"If Only He Were Human.''

Everyone called Keagen crazy, because she heard so called, "voices". But that wasn't the case, her "voice" was quite real. But, only she could hear, see, and touch, "him". What if they fall in love with each other? What if Keagen is taken away to a mental hospital for hearing "voices"? what if they never see each other again? Or...what if she comes back to him?


7. Chapter One; Page 2

I didn't really enjoy the mall, no one ever talked to me. Living in a small town sucks, because everyone knows everyone, and that means everyone thinks I'm mental. But nobody reports me to a mental hospital, because they all like my dad, and they couldn't do that to him. My mother thought I was mental.    

I stepped out of my silver Volvo, and headed inside. 

I just got a cone of ice cream and sat down on the nearest bench inside. It's not like I had any friends. Suddenly, I felt someone tap my shoulder. "Excuse me?" Said a boy's voice. "Yes." I said, as I turned my head around to see him. "......"    "I know, Ah. It's Keegan, the mental chick. Well save it, I get it." I told him, as I sat down. "No. It's just, you're just so pretty." He responded. "Do you know who I am?" I questioned. "Yes. But I don't believe you're mental. I just think you have people you talk to with problems, that maybe everyone else can't see, because no one will listen to you." He explained, I was shocked, I mean, he wasn't exactly right, but pretty close. He came and sat down next to me. "I'm Cody." He said, and held his hand out for me to shake it. I did so. "I go to your school." He told me, breaking the silence. "Really?" I replied, happy, maybe a little too obviously excited. "Yea. I sit right behind you in Social Studies class. I'm the one who is always throwing paper balls at the back of your head. They had notes on them but you never read them." He explained to me. "I'll be sure to read them next time." I giggled. "I know I just met you, but I feel like I could tell you anything. Humph, maybe I am mental." I laughed, towards the end of my statement. "Don't think that. I feel the same." He responded. I stood up. "I guess I'll see you tomorrow. Fourth Period social studies?" I said. "Yep. Read my notes." He replied. I laughed, and walked away, he waved bye to me. But then shouted; "Wait."   "Yes." I said. "Can I have your number?" He asked. "Yea, of course." I told him. We exchanged numbers and I walked away again. New record. 1 friend. Feeling powerful. Hehe. I walked out of the mall, and headed for home. I unlocked the door, and went straight upstairs. I went into my room, and shut the door behind me.  Chris was nowhere to be found. usually he's in here waiting for me, but this time, he isn't. I looked around and found nothing, and to my surprise i couldn't feel his aura, in the room. I looked in the closet and here, behold. Was Chris sitting on the love-seat. His face sad. "What's wrong?" I questioned, as i sat down next to him. "You." he responds. MY face freezes. "Tell me what's wrong." I say, sternly. "I took shape of your locket, and watched you talking to that guy at the mall." He says. "what's wrong with it? it's not like we're together or plan to be, and he is just a friend." I am forced to explain. "Yeah, but, i don't think he is good for you." Chris tells me. "How so?" i ask. "Well, he has a bad boy record, i looked into it." Chris says. "what? of like 2 detentions in the freshman year?" I say laughing. " i don;t think i have anything to worry about. Now if you excuse me, i am going to shower, and get ready for bed. Now, out!" i say, jokingly.  



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