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This is a journal created for the convenience of putting down my ideas for random scenes or stories that pop into my head. Most of the chapters, ideas, and storylines wont match so if you feel interest for any of them please leave comments below. any thoughts are appreciated :)

ALSO THESE ARE MY IDEAS IF YOU STEAL THEM YOU WILL GO TO JAIL. So please be nice and just enjoy them :)

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1. Possible werewolf excerpt? #1

~~The next morning after the party ended I woke up in bed with a major headache. Demetri was next to me still fast asleep. One of his arms was draped above his head, stretching his muscles so they rolled across his chest. I couldn't help but stare at the beauty of him. His skin was perfect, not a blemish on his snow white skin. His silver hair was mussed from my fingers running through it and it seemed to glow from the morning sun. I envied the long lashes against his high cheekbones and the way his plump lips turned into an unconscious pout when he was sleeping. He was beautiful.

I turned my head away and slowly sat up, needing to check on Teagan who had met up with me last night. My head hurt like a jackhammer was having its way with my brain, but it wasn't bad to the point I couldn't get up and walk. I pulled on a robe over the giant button up shirt I was wearing and opened the door to head downstairs. When I made it onto the first floor I turned the corner to my left and made my way to one of the spare bedrooms. The TV was on in the living room so I knew Gabriel must be awake, most likely keeping an eye on Brooklynn.

When I opened the door, Teagan was already awake, her eyes staring up at the ceiling. I sat down on the bed next to her, a small smile on my face. "What's up buttercup?"

She glanced over at me and squinted, scrunching her nose up. "My head hurts."

I chuckled. "I bet it does with as much as you drank. Want me to grab you something?"

"Mmmm....water? and a breath mint or something. My mouth tastes like puke. Where's Brook?"

"Ew, got it, and asleep I think. I'll check on her." I stood up to go to the door, but she called out to me.

"Hey also can you thank the guy who carried me last night? I vaguely remember him but I just wanted to thank him for what he did."

I paused and turned to look at her. "What did he do?"

"I don't remember but I feel really relaxed even though my muscles are sore. All I really remember was that last night felt really good."

I froze and repeated what she said in my head. I grit my teeth, anger starting to stream through my blood. "Sure. I'll definitely let him know that his efforts were appreciated." I hissed through my teeth.

Teagan looked at me, her brows scrunching in confusion. She called my name but I was already out the door, my fists clenched. I stalked to the living room, passing Demetri as he was making his way downstairs. He was scratching his stomach, his red eyes hazy from sleep, but he took one look at me and was wide awake.

"Babe? What's wrong?"

I ignored him and walked into the living room. Scanning it I found that Gabriel was alone, laying on the couch drinking coffee. I walked around to stand in front of him, sure steam was coming from my ears I was so mad. I snatched Gabriel's coffee from his hands and set it on the coffee table behind me before whipping around to look at him.

"How could you Gabe? How could you do that?"

Gabriel, who had still been waking up, looked up at me like I was crazy and stared at me confused. "What? What are you talking about? Do what?"

"She was asleep and intoxicated Gabe. I trusted you and instead you go around and do that?!"

Gabe stood up to his full height which towered over me and placed his hands on his hips. His tanned skin glistened from a morning shower and the dark brown hair on his head was slicked back. I focused on the dark sea-blue eyes that were now glaring at me.

"Hannah. What. Are. You. Talking. About. I seriously have no idea why you're yelling at me."

My blood boiled. How dare he?! He had the gall to say he didn't remember doing that to Teagan when she was pretty much defenseless?! I was so mad I was spitting like an angry cat. I took one look at his handsome face, hooked my right hand back, and with all the strength I could muster into my 5'1" size build, smashed my little fist into his gut.

Normally a punch from me wouldn't have even fazed him, but because he wasn't expecting it and because I aimed for his liver he fell to his knees with a shout of pain.


I cocked my right arm back to land a punch to his face now that it was level with mine but a pair of arms solid as rocks wrapped around my waist and pulled me back. I dangled off the floor from Demetri's height, my legs not making contact with the rug. I struggled to get down but since Demetri wasn't budging I instead opted to shout.


Demetri had his nose in my hair, telling me to calm down, but at that point I was so mad I was shaking. Teagan came around the corner, a blanket wrapped around her shoulders and stared at us. Seeing her face just made me even angrier; she'd been hurt so much that I wanted to strangle every guy she talked to but I thought that my friend Gabe at least would be respectful. My friend. But now it seemed like even now there wasn't anyone I knew who I could trust.

Gabe looked up at me, his eyes wide as I saw understanding dawn on his face and I felt smug at seeing the information flash across his eyes. But then he did something that completely surprised me.

He laughed. I grit my teeth and glared with all the anger I could muster and glared daggers at him, unintentionally digging my nails into Demetri's arms.

"Why is that funny Gabe?! I can't believe you're laughing at something like this. You've disappointed me." I spat out.

Gabe's laughter died off and a frown replaced the smile on his face. "Hannah. There's something you're not understanding."

"Oh yeah? What's that?!"

"I didn't sleep with her. I gave her a massage."

"Sure, a massage. Yeah right! Teagan said-" I cut myself off, my eyes widening when I repeated what she said in my head again. I looked over at Teagan who had come back out with her daughter Brooklynn on her hip and she huffed at me in exaggeration.

"He's right Hannah. He gave me a massage. I just wanted to thank him for that you dummy."


The anger and adrenaline that entered my system left in a whoosh and I slumped back against Demetri, my eyes drowning in apologies as I looked at Gabe. I looked at the floor, a completely embarrassed flush painting my cheeks.



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