Good and Evil

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  • Published: 15 Sep 2015
  • Updated: 15 Sep 2015
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A poem


1. Good and Evil

Good and evil, whats the difference?

They are both the same

To the good, the evil, are evil,

But to the evil, the good are evil

We all see others as evil, and they all see people as evil

So why all the branding?

We all make mistakes,

we all are imperfect.

So why do we see ourselves as better than others.


You're not perfect, and neither are they

So stop acting like you're better

You don't know what they've gone through

So let them be 


You are you, and I am I

No matter what our differences,

We are the same.

I have black nails, you have pink

But you are no better than me, and I no more you


Whether we are gay, straight, pale, tan, popular, or invisible,

we are the same

So stop judging

We all have our demons

Lets face them together

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