In sixteen year old Beadtris Dryer's world, society is divided into five fashions, each dedicated to a particular virtue, in an attempt to form a perfect society after a terrible fashion show. (Divergent parody)




After a lot more jumping, screaming and occasionally underwear flashing, we all line up facing the two Dauntlouis leaders. There is the hot one that saw my pants and another girl that looks a similar age to him.

“Listen up,” the boy says, “Dauntlouis born initiates go with Lenoren, transfers you stay with me.”  After the group parts, he introduces himself. “My name’s Four,” he says, “I’m your instructor.” Silent laughter erupts from the rest of the group. I look at Christee.

Christee and her big mouth will not end well I think to myself. “Four like the number?” She asks.

“Exactly like the number,” he says.

“What happened? One, two, three were taken?” Oh god, I wish she would shut up.

“At least we know you can count.” Ouch, apply water on burnt area. “What’s your name?” he asks, now towering over her. Their height difference is a little amusing.

“Christee,” she says.

“Well, Christee, I suggest you keep your mouth shut. This is not Candior.” She nods and then gives me a smirk. I like this girl. I do not like Four. “Now, follow me.”

At his command, we all follow like little stray puppies. I’m right behind him and he sure has a damn fine butt. The walls of the headquarters are made of stone and there are high ceilings with little light seeping in, making it hard to find my way.  Four stops in front of me suddenly, and when I realise this I’ve already bumped into him.

“Careful Sniff,” he says. I’m the only Abnegucci transfer here so I’m sure I’m going to get that a lot.

“Sorry,” I say, sulkily. I wish people would stop calling me Sniff since I really don’t smell that bad.

“We’re about to go into the Pit,” Four says as we continue walking towards the end of the longest tunnel ever. Finally, he pushes a set of double doors open and we walk into the place.

It’s a huge underground cavern I can’t see the other end of and it’s just like the rest of the headquarters made of rock walls that rise several stories above my head. Panes of glass above us form the roof of the Pit and let sunlight through. And there are people everywhere, all dressed in black, shouting, talking, laughing, drinking, chanting, even stripping. There is something I find wonderful about Dauntlouis chaos.

“Keep up,” says Four, “I’ll show you the chasm.”

He waves us forward. When he turns around, I don’t peek at his little butt anymore. My eyes catch a tattoo peeking out from the collar of his T shirt and I wish he would take his shirt off so I could see what’s under there if you know what I mean. It’s not impossible. Dauntlouis do have a reputation for stripping.

Four leads us to the right side of the Pit, which isn’t lit by the sunlight like the rest. I hear water, fast moving water that reminds me of the water that runs from the tap when my mother washes the dishes.

I look over the side of the railing. Far, far below us there is a river and I’m suddenly aware of the fact that this may be another stage of initiation. Are we supposed to jump?

“The chasm reminds us that there is a fine line between bravery and idiocy!” Four shouts. I let out the breath I was holding. I hadn’t seen any toilets so far. I wondered if people just pooped in the chasm. The sound of rushing water was really making me want to pee.

Four leads us away from the chasm, down another corridor and then we are entering a dining hall full of people and clattering silverware and FOOD! I didn’t realise I was so hungry. When we walk in, the Dauntlouis start to applaud and stamp their feet and shout as if we’re royalty. The party don’t start till we walk in. The noise surrounds me and fills me. I could get used to this. For once, I think I’m finally fitting in.

Everyone takes their seat and starts feasting. Christee and I discover the only seats left are beside Four. She nudges me to sit next to him because he clearly doesn’t like her very much. In the middle of the table is a platter of food glorious food. I don’t even know what some of this stuff is. I’m surprised there are no vegetables. I was kind of looking forward to some good old broccoli. I take the closest thing to vegetables, and that’s triangular shaped dough with vegetables and tomato sauce and cheese on it.

“You’ve never had pizza before?” asks Christee, her eyes wide.

“No,” I say. Pizza? What a weird name.

“Sniffs eat plain food,” an Erodarte boy replies before introducing himself as “Wool.”

Christee smirks. “No wonder you left,” and I kind of agree with her. I already want pizza every single day for the rest of my life.

Four suddenly interrupts our conversation. How rude. “I don’t want to hear you talk about your old fashions. You’re Dauntlouis now.”

All thoughts of being careful around him leave me. I don’t care if he hates me. Haters gonna hate. “Were you a transfer too?” I ask, “Or Dauntlouis born?”

“What makes you think you can talk to me?” he retorts, “First a Candior and now a Sniff?” God, he is such a jerk. What is his problem?

“It must be because you’re so approachable,” I say flatly. Beside me Christee sniggers and Wool stops drinking, his cup hovering halfway between his lips and the table. He looks at me and says, “But that’s none of my business.”

“Careful, Tris,” says Four. Then, he gets up and he disappears.

“You my friend have a death wish,” Christee says, and we all start laughing. That was so awkward.

After dinner, one of the Dauntlouis leaders introduces himself. “Initiates, my name’s Mat. You have chosen the warrior faction. We believe in ordinary acts of cleanliness, in the courage that drives one person to double wash the laundry. I wish you all the best.”

After that, Four leads us down another hallway stopping in front of a large door. “Behind this door is the room where you will be sleeping for the next few weeks.” He leads us into a large room made up of enough beds for each one of us. It’s then that I realise that the girls have to share a room with the boys. I will have to change in front of them. When I see the bathroom, I’m about to curl up into a ball and cry. I have to pee in front of everyone else too? I think I would rather pee in the chasm.

“Some ground rules,” Four says. “Training will take place every day from eight to six, with a break for lunch. You are free to do whatever you like after six but you are only permitted to leave the compound when accompanied by a Dauntlouis.” We all nod to say we understand. Butterflies start dancing in my stomach. At home, I could never do what I wanted, but now I could do whatever I like even though I don’t know what I like.

Afterwards, we join the other Dauntlouis born initiates in the Pit to be briefed on initiation by Four.

“There are two stages of initiation; physical and mental. We keep transfers and Dauntlouis born initiates separate, but you will be ranked together.”

Erip is there instead of Lenorel. “Your ranking serves two purposes,” he says. “It determines the order in which you will select a job after initiation and also those who will get cut.”

“What happens if we get cut?” Sheeter says.

“You live Fashionless.” A knot forms in my stomach. That was my worst nightmare and being the smallest and only Abnegucci here my chances were not good. I cry.

I remember the Fashionless man that tugged on my clothes.

I won’t be him.

I will be a member of Dauntlouis.

I will.

“That’s not fair!” someone shouts. “If we had known –”

“You wouldn’t have chosen Dauntlouis?” Erip snaps. “Because if that’s the case, you should get out now. If you are really one of us, it won’t matter to you that you might fail.”

“You chose us,” he smirks. “Now we have to choose you.”

Back in the dormitory, I have successfully peed without being seen by using Christee as a curtain. She might be small but she’s a good curtain and she didn’t mind. All of my Abnegucci clothes had been discarded earlier as I change into the clothes they gave us. I already miss the smell of soap powder. It was like losing a part of myself. I don’t even know who I am anymore. I’m think I’m still figuring that out.

I have never slept in the same room as a boy before, but I don’t have a choice. Neither did I have a choice in changing in front of them. Sheeter made some remarks again about me showing skin so I flashed my boobs at him and then he shut up.

As I lie down, I close my eyes and think of home, and when I blink, a tear slips out. I cover my mouth to stifle my sobbing.

I can’t cry. Damn you, Tris, do not cry.

But then I hear a strangled cat. Why the hell is there a strangled cat in our dormitory? Wait, it’s not a cat, but the Candior boy next to me, Al. That was so unexpected.  I feel disgusted that someone who looks so strong acts so weak. Shut up, Al. Pls. But he just keeps crying like a big fat baby and I just wish he would grow some balls and man up.

Dauntlouis don’t cry.

I turn my head and try to sleep. I won’t help him. I will never help him. I should comfort him because I’m Abnegucci. No, Four had said we’re Dauntlouis now. That is why I don’t help him. I’m Dauntlouis. I’m brave, and I don’t cry.









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