In sixteen year old Beadtris Dryer's world, society is divided into five fashions, each dedicated to a particular virtue, in an attempt to form a perfect society after a terrible fashion show. (Divergent parody)


6. SIX


I join my new fashion, the black clad Dauntlouis. When the last person has made their choice, it’s time to leave. As I follow behind my new fashion, I look over my shoulder and see my parents one last time. I regret it immediately when I see my father’s hurt face. My eyes well up with tears but I don’t let myself cry. I’m supposed to be brave now, that’s what my fashion tells me, and so I cannot cry.

The people behind me, Erodarte, push me forward, away from my parents. Cleanleb stands among them. He already fits in, and maybe I should be happy for him but he’s betrayed us and joined the enemy. I want to throw up and I hope it’s all over his face.

The crowd of Dauntlouis leading us head towards the stairs. I thought only the Abnegucci used the stairs. I start to walk down, one step at a time. But, then they all start running like wild animals. Some of them jump down. Some of them slide down the banisters. They are completely crazy and I kind of like it. I feel like Tarzan as I run down the steps and pound my chest with my fists. Thank god I chose to wear a bra today because I hate it when my boobs bounce up and down when I’m running.

I am breathless when we reach the first floor. I follow the Dauntlouis outside, but my legs ache and I’m trailing behind. Despite this, I feel so free, like a Dauntlouis. Abnegucci discourages running because it’s done for enjoyment so I am highly unfit but yolo. I hear a familiar sound, the train horn calling my name, and the Dauntlouis start jumping onto the moving train. The transfers are the only ones left, waiting to jump onto the train for the first time. We start jogging alongside the train and then we jump. I’m weak and I’m clinging onto the handle and the wind is blowing in my face and I can’t breathe and I’m going to fall and the train is going to run over my body and I start to have a panic attack. Then, a hand reaches out and helps me in.

Inside the train, the Dauntlouis have started to strip. Some of them are dancing on the poles in the middle.  The girl who helped me inside looks at me and I look at her and we’re both thinking the same thing. We’re not taking our clothes off. She has short hair and dark skin and she’s dressed in black and white. A Candior.

 “I’m Christee,” she says, offering her hand.

 “Beadtris,” I say, as I take her hand. I hope I haven’t squeezed it too hard.

“Do you know where we’re going?” she asks.

“Headquarters,” I say, “but I don’t know where that is.”

“Does anyone?” She laughs. “It’s like they just popped out of a hole in the ground.”

“Actually, they popped out of a hole in their mother,” an Erodarte boy says. We all laugh.

I think about my own mother, and father. They will be having dinner alone tonight. I hate Cleanleb for leaving them. At least my parents knew that I wasn’t selfless. They were prepared.

“They’re jumping off!” Someone shouts.

The train slows down, and I see that the boy who shouted is right. The Dauntlouis are jumping out as the train passes a rooftop. They’re jumping onto a freaking roof. They’re crazier than I thought.

The idea of leaping out of a moving train onto a rooftop, over a gap, makes me want to puke. I will fall to my death. All the transfers are the last ones again.

“We have to jump off,” Christee says, “or we’ll fail.” I nod at her.

Someone yells, “I’d rather be Fashionless than dead!” But I don’t agree. I would rather be dead than live a life of no purpose.

“Together?” Christee and I stand at the edge of the car. As it passes the roof, we count. One. Two. Three. Then, we jump. And we’re flying and we slam into the ground, on the roof. We start laughing.

“That was fun,” she says. And I have to agree with her, crazy as they may be, the Dauntlouis know how to have a good time.

Everyone, but one, made it onto the roof. The transfers are peeking over the edge, looking at a body on the ground. When I see it, I want to cry, but I can’t cry because I need to be brave. Dauntlouis do dangerous things and people will die because of them.

My knees sting and I lift my dress a little to check them out. The skin has been scraped, but I will live.

“A Sniff showing some skin!” A boy yells, and everyone’s staring at me. He is a Candior boy, I think I heard them calling him Sheeter. I drop down my dress.

“Listen up! My name is Erip! I am one of the leaders!” shouts a man at the other end of the roof. He is pierced and tattooed and his clothes are ripped in many places. He stands on the ledge. “Below us is the entrance to our compound. If you can’t jump off, you don’t belong here. Initiates go first.”

Jump off? From a ledge? I throw up in my mouth and swallow it down again.

“Is there water at the bottom or something?” Someone asks.

“Who knows?” Erip smirks.

No one looks eager to leap off the building. I take a deep breath. I don’t know what I’m doing, but I’m as crazy as a Dauntlouis now and I’m going to jump off this building. I feel brave. I walk toward the ledge and hear snickers behind me. They don’t think I can do it. When I’m standing on it, I see that there is a square with a huge hole in it. I can’t see what’s at the bottom of it. But it looks like the door of a washing machine so I’m hoping there are clothes or something soft to cushion my fall.

“Oh, and I forgot to mention,” says Erip, “You have to strip a little.”

I am only wearing a dress and a jacket. I opt to remove the jacket and bare my arms rather than my whole body. I pull it off, and throw it behind me, at Sheeter. He catches it and starts smelling it. “You know, for a Sniff, you don’t smell bad.” What a jerk.

I look at the hole again. It’s now or never. I don’t think. I just jump.

I fall towards the ground and wind rushes up my dress and my hair blows all over my face and I’m thrown into darkness and I struggle to breathe and I hit something at the bottom. I bounce a little, and I realise that it’s a mattress.

I look up at the building and laugh. I just jumped off a freaking roof. I’m trying to regain my breath but a hand reaches out and grabs me and pulls me off the mattress. The fall made me dizzy and I can’t put my feet on the ground but his hands firmly grip me. Hot damn. He’s a fine piece of specimen. I want his sperm to fertilise my eggs so our children can have his deoxyribose nucleic acid. Ha, I feel so smart. Suck that, Cleanleb.

His hands grip my arms until I’m steady and then he let’s go.

“Thank you,” I say.

“What’s your name?” He asks.

“Um…” I don’t know why I hesitate, “Bee…”

“Bee?” he asks.

“No, I-”

“You can pick a new one if you want.” New place, new name, new me.

“Tris,” I finally say.

He smiles at me and hands me the first jumper.

Another person drops onto the mattress, screaming. I just know that it’s Christee.

The boy sets his hand on my back and smiling, he says, “Welcome to Dauntlouis, Tris.” I smile back at him. “Oh, by the way, I saw your underwear.” I flush. A hot boy saw my freaking underwear.

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