"If Only He Were Human.''

Everyone called Keagen crazy, because she heard so called, "voices". But that wasn't the case, her "voice" was quite real. But, only she could hear, see, and touch, "him". What if they fall in love with each other? What if Keagen is taken away to a mental hospital for hearing "voices"? what if they never see each other again? Or...what if she comes back to him?


4. Chapter 1; Page 1

"Hey, don't go." I whispered. "You know i have too." He replied."But, without you here, i feel like i'm crazy." I responded, trying to beg. "Fine. Just 10 more minutes, you need to get some sleep. you look tired. Promise me you'll sleep when i leave?"  "Fine....." i sighed in defeat. He came next to me and sat down.He cuddled close to me and I laid my head on his chest.He was like my guardian angel in a way. He was always there for me, even when my mom died a year ago.I wondered if everyone else had one, a "Him", but, if they did, they wouldn't call me crazy, mentally crazy. People all over town don't want anything to do with me, they say I belong in a mental hospital for hearing voices.

But, he is real. And I refuse to believe he isn't.

One day they'll see it, they all will. That day, just won't come fast enough. I listened for the sound of his heartbeat, which was pointless, and I knew it, because he doesn't have one. But, i was always looking for a sign that he was real, any sign at all. Nothing, always nothing I could find. I dazed off for what seemed like two seconds. "Wake up." He whispered, tapping my head, ever so lightly."Yes?" I whispered in response. "I have to go." He replied."Okay. See you tomorrow?" I asked. "As long as you want me." He responded. "I'll always want you.'' 

"Then that answers your question." He teased. And with that, he shimmered away, fading into the shadows.I rested my head on my pillow and tried to sleep, but, without him I felt alone, empty, incomplete.He is my best friend, and my only friend. I need him. Without him, I don't know what to do. I finally fell asleep and let the fears of the next day to come enter my dreams, and that was very,very stupid.


****i was at school, running away from all those who hated me, those who would threaten me everyday saying they'd call the mental hospital and tell them to take me away. The ones who would hit me and chuck me on the floor because they hated me. The ones who would call me anorexic just because I'm skinny. I do eat. The ones that called me fat just because I wore a baggy sweatshirt. They chased me, all around the school. Throwing knives at me, and calling me names.****


I shot up, sweating, " I need you," I whispered.The shimmering appeared, and so did he. "What is it? I heard you screaming from up there!" He worried."The dream again." I said to him. "It's probably first day of school jitters." He assured me." I don't know. I felt, too real, like maybe....." I didn't finish."Like what?" He questioned."I've heard that sometimes dreams can be premonitions, like visions of the future? i know it sounds crazy but it happens to alot of people." I explained."I doubt God would curse you with such a terrible death. I mean, what did you do wrong?" He said, trying to make me feel better."Maybe it's not something i have done, maybe it's something i will do." i suggested."Maybe..." He drifted into thought......"Maybe you're just being paranoid." He suggested."No, I'm not, I know it's a premonition, I just can tell." I squeal."What if it's not?" He pushed. "I can't risk it, I'm not going to school tomorrow." I concluded."You can just skip school, you're dad will find out." He explained."I'll pretend I'm sick." I said."do you think you could be convincing enough?" He questioned."I took acting classes for 5 years. I think I can handle it." I told him.I went and sat down on the rocking chair next to my brown desk.  I starred at my closed computer for a minute, then opened it.I quickly typed in my password and clicked google chrome immediately.He came over to me and shut the computer. "Hey! Why'd you do that!" I complained. "Because, I felt like it." He taunted. "You..Little..." I started chasing him around. Then the thumping sound of footsteps made their way up the stairs. The door creaked open. "Sweetheart? what's going on up here?" He questioned, looking around the room. "There was a bee in here. I was chasing him out the window, that little Jerk-wad." I explained, looking straight at the closet where my Voice was.My Voice stuck his tongue out at me. I rolled my eyes. "Okay. Dinner is almost ready, and when you come downstairs you need to feed the cat." He concluded."Okay Dad." I said, as he closed the door. 

About an hour later, 

I grabbed a tissue box and put it next to my bed on my side table.I switched my lamp on and had Voice turn off my main light.I took a light bulb that has been on for a while, unscrewed it, and laid it on my forehead for a while, making my head hot.I blew my nose a few times to make it red, and practiced a stuffy voice, i nailed it.Lastly, i called my dad upstairs. "Dad, I need you!" I screamed, in my stuffy voice.As i heard him walk up the steps, i quickly hid the light bulb under the bed, got under the covers, and had my tissues next to me.The door opened. "What do you-" He paused as he looked at me."You look terrible." He admitted."I'm-" I sneezed, naturally. "Sick." I concluded."Oh. Let me feel your forehead." dad said.He leaned over and brushed his hand along my head."You're burning up, you'll have to stay home from school tomorrow." He told me, as he walked towards the door."Relax, take it easy." he said, as he walked out of the room, closing the door behind him.Yessss!!!!!

"You know, a simple you did it, would be nice." I scolded, after my dad had left the room.Voice replied; "Fine. You did it. There, happy?" He said sarcastically."Very." I commented."You're just.."

"Amazing." I interrupted."That too." He agreed."What were you going to say?" I questioned, putting one hand on my hip."Never mind." He replied."It's almost time for me to go." He added."Okay. I'll see you tomorrow." I responded."Alright. Bye." He replied, as he shimmered away, fading into the shadows. The sun peered through the curtains, shining on my blankets.I shrugged. I pushed the silk blankets off me, and walked into the bathroom.I gracefully slid off my nightgown and turned the shower nozzle.The water flowed and the warm water felt great on my aching back.The steam made my breathing more relaxed.I sat there for a minute, thinking of ideas to do for the day.I couldn't go out anywhere, my dad thinks i'm sick and i couldn't risk running into the police, then the why aren't you at school questions would start.

What was I supposed to say?

Oh well I had a premonition and so, I am not at school because I don't want to die.

 It's like I have "BURN ME AT THE STAKE" written on my forehead.


I turned the water off, wrapped myself in a towel, and headed back to my bedroom. I walked in, and closed the door behind me. 

Voice was sitting on the bed.  

"Oh My God. Voice! You need to tell me when you come. you can't just shimmer in here." I scolded. "Sorry. I-er- just wanted to say hi." He stuttered. "Hey. What do you want to do today." I asked, shifting through my closet. "Don't know. You?" He smirked. "Ummm." I trailed off, picking up my favorite shirt, a pair of jeans, and a choker necklace.I headed for the bathroom."I'll be right back." I said.And closed the door.  I quickly got dressed, and brushed my hair and teeth. I delightfully, walked back in the room. "So? Figure out what to do today?" He questioned. "Maybe We should finally give you a name. It'd give me something to do today." I replied. "Okay. Ummm....Let's think." He hummed. "I'll bring up a name list on google, and you can tell me which ones you like. Then I'll pick from the ones you like. Deal?" I suggested."Sure. Sounds good to me." He responded.I swiftly grabbed and opened my computer, opening google chrome immediately.I quickly typed and then names were brought up.

I rambled off names, like a wheel. 




"Not really my style."


"Too Weird." 






"I like it."


"Absolutely Not."


"Not loving it.''


"I really like that one." 

"And Cole." 

"I like that one too" 

"Okay. So the options are: Mason, Leo, Chris, and Cole. Correct?" I listed. 

"I guess so." He concluded. 

"Alright. Um, I pick-er- Chris." I announced. 

"Awesome." He cheered. "Well. That took less time than i thought....Chris." I explained. 

"What now? It's still 2 hours before my Dad gets home from work." I complained. 

"Board games?" Voic-Chris suggested. It's gonna take a little getting used to the name. 

"I don't know. I suck at board games. You'd probably beat me." 

"Okay...Um, I got nothing." He gave up. 

"Me too." 

He walked up to me slowly. He reached his hand out and tapped my shoulder. 

"You're it." He exclaimed, and ran down the stairs. 

"Oh. you-little." I yelled, and chased after him. 

He ran down the stairs, and into the living room. I had him cornered, but then he walked right through me like imaginary people do. "Hey. that's not fair. you cheated." I complained, sounding like a child. "No. I just used my limited resources." He snapped. I rolled my eyes at his terrible comment. He ran into the kitchen, and i chased after him. He ran around the kitchen table. He darted back to the living room with me at his heels. We both stammered. at that moment i tripped, and he went down with me. We both landed on the floor next to each other laughing our arse's off. I pushed some of my bronze-y hair off my face and tried to get up. But Chris pulled me back down and i landed on his chest. I laughed, he laughed harder. I raised my head to where we were looking into each other's eyes. We froze like that for a while. I shook my self out of it and got up. I held out my hand for him to take, and i helped him up. He smiled a me, evilly. He grabbed my waist and he threw me onto his back, like he was giving me a piggy back ride. I laughed and giggled, as he took me upstairs. He laid me gently on the couch in my room and sat down next to me. "Thank you for the ride, good sir." I commented, as if we were in the medieval times. "Hehe." He smirked. "I stood up and sat on his lap, he wrapped his arms around my waist. 


2 weeks later:::

"It's Friday night, go out, do something." Dad tried to convince. "I have nothing to do, no one to meet, and i don't get paid from work until tuesday." i stated and flopped onto the couch. "Well, It's only 5 o'clock, so...... here." Dad said, and handed me a wad of cash. "Go to the mall, buy some......stuff." He told me. I hesitated, but then figured i couldn't argue with him much farther. I nodded my head in agreement. I shoved the wad of cash in my purse and ran up the stairs to change.  

I arrived at my door to find Chris standing (and dare i say blocking ) the doorway. "May i pass?" i asked, trying to push past him. "I don't know, can you? wait, you said the right one, go ahead" He admitted, and let me through, "Now, get out." I demanded, as i pushed him out the door. "I need to change clothes." I added. He smirked, as i slammed the door in his face. I could hear him giggling outside the door. I went into my closet and found a tan dress, just above the knee, with a black belt. I curled my bronze hair, grabbed my purse and went downstairs. I swear, this is the prettiest outfit in my closet. Chris followed me down the stairs.  "Bye dad. I'll be home before 8." I called. He gave a slight ok, and i walked out of the house. Chris followed. "Wait." He called, i turned around. "What." I mumbled. "I...um..wanted to...say.....Have fun." He summed together. "Thanks, I'll see you when i get home." I assured, got in the car, and left.  The mall was not very occupied, considering it was a friday night. 

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