. Let me know what you think!


It wasn't like I had any way of knowing what would happen. I didn't know the power, the emotions, or the presence he would walk into the bar with would influence anything concerning my future that night. It was halloween and all the girls were wearing animal costumes. I had worn a pink bikini with a sparkly pink mask and bunny ears, to compliment my personality and small build.  

No one knew me, no one could recognize me except my repeat customers and my co-workers. I was unidentifiable.  

A few girls were doing a routine on the stage, wagging their stick on animal tails while they twined around the poles. I was working the bar, about to switch over to performing. It was a busy night so far, two bachelor parties and a foreign soccer team came in big groups. It was half price on all drinks and a free lap dance if you bought the first two. The bar, Calico Cats, was well known in the city for being a more 'proper' strip club.  

Most of the girls chose to dress like call girls instead of strippers, unless it was a holiday or one of the girls birthdays. You got more respect from the men that way, though if you wanted more money, less clothes was the way to go. I finished wiping down the bar and switched with Kaylee, whose stage name was Jade. She was dressed like a fox, and her neon orange underwear made her bronze skin shine beautifully.  

I smiled at her and made my way to the service door where the bouncer, Max, was relaxing. I had always thought he was cute but since there was a strict rule that says you aren't allowed to have anything physical with the people you work with, I never went further than having casual conversations with him. He opened the door for me and with a smile I ran in and up the stairs to the back. I could feel his eyes on me and right before I reached the corner I jiggled my butt and felt the ball of fluff on my tailbone bounce up and down.  

I heard a grunt behind me and I giggled, throwing out a peace sign behind me as I turned down the hallway. The walls were high, painted a deep blood red with maroon beads spread along the wall. The door that led to the changing room was painted white and I knocked three times, then once and it swung open. Secret knock to keep the weirdo's away and stuff in case they got past security.  

The inside of the room consisted of several vanity's that had names attached to them and makeup spread out. Clothes racks had costumes and underwear hanging from them and there were two beds in the corner, decked out with lots of pillows and blankets if a girl decided she needed a nap between performances.  

To the far left was the back exit when we left for the day. Diana was in the back speaking with Yolandi wearing a blue mouse outfit and a cute green puppy costume respectively. When I opened the door and spotted them I waved and flounced over giving them quick hugs. They both grinned at me with mischievous eyes. 

"Hey bugaboo time to get rockin' huh?" Diana laughed out. She had waist length, chocolate brown hair and hazel eyes that always sparkled brilliantly. She was about four inches taller than I was, and she was much more curvy. Yolandi sat back against her vanity table and stared at me, a smirk on her face. I frowned. 

"What?" She shrugged and rolled her eyes before standing up and pushing me into her seat.  

"I'm not letting you go out there looking like that. No pony tail and no bikini." 

I huffed but didn't argue. I had been working there for nearly a year and I had quickly learned that Yolandi always got her way. She was tall, 5'11 and her hair was pitch black, just like her skin, but her eyes were a pretty chocolate brown with specs of lighter color in them. It wasn't difficult to not want to mess with her.  

I snickered and she flicked me causing me to quiet quickly.  

"Take your mask off babe and let me see those pretty eyes of yours." Yolandi said. She had an accent since she was from Scandinavia and I complied staring at myself in the mirror.  

I always actually really liked it when the girls messed with my hair. It was like a mix between a white gold  and a deeper yellow that created natural highlights. It was semi wavy and reached to just below my boobs. 

Well, what I had anyway. I wasn't known for being the one with the best assets, just the one who was the most innocent looking. Apparently it hit really well with a lot of guys so I never really complained about all the attention they gave me. They also babied the fuck out of me too, which I kinda really liked. 

I wasn't sure exactly what Yolandi had in mind but when she brought out her curling iron, I gulped and knew this would end with a poodle look. Meanwhile, Diana started to dab white glitter over my eyes with a neon pink soon following after. My eyes apparently had that natural upper lid that made eye makeup look great and so the others always loved doing my eyes. Like I said, they were babying me.  

My eyes, as my ex boyfriend would quote, were 'like the river, different shades of blue that swirled around and a grassy bank on the sides, green as fern.' I wasn't sure which river bank was well kept enough to where you couldn't see any brown, but I didn't protest it. 

I tightened my hands and thought about my routine instead. Now was not the time for personal drama. 

Soon enough we all looked like slutty animals and grabbing our heels, we went back out the door and into the hallway. To the right was another door, this one black, that led to the stage. Diana, who was now Lily, and Yolandi, who was now Ember, followed behind me as I led the way. I stepped out from behind the curtain in pink stilettos, a matching pink bra and booty shorts, and made my way to the pole situated to the left. 

There were three poles on stage and all three had a level of access between the girls that showed where they stood. The front pole usually got the best money and having been here the most, Ember was the one who took center stage on superiority. I took the pole on the left of 'Ember', having been there the second longest, while Diana took the one on the right. She was newer here, still getting used to the ropes and finding her way around the men who ask for her. 

It was tough being in the business we were in, and normally I'd be no where close to a place like this, but times change. People change. 

When the music started out slow the three of us raised our hands above our heads like ballerinas. Slow, deliberate, graceful. When the music dropped quickly after that, so did we. We sat in low squats, our legs spread far apart, open to the imagination. Ember dropped into a split and it was from that moment that we went different ways.  

Three poles, three levels, but also three areas. I focused on mine and stared out from the bright light into the sea of faces that was constantly moving, and adjusted my mask a split second before I pulled myself up to do a handstand on the pole. I dropped my legs and spread them on either side of me so the pole was right between my legs, then I crossed my ankles and pulled myself into a weird maneuver  to where I was hanging onto the pole with both hands, but my legs were out in the air. 

Dropping down I let go and fell face forward. My hands shot out between my legs and I flipped myself over into another squatting position. I was about to do another lay up when I noticed the group of men who came in.  

The back area near the bar was shadowed except for a few dim lights so it wasn't especially hard to ignore newcomers, but these three men were different.  

Especially the one in the center. I changed up what I was doing to twirl around the pole instead, keeping my eyes on them. The trio made their way to the bar, gazing at the girls who walked by them and at the three of us on the poles. I grabbed the pole with both hands and did a shimmy with my hips. I swayed side to side and dragged my hand over my body as I looked over my shoulder.  

Right into an electric blue gaze that froze me where I stood. It was the man who walked into the bar with two of his friends. He stared right at me with a gaze so intense that it felt like he was stripping me bare and I trembled. 

His eyes widened and then narrowed and I swung my gaze back around to stare at the pole. I lifted my right leg and brought it to where it was perfectly parallel with the pole. I hooked my ankle around, brought my hands above my head, and flexed back to where I was looking at the crowd upside down.  

The man's eyes never left me. There were whistles and I had a few people even climb halfway on the stage when I kneeled down to hook some bills into my garter. 

I couldn't help but smile as I heard shouts of my stage name "Baby doll!" come out of a few mouths. I did an extra shimmy and a twerk when suddenly the music stops.  

I pause, completely confused as to why it was suddenly quiet and looked to Yolandi and Diana, who were just as confused as I was.  

The owners voice rang out over the speaker and she explained how there was a technical difficulty with the sound system. There was some booing at that and yells of indignation which made me laugh a little. 

I motioned to the other two and gave them a pointed look, to which all three of us dropped from the stage and started to do lap dances with the more surly customers, apologizing and asking that they be patient while we got stuff back up and running. 

It was on one of these customers that I was currently Stradling, when an arm the size of a gorillaz wrapped around my waist and pulled me off. I whipped my head around, a protest on my lips, but was caught in the electric blue eyes from last time. They really were beautiful. 

The moment I thought that was the moment I had lost.

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