"If Only He Were Human.''

Everyone called Keagen crazy, because she heard so called, "voices". But that wasn't the case, her "voice" was quite real. But, only she could hear, see, and touch, "him". What if they fall in love with each other? What if Keagen is taken away to a mental hospital for hearing "voices"? what if they never see each other again? Or...what if she comes back to him?


2. Note.

Hey guys. I love writing fan fictions. but, i realized that if i want to become a writer some day that i need to come up with my own unique ideas. I have many ideas for fiction books and this is the first one. Please like, favorite, etc. let me know what you think and give me feedback in the comments. I am happy to take advice and will not take it offensively.  Thanks. Enjoy.


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