What does darkness mean to you? A fear? A weakness?


2. Chapter Two

The darkness creeps in, slowly, leaving nothing but darkness. Like fear darkness consumes you leaving nothing. It is real but also a figure of your imagination, one can not be darkness as one can not be fear. Darkness is also relative to death. It creeps up on you sometimes with warning, other times without.You maybe prepared or you may not.  In the end, darkness is inevitable, fear is inevitable, death... is inevitable. Someday you will die, I will die, we all...will die. Do you fear how you will be remembered? By your friends, enemies, family? How will they remember you, will they remember you? Hundreds of people die every day, what will make your death any different? I know what happens to me when I die, I go to heaven with God and do whatever heaven people do. I know what happens to me in heaven, but what happens here on earth. Will your death be mourned because, it’s rude not too? Will your friends eventually forget about you? The earth is a busy place, will your family, your friends, will they forget you, or remember you forever as one of the best people they will ever meet. Some may say, that this is up to the “friends” to decide, but is it? You can make your life lived well, you can be kind to people whenever you please, you can change people’s life for the better! Or...you can waste your life chasing the new best thing, or wanting to fit in the to “popular” group. You can call people names, or make fun of what they believe in or their choices, criticize them, hurt them. Are you not found? Has God not saved you, done enough for you, to live your life as if you are found!? You can live your life as though you’re lost, only confirming that you will never be found, or you can live your life found. You can live you life loving others, as Jesus loved and loves you. If you are found, should you not lead others to be found, to be no longer lost? If you choose to live your life as though you are found, how could you ever be forgotten. That kid who had no friends you decided to sit by during lunch, helping your mother clean with a good attitude instead of complaining, or even walking your neighbor's dog free of charge. These random acts of kindness are what people remember, sure maybe a few will mention your brains, or athletic abilities, or maybe even your crafty hand. But TELL ME! What is the point of these gifts God has given you if you don’t use them to spread his name. Use your brains to help the kid in your class who is struggling with their grade. Use your athletic abilities to teach others, and give others the pride of winning a game or scoring a goal. Use your crafty hand to make a card, or help a grandparent, parent, or friend finish a project they are struggling on. These acts are the things people will remember, your skills are worthless if not used correctly. We write about superhumans with super abilities, who do super stuff. If they did not use their abilities and skills would they not be worthless too? We all die, that isn’t the question. The question is, will you be remembered...or forgotten?  You decide...choose wisely, life is too short not too. 

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