I'll name it later =)


1. Prologue

Aroytha- A country of the eighth era
Nikopol- A country of the eighth era
Year- 80016


7th era
 There was nobody out in the empty meadow in this time of the year in Aroytha.
          The heat was scorching and yet these three best friends were playing outside together.
No parents.
No babysitters.
         They were playing ‘kick the can’ with an abandoned coke bottle that had been laying there, hidden in the grassy meadows for weeks.
A blonde boy.
A brunette girl and a redhead girl.
Maybe they were classmates.
Perhaps they were neighbors.
       Either way, they had known each other for more than years.
They stopped playing.
They started to argue.
       The brunette stomped away from the group angrily. To the forest, where she would cross to get to her house.
But she never got there.
       The two other children stared in shock, mouths agape as a man in a black suit emerged from behind a tree.
He held a gun in his hand.
He grabbed the brunette and pointed the gun to her forehead.
She screamed.
The man pinned her hands to her back with one hand and covered her mouth.
Then, he shoved her inside a black Chevrolet Camaro.
She turned her head just as his black sleeve rolled up.
A little. But just enough for her to see the markings FLNLAF1 on his lower arm.
       The car drove away.

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