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This is a journal created for the convenience of putting down my ideas for random scenes or stories that pop into my head. Most of the chapters, ideas, and storylines wont match so if you feel interest for any of them please leave comments below. any thoughts are appreciated :)

ALSO THESE ARE MY IDEAS IF YOU STEAL THEM YOU WILL GO TO JAIL. So please be nice and just enjoy them :)

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2. Another werewolf story FIGHT SCENE <3

Here's what I imagine it looks like to see the wolves from Tay's view, but without the stars in the background.



The walls seemed to be crying as the blood from enemy wolves splashed the entrances and steps leading up to the main entrances. They were everywhere and all of our fighters were at a 2-1 ratio, a completely terrifying result after having a few of our own leave for a scouting party that should have been back by now. All the women who weren't fighters and children who had yet to shift had been locked below in the dungeons to keep them safe, but even then with this many enemies it was hard to say what the end result would be for the pack.

I had been in the forest, needing time to think about Samantha and I, to understand what had happened. My wolf had picked up on the screams from the few miles away, testimony that it wasn't a normal bout of training or anything to it. I had rushed back, my heart in my throat, wildly hoping that the reports about the Halo Camp beginning to move were wrong.

But even as I entered the main field where normally families and kids would be eating the usual pack dinner, the area was completely devoid of laughter. Instead it was infested with wolves seeing red and blood mixed with mud that stood underfoot. It had rained earlier that morning and the ground was slippery, impeding what little advantage we may have had over the others.

Even as I watched, my family was being torn to pieces in front of my eyes. My parents were most likely keeping the moral of the others going for as long as they could, having once been the Alpha and Luna of the pack themselves, but I couldn't see them.

The current alpha, my brother Hale was fighting an impossible 5 on 1, his mate Lily darting in and out to grab random chunks of others on the field. She was untouchable with her speed but she was so small that any type of direct frontal attack would kill her. My other brothers Karter was heading the wolves near the entrances, his twin Dean right next to him. My brothers were doing the best they could to even keep a stand, much less go on the offensive.

I felt frozen. I was stuck to the edge of the forest, just out of view of the others, completely terrified. What good would me being out there be?! I would just get in the way. I had never shifted as my 16th birthday passed and even now I felt like a weak human. I longed with my whole being to have power, any type of power, as long as I could help my family and save them. Even distract the enemy long enough to get their attention. Something!

A shriek of pain  to my right shattered my paralysis and I whipped my head around. Two wolves were charging one of the pack females, a beige and grey wolf that looked slightly familiar. As the wolf turned around to other two and I caught a look at the others face, I felt my stomach drop to my shoes. It was Samantha. She had blood dripping from her torn snout and she wasn't putting any weight on her left leg, trying to hold her ground even though she could barely stand.

I hiccupped as a sob racked through me, proud and horrified for my younger sister all at once. She was so strong, so brave to stand against an enemy that almost certainly guaranteed her death. And what was I doing?! Before I could think it through, I fell back into the woods and flew to the other side where Samantha was, my body seeming to light on fire. I didn't know if my being there would even make a difference, but if I could save one part of my family, I wouldn't hesitate. Not when it was something so important.

The ground flashed underneath me, and I sprinted faster than I had ever gone before. My heart felt like it was about to explode and I forced myself to breath, feeling my lungs almost burst form the pressure I put on them. When I was directly behind the trio, I looked around for anything to fight with. The ground where we normally trained with our swords and guns were on the other side of the territory near the lake. I didn't have enough time to go back and grab something.

I had a small dagger that I kept with me wherever I went, but as to how much damage it could inflict and with my strength, it didn't bode very well for me. Instead I gathered rocks in my hoodie, big ones with sharp edges. I had a semi-fair shot at being able to hit any of the wolves with my throwing skills, so I prepared myself. Gathering the one of the stones in my hand that was the size of a baseball, I brought my arm back and waited as the other two descended on my little sister.

They split off till they were on either side, caging her in, and in one smooth motion I slung my arm forward and the rock zoomed out from the trees and directly hit the side of the wolfs face who was charging in from the left. He stumbled back, a yelp escaping his bloody maw and I smiled at the good fortune I received with that shot.

I quickly brought out another rock, this one full of sharp edges, and quickly slung it at the wolf on the right who had slowed slightly when his companion had stopped. Not expecting it, the rock flew right into one of the wolfs eyes and I wouldn't be surprised if it blinded him. I could see the blood run down its face, and as he stared into the trees at where I was, the other eye which glowed a red hot fire of hatred in golden eyes stared right at me.

My breath stuttered and I felt my throat close in panic as the wolf changed directions charging instead to where I was. Samantha had dispatched the other wolf already and upon turning to the other one to see it tear towards me, bolted forward.

I scratched through the pack link and told her to run away, that she needed to stay somewhere safe, but she closed the link off with a desperate attempt at focusing her energy on reaching me.

the wolf was almost right on top of me and so I ran back the way I had come where my brothers and the others were, hoping beyond hope that at least one of them may have been freed up enough to come help. I had never run so fast in my life and even though I was about to die, it was exhilarating.

I ran out into the field of chaos once I reached it, trying to run towards a side door of the house, when I was bowled over by something large and furry. I smashed to the ground, breaking my wrist upon contact with it. It was a dull pain however compared to the dread I was feeling about who was on top of me.

I twisted around, trying to fend off against the attacker, and made eye contact with wolf whose eye I had taken out. Even now so close with its jaw inches away from my neck, I could see the rock still embedded within the eye and I couldn't help but smirk at how awesome a job I had done. The wolf, seeing that smirk, snarled so loudly that I felt my ears ring and my eyes widened as his teeth came lunging towards my throat. I squeezed my eyes shut, knowing this was the end, and prayed that hopefully at least one of us would make it out alive.

There was a growl and suddenly the huge wolf on top of me was tackled off. The wolf rolled to the side and quickly stood up, snarls of inhuman ferocity echoing with other sounds around us. I shot up after peeking through my lashes and found Samantha standing over me, her head down and eyes feral.

She had always been a strange one, and having been the only one in the family to actually shift before their 16th birthday, was abnormally strong for her size and age, which was only 13 winters.

"Sam-" I tried to speak with what little voice I could manage but she snapped her jaws at me, telling me to shut up and not move from where I was.

I couldn't help the tears that followed, flowing down my cheeks as I felt completely helpless. I was stunned that even now, Samantha who had told me she hated me this morning, was risking my life for me. But that's what sister's were, weren't they? The other wolf lurched forward and met teeth with teeth against my sister and her wolf. I scrambled away, not wanting to impede with anything that she might try to do and watched with hard eyes as they fought.

The others around us were still fighting like crazed beasts, but if that's what it took to keep their lives, I gladly welcomed it. Samantha dodged right, missing a swipe of the other wolfs claws and then twirled on her feet to latch onto the wolfs shoulder with her canines.

The other wolf bucked like a horse and fell to the ground, hoping to crush her, but Sam was too smart for that. She let go and with one quick movement when the other wolf hit the ground, grabbed the wolfs neck and with one brutal motion, tore it out. The other wolf stood, blood gushing out, but soon fell to the floor dead.

I tried to stand but my legs were shaky and I opened the link to Samantha once more, relief and apology on my tone. She stalked to me though, rage glaring at me through her own gold eyes. What the hell were you thinking Tayleen?! you almost died!

My anger manifested and I shot right back at her. Well so did you! if it weren't for me distracting those two, you would have died too!

But I'm a wolf! I, at least, had some chance of fighting back and surviving!

Ugh! you're so frustrating sometimes! why can't you just say thank you?

Oh yeah, because you really did so much. I'm the one that saved you from death mere seconds before it happened.




At that point I was just feeling frustrated so it never registered with me about the danger. I was going to shout something else at Sam, but the huge brown wolf that lunged towards her had me screaming instead. Too late, she whipped around and the other wolf caught her shoulder and in one motion, threw her over him.

She landed on that wounded shoulder with a yelp of pain and tried to stumble to her feet. She was so disoriented though that she just kept falling over. I screamed when the other wolf pawed at her, ripping her side open and he clamped down on her muzzle, crushing it so it shattered. She screamed in pain and my heart felt pierced by a thousand knives that seemed to shred it to pieces. 

Why?! Why did I have to be so helpless! My little sister was dying and I couldn't even do anything to help her. I really hated myself in that moment. Hated my weakness, my being. And with hatred came anger. I wanted power. Please I begged, pleaded for someone to intervene or for the power to protect her myself.


I screamed to the heavens and out loud, not caring who or what heard me. It no longer mattered and the pride I usually had was shattered. There was nothing left but the intense desire to have power.

My body started to shake and my vision grew cloudy, murky like I was seeing through glass. The edges of my vision blackened until all the colors around me turned to a void of emptiness. I sat, terrified that I had gone blind, but then the other wolves appeared in my sight as beings draped in silver, motionless. I moved my head to view the area and to see what was happening with Samantha and the other wolf.

The figures of their wolves frozen in action, completely immobile, made me tilt my head in curiosity. I moved towards them, my panic, terror, anger, all gone. I felt nothing. Just the need to get the enemy away from my family. As I stepped closer to Samantha and the other wolf, I gazed at their bodies. They seemed to be made from silver, their fur that was splayed from the wind looking like streams of silver that wavered slightly as I touched them. my sisters silver and the silver of the enemy wolf were different, with a different hue for each one. Samantha was silver with an underlying yellow shimmer, while the other wolf was a dark violet. I touched the shimmer to see what it would do and came into contact with his fur.

The enemy wolf was in a lunging position, still in the air, and I ducked under its belly to get around to Samantha who seemed to be frozen getting up. Staring back at the other wolf, I felt a surge of power encase me and without a thought, I flicked the wolf in the head to see what would happen. The minute my finger touched the other wolf, all the color and sound from the area came whooshing back and in shock I watched as the wolf flew back from me with such force that it collided with the trees almost a footballs length away from me with such force the trees collapsed.

I still felt power surging through me and a calmness like I had never felt, completely unfazed that I had tossed a wolf three times my size away from me with just a flick of my finger. I turned around, the edge of my vision still cloudy, and felt like I was moving through syrup but moving at speeds faster than I had ever known about. With one step I was on the other side of the field, near where my brothers and other wolves were moving with a little slower than walking speed.

In curiosity, I grabbed one of the wolves attacking my alpha and older brother and squeezed his neck to see what would happen, finding in delight his neck completely shattered and only connected by the muscles under its fur. On another wolf I lengthened my claws and swiped them across the wolfs midsection, tilting my head in interest when my claws cut into the wolf like he was made of butter and completely severing him into two.

I shifted my gaze to the twins on the steps who, with four other wolves, were keeping about a dozen others from invading up the steps and into the pack house. I stepped and was soon among the wolves, unseen by them until it was too late.

I was almost gleeful with how easy It was to kill these wolves and even when my hands glowed red with blood, smiled. I couldn't help it. It was just so...perfect.

My heart pounded and that's when I realized I was getting slower and slower. My power was fading but I had at least managed to take care of most of the wolves. I finally slowed to where I was moving at just above normal to what the other wolves considered fast and they could finally see me.

I ignored the looks that I received, not caring how they saw me at that moment. I was drenched in blood from head to toe and the others had paused around me after dispatching the others near them to stare at me.

An enemy wolf was charging towards me and with the little amount of strength that came to me, I grabbed the wolf and lifted it into the air, snapping my wrist so it locked around the wolf. I extended my claws and with ease, severed the head.

With that my vision cleared and I looked around, exhausted to the point I could barely stand. All the wolves had been taken care of and defeated. Wolves from the pack were starting to attend to the dead and dying, trying to help where I could.

It was Hale who finally breached into my mind link to speak with me. His voice wobbled, struck with a mixture of awe, disbelief, horror, shock, and different levels of worry.

Tay...what happened to you?

I shook my head, which was starting to feel like two big hands were trying to rip it in two. I don't...know. I don't know.

and with that a world of nothing surrounded me again, but this time I didn't wake up for a long time.


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