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10. Blood Born story intro

Kala Virovka has known since a young age that she was born to help people. She was stubborn, inquisitive, and Joyful which in a toddler was ‘quite the match’ as her parents put it. When Kala was twelve both of her parents died in a car accident, leaving her to the state orphanages. Instead of being overcome by her grief and anger, she chose instead to face the fact that they were no longer in the world of the living. Being one of the few older children in the orphanage left her in a position where she had to look out for the others and because of her personality she was well liked by everyone. When, at the age of 17, she finds a man unconscious outside the first thing she does is help him. When the man reveals himself to be a vampyre, she’ll learn quite a few things about herself as well.


I was dreaming again.

I could tell from the fact that my parents were on either side of me. A carpet of emerald green grass soft as cotton stretched out from me on all sides to the horizon lines.

The sky was blue with stars starting to sparkle to life even though the sun was still high in the sky. I felt my hands being grabbed and I looked on either side to my mother and father, sad I couldn’t see their faces. I knew it was them though by the way they felt. So familiar and yet so foreign.

I ran beside them with a smile on my face and felt the scenery flash by me in a blur. When we stopped I noticed they were no longer with me and the ground was no longer grass. Instead I seemed to be in a pool of crimson water.

The sky was dark and billions of stars glittered like diamonds, laughing at me. I stood still, not understanding what was happening, and looked down to see that I was sinking into the red water. It went past my knees, then my waist, then chest, then my shoulders.

As I went under I tried to get to the surface and opened my mouth in surprise when my body could no longer move. As the crimson liquid entered my mouth and I tasted metal, it dawned on me that this wasn’t water but blood.

I woke up coughing. My chest hurt and my ears were ringing, just like every other time I had this dream. I felt my nose prickle and I looked down at the blanket to see red drops on it. My nose had started to bleed. Again. For the thousandth time I wished I didn’t have those constants in my life. Once a week I would get the same dream and right after my nose would start bleeding. Most times it took a few hours to get it to stop.

I quickly squeezed my nose shut and sighed. I stood up and let my head hang backwards so I wouldn’t drip on the tile and made my way to the bathroom. It was about 3 or 4 in the morning from what I could tell, since the windows in the hallway still had the blinds closed and it was dark. I passed by the other rooms on my right, keeping my steps quite so I wouldn’t wake the others.

There were about 43 of us all together, not including the caretakers and councilors that looked after us. Being in an orphanage which mainly consisted of kids under the age of seven, it was important not to make loud noises in the morning if the adults weren’t awake yet. Last time it happened, we had a group of five year olds who were awake and running around in places they shouldn’t have been in.

I turned the corner and stepped into the bathroom, at the sink within seconds. I bent over the sink and let my nose go, just letting the blood run from my nose to the sink. I looked sideways slightly and managed to grab a paper towel so I could tear it up and stuff a piece up my nose.

These dreams and nosebleeds started after my parents passed away, so it really doesn’t come as a surprise anymore after five years. When I first came to the orphanage the caretakers thought that maybe I was sick and so they took me to a hospital and kept tabs on me. Like clockwork, it happened once a week and I’d get the nosebleed when I woke up after the dream.

Weirdly enough, my body was healthy and my brain waves were normal for someone my age, which wasn’t what they expected at all. Especially after my parents’ accident, they were expecting to see other chemicals in the brain producing the thing that created depression or something. But there wasn’t. My brain was healthy too, though I attributed that to the fact that I refused to think of the past.

I was the one who decided to keep looking forward and to live the way I wanted to live. I didn’t want my loving parents’ accident to be the only thing I remembered of them. Of course I was lonely sometimes, but mainly it was just anger that they had left me when I was so young. Before I decided not to dwell on my parents death, I was fueled with an anger that I felt consume me every time I thought of them.

It took me months to get rid of that feeling and re-wire my thoughts to hope for a bright future for myself, so my parents would be proud of me. I kept that in my heart every day and chose to become an adult I hoped they would be pleased with. I helped where I could, I was a hard worker, I was solid with my grades in school, I had a fund I created when I was sixteen and saved every penny I earned so I could use it for a future purpose. I had wonderful friends around me, some of which I even thought of as family. All for the hope that my parents would be proud of me.

I grabbed the paper towel that was still unused and rushed to the trashcan. I poked and prodded my nose, relieved it finally stopped after a few minutes this time. It was always embarrassing to have one or even a few of the younger kids together yell at you for hogging the bathroom. I wiped my face and cleaned the sink free of any blood, before rinsing my face with the sink water one last time.

The mirror that was in front of me was a square the size of my torso with a strawberry shortcake sticker in the bottom left hand corner. There was one over each of the three sinks in the bathroom, a simple $5 mirror from thrift stores that could be easily replaced if needed. I looked into the mirror and smiled at my reflection.

“Good morning beautiful.” I whispered my normal morning greeting to myself, reminding myself that I was beautiful. When I was fifteen I went through a period of self-loathing and I hated my body and who I was. I had self-esteem issues, even if there was really no need for it. But I was a freshman high school girl and went through what every girl goes through at least once. I eventually got over it, but it was only because I could see my parents in my reflection and I didn’t want to hate what they had loved. So I forced myself to call myself beautiful every day when I woke up and eventually it just stuck.

It wasn’t in anyway easy at first, but I kept it up so it became a habit. I looked up into the mirror and smiled again, winking at myself. I really did see my parents. I had my moms’ naturally straight blonde tresses and my dad’s square chin. I had round cheekbones so I looked younger than I was, plus a button nose that came from my grandmother. I inherited my mom’s cupid bow lips and my eyes were a matching green-blue like my fathers. I also had his natural honey colored skin and my mom’s height of 5’1”.

A thump on the door made me jump and I quickly opened it to reveal Suzie, one of the resident four year olds. I smiled down to her as she rubbed her eyes, still half asleep.

“Good morning Suzie. Did you sleep well?”

She nodded. “Mhmm but I gotta use da potty.” I chuckled and held out my hand to her. She grabbed it and I helped her do her business. We left just as others were getting up to use the bathroom, getting ready for breakfast. I walked Suzie back to her room where four others her age slept and helped her change out of her pink pajamas. Her dark head of curls was a knotted bunch of fluff and I grabbed a brush to help her get ready.

Soon enough, the caretaker for the younger ones, Mia, walked in with tired eyes. She paused when she saw me and I smiled at her. “Morning Mia.”

“Morning Kala. Did you help the others by any chance yet?” I shook my head no and she sighed.

“Alright, just wondering. I can finish getting these ones ready if you want to get dressed. It’s going to be pretty messy since we’re having p-a-n-c-a-k-e-s this morning.” I grinned.

I loved pancakes. So did the others and just hearing the word makes them excited. Since it was barely five in the morning, though, Mia had spelled it out so there wouldn’t be excited screaming. I finished brushing Suzie’s hair and then walked back to my room on the other end of the wing.

Since I was currently one of the three oldest teens at the Bakerwood Home for Orphans, I was privileged to have my own room. Plus, I was going to be 18 in three months which meant that I would be off to college and I would need to move out. Samuel, who was going to turn sixteen soon, would take my room after I left since he would be one of the older teens and hence, he would have his own room.

I closed the door and locked it to make sure it was correctly bolted before stripping. It wouldn’t be the first time the door was swung open while I was completely naked because I had forgotten to lock the door. Having so many kids around you, there was no end to the mischief.

I threw on black leggings, a white tank top, and a giant blue sweater then added some fluffy socks before unlocking my door and walking out. The window curtains were drawn back and the sky was just starting to turn grey. The courtyard outside was littered with fallen leaves from the maples and a crisp wind outside made the branches sway back and forth. I shuddered. Definitely October.

Walking down the hallway towards where the bathroom was, I squeezed past the kids who were awake and turned left down the corridor to the stairs. The building was two stories, shaped like a capital L. Rooms for 4-17 years of age were upstairs while the caretakers, children under 4, and handicapped children were on the bottom floor. The children over the age of eight all went to public schools and so that left the other rooms available for offices and storage rooms. Almost like a giant prison.

I chuckled to myself and almost immediately after felt a slap to my back. I stumbled forward and winced, throwing a glare over my shoulder at Heath who was grinning like a Cheshire cat.

“What’s so funny cupcake?” he asked with a snicker. He danced around to stand in front of me with a grin and I rolled my eyes at him. Heath was older than me by a few months and the veteran orphan of the premises. His parents had abandoned him on the doorstep when he was a baby and ended up being one of the few rare kids who never ended up getting adopted while still young. His birthday was right around the corner which meant he was moving out soon too.

Though where I was going to college to major in childcare and psychology, Heath was heading to the states police academy so he could get his foot in the door early for a chance to be in the FBI. I also knew that he was hoping that he’d be able to find his parents with the academy’s help as well, but he’d never admit it out loud.

“Oh nothing. Nothing at all. Just laughing at how big of an ego you have.” I walked past him while he stood frozen with wide eyes, glad to have a comeback on the tip of my tongue for once. I was never good at coming up with things to say back during fights or teasing, so I had gradually started to increase my armoire.

Heath’s arm slid around my shoulders and he pulled me into his plump chest. Standing 6’2” he was huge and a little heavy set. His brown hair was trimmed neatly around his head and a pair of headphones rested around his neck blasting Metallica or something similar.

“Good comeback Kit-Kat. I’m proud of you.” His hazel eyes twinkled with humor. I snorted.

“Thanks but even I know I could have done better. Have you seen Grace?” Grace was the other teen who had a single room. She was a quiet red head a few months younger than I, and she had a wicked temper when you got her angry. She was placed in Bakerwood a year ago while the state tried to figure out what to do with her after both parents got arrested on drug charges, but she’s still here. Her four siblings had been moved to family a few months ago to foster them, leaving her behind.

Heath shook his head. “Not since dinner yesterday. She’s probably still fast asleep.”

I looked down the hallway to where the lunchroom was, keeping an eye out for familiar ruby tresses. I kept looking but didn’t see any so I ran back upstairs and went down the hall till I came to a white door. I knocked on it and waited. After a few moments, I knocked on the door again, this time using both hand to make a loud thumping noise.

The door opened after the third knock and Grace glared at me through the mess of hair over her eyes. “Oh. My. God. Could you please not be the annoying little sister and let me SLEEP!”

She slammed the door closed and I cracked a smile before counting down.





The door swung open and she pushed past me, her hair in a messy ponytail and still in her sweats and tank top. I followed along quietly, a smirk on my face. I kept my silence since I knew she was going to punch me if I tried to talk to her before she got any coffee. It was her life. She was dysfunctional without it.

We entered the dining room behind a herd of ten and eleven year olds who were gossiping about something at school. They stopped when they noticed Grace storming her way forward and parted like the red sea. We all learned within the first couple months of her staying with us not to get in her way until she got caffeine.

Heath waved at me from one of the tables near the only window and I headed over while Grace made a beeline for the kitchen and the coffee that was brewing for adults. Health drank coffee every now and then but he was more like me in that he liked to drink juice or milk or hot chocolate to wake up. I actually disliked the bitter taste of coffee and would smother it with sugar if I ever attempted to drink it.

I sat down and grabbed a glass of OJ to gulp down with a small bowl of berries. When all the kids were in and seated, the middle schoolers started to bring out the plates of pancakes and waffles which made others exclaim and shout with excitement. Usually I would be up and center to help out since I loved doing so but I had been told to let the younger ones take care of it. They were training for something in school to test their motor skills.

Grace slumped into the chair next to me with a giant brown mug of coffee and exhaled. She inhaled the coffee smell and opened her eyes to stare at the food in front of us. From there on we all dug in and finished breakfast in record time for the school busses.

I had my own car that I had purchased at a cheap price from a previous caretaker, so I ended up dropping Heath, Grace, Samuel, Kenny, and Fiona off at the school. I had finished my all my credits by junior year so I decided to graduate early and get a part time job to help save up money for college tuition.

We piled into my Nissan Xterra and I put the petal to the metal so I dropped them off with plenty of time before class started. I then drove back to the orphanage and dropped off my car for my bike since it was close by.

I worked at a flower arrangement shop, where well dressed to impress really was a thing and people bought flowers and stuff for their girls. It was a nice place to work and the hours were super flexible so it was perfect.

The way there was quiet. A few cars passed me on the road and I kept looking up into the trees to see the red, orange, and yellow leaves rustling. A slight wind was penetrating through the jacket I had gone back to get, causing me to shiver. I took a left down the street and gazed out at the bay as I passed it, in awe of the colors spread across the surface from the sunrise. A walkway went down one side of the bay and the shops were across from the walkway, so they had perfect views of the bay. Customers and employees alike loved the feel of being so close to the water.

 When I spotted the familiar white building I biked to the back entrance and brushed my hair with my fingers into a messy bun so it was out of the way. The flower store was somewhat well known so when I opened the door I wasn’t the only one working that day. Ariana and Chloe were working too and they had already put out the arrangements made yesterday for the public viewing.

“Morning!” I put my coat on the hook and grabbed an apron and my name tag from my assigned cubby.

“Hey.” “Mornin’ sweety.” Ariana and Chloe smiled as I entered, then shoved a vase full of fresh lilies at me.

“Please arrange these with some daffodils and rosemary. A bride-to-be is looking into a few arrangements for her wedding next month.” Chloe explained. She was the manager and worked almost every day of the week, which we all admired and worried about her.

Her white teeth shone in her dark face and her straight, dark brown hair was in a long braid down her back. Ariana kept her brunette hair in a bun like my own since it was easiest; plus her hair caught easily in her glasses since she has a really old model from like five years ago. She keeps promising to get a recent checkup, but we’ve yet to see any difference.

“Ohhhhhh how exciting! Around what time will she be here?” I asked. I went into the back and unwrapped the flowers. Ariana joined me and started working on a set of white roses and Gardenias.

“She’ll be here around eleven so we have about two hours.”

“Hey, want to make a bet?”

Ariana raised her eyebrow and smirked. “What kind of bet?”

“How about between the two of us if in the two hours we have to arrange something the bride likes immediately that she chooses, the loser buys the winner dinner?”

“And desert?” Ariana grinned, already digging in for the challenge. I winked, “Of course.”

“You’re on! Ready-GO!”

I focused on the flowers in front of me and went into the storage room to look at the vases. I picked a vase that was a clear glass with hints of light blue in it. The bottom was large and then it reached into a long neck that feathered out again at the opening in an octagonal shape. I chose a two ribbons, one an extremely light blue lace and a solid silver. When I went back into the back part of the shop Ariana was already working on her arrangement and I hurried to the flowers. Rosemary had been cut in a way that showed off the stems and let the smell permeate in the room even through the other potent smells of the flowers.

White daffodils with yellow centers were hanging in the back, uncut, and being showered with a light mist. I ran in, grabbed five flowers, and then came back out with a squelch of my shoes as I went from wet surface to dry. I slid a little bit but caught myself like a ninja. When I first started working I slipped and almost cracked my head on a counter. I has managed to twist myself so I barely missed, and that was how I learned not to run on wet tile.

I’d since mastered the art of speed walking with non-slip shoes. I twisted the daffodils and sliced the stems so they would be able to get the most nutrients from the water without dying for a while and set all three on the counter. I chose a few lilies and put in two daffodils, arranging it so it looked like a heart. Then I took some rosemary and filled the center, then added two more lilies. I put in a few plastic silver pieces and added my ribbons before I was done.

I thought it over and re-arranged the flowers a little bit more before I was finally satisfied. At the end of the two hours, the bell for the front jingled and Ariana and I peeked our heads out to look at the woman who walked into the store. She looked like a model, with perfectly tanned skin and silky black hair. She wore a skin tight navy blue dress and Chanel sunglasses that possibly had real diamonds in them. It was both nerve-wracking and exciting since it was for a wedding. She took off her sunglasses and I felt slightly disappointed that I didn’t know her. Her eyes were almond shaped and fit perfectly together with her nose, but it was the crystal blue of her irises that caught my attention. In her tan face, they were absolutely striking.

Chloe strode over to her and held out a hand to shake, her smile matching the other woman’s in brightness. “You must be Miss Delilah?”

“Yes, I am. Nice to meet you.”

“It’s wonderful to meet you too. Now, from what you specified, we’ve created three separate arrangements for you, so please feel free to take a look.” Chloe led her to a side room where the vases of flowers had been set aside already on a wide presentation table.

Ariana and I waited outside for the verdict, but I knew my arrangement would be picked. I thought it was the most suited to how the woman’s style looked. After a few moments the woman came out and revealed that she actually loved Chloe’s arrangement, the ornaments in Ariana’s, and the vase and ribbons on mine.

Ariana and I shared a glance after the woman left before we burst out laughing. “How about we go for a cheap burger and buy our own food for lunch?” Ariana suggested. Technically we both won so I was fine with getting my own food.

“I think that’ll work.”

The rest of the day went by smoothly and without incident, although a set of cut lilac had perished on the way over from where they had been cut, so Chloe left to go get the batch herself, saying the driver was ‘someone with a black thumb’.

At 5 o’clock after I logged my time for the day, I got back on my bike and tightened the sweater around me. It was just starting to get dark as preparation for daylight saving and a cold chill always came with the evening. I snuggled deeper into my coat and started pedaling on my way back.

I was about to turn into the orphanage when I noticed across the street where the neighborhood park was, lay a man. He wasn’t moving and though it was hard to tell in the dark, I thought his posture looked weird. I changed course, worry flooding through me when I thought that he might be hurt.

As I got closer I noticed that this man was indeed unconscious and the reason it looked like he was in weird position was actually because his leg was tucked under him, like he had been walking backwards and had fallen unconscious with the next step. I pulled out my phone and used the screen to illuminate the body, trying to get a better look.

Instead I felt my mouth salivate with a warning that I was about to throw up as I looked at his face. Terrible burns from head to toe covered him. His clothes were untouched, but his skin was cracked and peeling and oozing pus like he had just escaped a fire. I took a breath to calm myself, looking up at the sky to gather my bearing before I turned back to the man.

I had to call the police and an ambulance. The man didn’t even look like he was in one piece, let alone alive. In fact, he probably WAS dead. I directed my phones light to illuminate his charred face, bending closer to see if he was breathing, and was surprised to find that there wasn’t really any smell accompanying the man.

I bent close enough that I should have been even able to feel or smell his breath, but there was nothing. No breath or air escaped his lips. I felt my palms start to sweat and pulled back to see that the man’s eyes were wide open. They were also glowing red.

I flung myself backwards with a shriek as he came flying at me, his mouth wide open. I caught a glimpse of white fangs before my eyes met with the sky. I rolled over from where I fell so I could stand up, but the minute I was on my knees, my head was yanked back by my hair. I trembled so badly I probably couldn’t have even clenched my hands properly.

I could feel a cold breath on my neck that made me shudder and I swung my arm back to try and hit the thing with glowing eyes. It seemed to dodge me easily and my hand went through air. I then grabbed the hand entwined into my hair, and dug my nails in as hard as I could. I felt my fingers puncture into the skin and pus dripped from my fingers to the ground. Silver blood that shined with the moon spilled forth and ran down my arm, leaving a tingling sense anywhere it touched.

I don’t know why I didn’t scream. I could have. I should have, but I didn’t. Maybe I was too scared to think about it but I was silent, only allowing a few whimpers to escape. I was probably going to die, before I could even life up to my full potential. I was going to die without having done anything yet.

The monster jerked his arm away from me and pulled me down until my back hit the ground with a hard thud. A gasp of pain escaped me and I felt my nerves loosen enough for me to find my voice.

“P-Please don’t k-kill me! Please!”

I squinted my eyes, trying to focus on the man through the tears that were streaming down my face and met his eyes. They were all red now, no pupil or iris, just a completely deep crimson that swam in his eyes.

I stopped moving, completely frozen. He kept his gaze on me as he straddled me, not breaking eye contact and I watched in what felt like slow motion as his burnt mouth, which was just a big giant black hole, stretched and my eyes widened when two white fangs burst from his black teeth. He lowered his head and the moment the teeth punctured the space where my collarbone met my neck, I realized what he was.

He was a Vampyre.


It was a weird perception, being bitten by a Vampyre. The minute his fangs punctured my neck, I noticed an almost euphoric sensation wash over me. It was similar to the feeling of warmth that you would get after drinking something warm on a really cold day but the warmth continued and a slight buzz accompanied it. My head was laying sideways so I could see the arm that my fingers had punctured. The silver blood dribbled over the coat and charred skin on the forearm.

As the Vampyre sat killing me with each gulp he took, I witnessed the exposed skin start to heal itself. The blood stopped flowing and the skin worked miraculously fast to heal itself. Like needle work, new threads of skin seemed to burst forth and cover the burned areas, making the skin look brand new.

The Vampyre kept drinking my blood for what felt like ages, swallowing my life force like it was golden nectar. Finally he pulled back with a gasp and his breath was uneven, labored. Hot. What once was a cold breath that touched my skin was now searing hot. It made me squirm and I rolled my head to look at the creature that haunted a child’s nightmares and lived only in legends.

The eyes that were once crimson were now a searing blue that pulsed through me. Panic, regret, pain, guilt...dozens of emotions washed through his eyes as they held my own. He was healed now, no longer did he look like the thing that attacked me. His hair that met his shoulders was a lustrous black and skin like snow seemed to reflect the light from the moon, brand new just like a babes.

The voice that cracked through the silence on a broken whisper was deep enough to hold a million secrets and enveloped me in its anguish. “Oh..n-no. No no no no no no no-I’m so sorry. I’m so so s-orry.”

The voice broke and as I watched a single tear dripped from his eye to land on my cheek. It mixed with my own and fell to the ground. His thumb traced after where the tear fell, the torment in his eyes creating a storm.

He removed his hand and fell backward off of me and in shock covered his face with his hand, apologies springing forth from his lips. I’m not sure how long I lay there but the warmth that had gone through my body dissipated and with a gasp I sat up and coughed. I put my hand on my heart and breathed deep breaths, keeping the man beside me in my sights at all times.

He was currently staring at me, his blue eyes wide disbelief and wonder. His mouth hung slightly open and when I caught my breath I inhaled and opened my mouth to scream, but he lunged forward to clamp his hand over my mouth.

“Wait! Please, please don’t scream! I promise I won’t hurt you!” I looked at him with incredulity and terror. How could he say that? How could he SAY that?! YOU ALREADY HURT ME!!

I glared at him, daring him to say that again and a nervous chuckle escaped his lips. I flung my foot forward and kicked him in the stomach, which caused him to uncover my mouth.

“HELP! HELP!! ARE YOU FREAKIN’ SERIOUS RIGHT NOW? YOU. PRACTICALLY. ATE. ME! I DON’T WANT TO HEAR PROMISES NOT TO HURT ME WHEN YOU ALREADY DID IT! I COULD HAVE DIED!! SOMEONE HELP ME!” I stood up and shrieked at him, furious and terrified all at the same time, hoping to distract him and get someone’s attention.

He sat and rubbed his stomach in slow circles, his eyebrows furrowed in pain. “That’s the thing though, you didn’t die. With as much as I drank from you, you should be nothing but a husk but you’re moving around, talking, ALIVE.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. “WHAT?!!?”

The blood sucker stood up with shining eyes, as if he was about to cry, but instead his facial features looked angry. “Can you please stop yelling?! That really isn’t helping anything in this situation.”

I felt almost feverous with how much I wanted to punch him. I screeched louder, making him wince back from me. “OH YEAH!??!?! WELL IT HELPS ME YOU BLOOD SUCKING, CUNTGUZZLING, UGLY SLUT BISCUIT!! I WILL FUCKING YELL IF I WANT TO DO YOU HEAR ME?!!???!”

He stood there, staring at me. “I don’t know what’s more impressive. Your insult or the fact you asked me if I could hear you while you were screeching like a harpie right in my face. Listen just calm down alright? You’re alive so what’s the problem? I already said sorry.”

I looked at him in disbelief. Did he seriously just say that? Why, in the first place, am I even having this conversation with the thing that attacked me? Like, how messed up is that? And a HUSK?! Oh god. So I wasn’t even supposed to be alive?! I stood shaking since, I mean, he ALMOST KILLED ME. Tried to apparently. And that made me angry. I wasn’t going to die; not now, not until I was old and gray with a couple grandkids.

I fumed and felt my anger flare at a dangerous rate. I hadn’t felt this angry since my parent’s accident. I actually think I felt angrier than that time and I let it consume me; it was safer than the panic attack I was about to go into. I stood still and calmed my face, turning it into a block of granite. My voice came out tight on a leash and hissing through my teeth. “Fine.”

The Vampyre breathed a sigh of relief and nodded satisfied. He took a step toward me and right when he loomed close enough I wound my right hand behind me and hooked it right into his eye. He staggered back with a yelp since he was still recovering from whatever had happened to him and I took that chance to run to my bike. I climbed onto it and within seconds I was speeding down the street. I had left my cell phone behind, but I’d rather not take any chances with going back for it.

Tears ran over my cheeks as I entered the orphanage courtyard and ran into the main entrance, pushing past the few people who were still cleaning up dinner. I bolted for the stairs, taking two at a time and went straight to my room. I locked the door then went to the window and latched it shut then pulled the curtains down and tied up a towel for extra protection, not wanting to take any chances. For the next couple days, I kept myself in the dark and hid under my blankets like I had done when I was little. I was too scared to unlock the door for anyone, even for food, but it was a chance I was willing to take.

I didn’t want to almost die again.



The Tri-Sectors for the United States were meeting and all Alec could think about was how large of a headache he was having. It felt like his head was going to split open and no matter what type of blood he drank to quell it, the pain only got worse.

After being caught in the sun and almost disintegrating, it had been pure luck to come across a human. The laws of the Vampyre world told that if a Vampyre’s life was in danger, they could drink from a human to save themselves, but they could not kill the human. They also had to wipe the victims’ memory, to make sure stories would not be spread.

There was one of his problems. First off, the human he drank from…when he started drinking her blood, it was a shock to find it so mouthwateringly delicious. It tasted like the best bloods he had ever tasted mixed together into one powerful flavor with a tangy accompaniment. That had been his downfall, for instead of stopping after a few small sips just to take the edge off of his predicament he had instead started to gulp the blood down like it would be endless. And the shocking thing was that it had been! Well after the point that he should have sucked the human dry, she was still producing mass amounts of blood.

When he had pulled away and realized what he had done, he thought for sure that the human was dead. He had been devastated, since killing a human was not only a huge crime against both species, but he didn’t believe in killing like some of his brethren. He was going to wallow in self-pity and panic while trying to figure out what to do with the body, when she sat up and gasped.

Watching her breathe life back into her form, she wasn’t even pale after all the blood had gone from her. She looked alive and even healthy. He had sat, staring at her in wonder, completely baffled about what had happened. When she started screeching and working herself into a flurry, all he wanted to do was ask her questions and figure out why she wasn’t dead. Instead she surprised him and while he was still weak attacked him.

That was his second problem. He let a human he took blood from leave without wiping her memory. If stories got out about the attack, the Vampyre community would know it was him from any description the human gave and that would work against the title he was currently holding. He also had no idea where she had gone and the smell that normally attaches itself to a human was gone from her after he drank. Like he helped her turn invisible in a sense.

After the incident, he had returned to his residence with a million different things on his mind, but one was being that he needed to find out who had set him up and almost killed him. So he spent the next three days investigating before the Tri-Sectors gathered for their monthly meeting, hoping to bring evidence against someone in front of them for a prosecution. During those three days, he had miraculously abstained from drinking other blood since not only did the blood he drink keep him satisfied for that period of time, it also kept him strong. Stronger than he had ever felt.

After the third day of finding no clues as to who had set him up however and he was working on frustration, that was when the power from the blood started to fade away. His head started to hurt and cause pain, so when he obviously thought about drinking more blood to make the headache go away, instead he found the blood absolutely repulsive and had to spit it out as it felt like fire going down his throat. Even the blood he had kept from one of his favorite donators tasted like rotting slime going down. When a little bit hit his stomach, it revolted and in 376 years since turning into a Vampyre, he was sick.

So that was his third problem. He couldn’t consume any other blood, which made the light cravings for the girls’ blood only intensify three-fold, and he couldn’t concentrate on finding his would-be killer. He needed to find her. And fast.

The hall quieted and Alec stood straight to show respect for the three elders who governed the US as they entered and sat, trying to ignore the ringing in his ears and the pain the dim lights in the ceiling were causing. It actually felt like a hangover with how similar the symptoms were. The lesser vampires under his command stood on either side of him at attention as well, their focus zeroed in on their master in case he needed anything.

“Be seated.” Almere, the oldest elder at the box, commanded everyone with a light voice and the others sat. The area was similar to a large ball; the elders were centered at the bottom in the middle and balconies to hold the nobles were situated at different points on the walls. Alec was closer to the front of the Tri-sectors, two levels up from the ground stage.

There were three elders for the whole United States and currently they were meeting with the five nobles on the west coast in Seattle, Washington. Alec was one of the greater nobles, along with Josephine Twilight who was situated above him. The other three were from different factions of Josephine’s house which included Benjamin Hellrey, Kingston Danatal, and Emmeline Waracis. These five were at the center of the Vampyre community for all the western states and currently going through title change for one of them. Kingston was currently diagnosed with the Medusa Disease.

Something that only Vampyres’ could get, it was the one of the few things that were fatal as it turned the being into stone for eternity. Once they contracted the disease, they were considered already dead. Having vast amounts of power directly below Josephine, Kingston was currently looking for a successor and Alec was trying to implement one of his brother-in-arms Tyrel Nixsal as the next in line. Considering he had the most experience and power over other vampires compared to the other choices, Alec was sure he would be chosen.

Well, he had been anyway. After the attempt to kill him, he was thinking there might have been another factor that he hadn’t thought about yet. No, he knew there was he just didn’t know who it was.

“For the proceedings, we will be discussing the successor for Kingston Danatals holdings as well as the movements of a newly fledged rebellion situated in Southern California.”

Alec’s interest piqued. He had hears rumors, but for it to actually be discussed today meant they were more than that and the excitement that rushed through him made his headache lessen slightly. There hadn’t been a rebellion in quite a while and he wanted to get in on some action if he could. He missed being out in the field.

He waited quietly while the elders got comfortable and arranged the paperwork they had with them.

“Alright, on to the first issue at hand. Kingston Danatal, please stand if able.” Alec turned his head to the right, where Kingston was barely able to get up. His left leg was already complete stone and his right hand had two stone fingers on it. He looked weary and had aged a hundred years since the last time Alec had seen him.

“As witnessed here by the Tri-Sector and the great nobles, we have seen that you are indeed plagued by the Medusa Disease and have since requested a review of chosen candidates for the succession of all your holdings and your title. Is this correct Sir Danatal?”

Danatal’s voice wavered but we all could hear him clearly in the round room as it echoed off the marble and metal interior. “Yes, that is correct.”

“Moving on, the chosen candidates consist of three chosen by the Nobility and one that has been chosen by the elders. After researching the fellow candidates, the successor that we have chosen will be the one named Tyrel Nixsal, a vassal of Alec Rudahei and the new Baron of the western islets as well as the owner of all the shares and property of Danatal.”

Alec nodded his head, satisfied that it had turned out how he wanted. Now his reach extended a little more and with time and the right connections, it would soon extend beyond Josephine. From when he first turned to now being one of the most powerful vampires in existence within the noble ranks, Alec’s come a very long way.

That’s why his attempted murderer and this human girl weren’t going to ruin things for him. He wouldn’t let them. As the elder’s finalized the paperwork for Tyrel, Alec received a light tap on his shoulder. He looked behind him at Damien, one of his personal servants and raised an eyebrow. Damien bowed his head to show respect, then came close to Alec’s ear so the others with their super hearing would not be able to hear them.

“We’ve found the girl.”

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