Inner Child

In this story, Justin Bieber is turned into a 3 year old and Rose and Selena Gomez have no choice but to work together and take care of Justin. That's gonna be hard seeing that Selena hates Rose. Will Rose reverse the spell or will she and Selena tear each other limb from limb? Read and find out. Favorite and comment on my story.


2. Taking care of Justin

Selena saw how colorful Rose's house is. The walls were brightly colored with the color pink​ with white carpeted floors, the walls have pictures from Rose's childhood and ones with her and Justin together. Rose gently placed Justin on a magenta fake leather sofa. "Why don't we watch TV?" Rose got the remote and played the Disney movie, Sleeping Beauty​. Selena took the remote from Rose. "Hey! Justin and I were gonna watch that!" "Oh no, I'm not letting you and Justin break out into a musical number. Besides, it's better to watch this." Selena played Maleficent.​ Rose was burning with rage. "My house, my rules and one of them is not watching a movie like Maleficent ​with a small child. "Let's just go on Netflix and see what anime show they got that isn't too violent nor bloody." "Anime?!" A voice called out. That voice belonged to Rose's 11 year old sister, Lily who ran down the stairs. Lily really likes anime TV shows because her friend, Cassie introduced her to an anime show called, Fairy Tail. Rose forgot that she let her sister and little brother, Jeff live with her for a month. "What are watching? Fairy Tail, Soul-Eater, Inuyasha, Attack on Titan, Naruto, Sailor Moon?​" Lily sat next to Justin. "Not exactly Lily." Rose said trying not to make her sister feel bad. "Oh." she then looked at Justin, "Who's your little friend?"​ ​"Lily that's Justin." Lily looked at her big sister confused, "Isn't he like 21?" Rose explained to Lily on the situation, "Lily, Justin is turned into a 3 year old because I got mad at Selena who tried to take my wand and one of the magic blasts had a youth spell which caused this." She gestured t​o Selena who was ignoring Justin and texting Taylor Swift or Demi Lovato. "Oh, are you thinking of a spell to reverse this?" She asked. Rose nodded. "Lily do you know any anime shows that have no violence or bad guys bathing in the blood of their enemies or just anything that involve blood and death?" Lily asked for the remote. "There's Hello Kitty it's so kawaii." (In case you didn't know, Kawaii means "cute")​. Rose played Hello Kitty​.​ "Thanks Lily. As a reward, there's some neon sour gummy worms and Reeses pieces for you in the kitchen."  After watching TV, Rose and Selena were eating chicken wings Rose, herself made. "These wings taste good Rose." Justin liked how Rose is a great a cooking. "Are you sure she didn't poison them or used a magic spice on them." Rose was offended. "Selena, there's no way I would poison these wings. Add a magic spice like love spice or rainbow spice maybe. But I wouldn't poison the wings." Rose wanted to take Justin flying with her. "Wait are you're seriously taking Justin flying with you?" Selena asked opposing the idea. "Yes, is it a crime to use my magic to make things fun?" She said sarcastically. "You're acting like I'm gonna drop him when we go flying. He's flown with me several times and he hasn't fallen." With that, Rose flew with Justin. "That's so unfair! I can't fly." As they flew, Rose was thinking about how to reverse the spell and turn Justin 21 again. "What's wrong Rose?" He asked. He didn't like to see Rose unhappy. "Oh Justin, I'm thinking about how to reverse this spell. I got you into this mess and I'm getting you out of it." "Wait Rose, you don't need to change me back right now. I kinda missed being at this age." He looked at Rose with those big sad eyes. (A/N:​Faints from cuteness) "Very well, I'm doing this because I find it so cute with those big sad puppy eyes." ​

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