Inner Child

In this story, Justin Bieber is turned into a 3 year old and Rose and Selena Gomez have no choice but to work together and take care of Justin. That's gonna be hard seeing that Selena hates Rose. Will Rose reverse the spell or will she and Selena tear each other limb from limb? Read and find out. Favorite and comment on my story.


1. Selena shows up

Rose and Justin were spending the day in Hollywood learning more about each other. Justin learns that Rose has a thing for glitter and anything sparkly. He can't blame her for that. He loves her just the way she is. Rose learned that Justin likes it when she defends him from the paparazzi even though the tabloids say that Justin is letting Rose fight his battles for him even though it's not ​​true​. Selena was walking in the same direction they were with shopping bags in hand. "Hey Selena." Rose said sourly. "Look what cat dragged in." Replied Selena. Rose wanted to just use her wand and zap her to Timbuktu. "Easy Rose, whatever it is Selena, I'm not getting back together with you. Let's face it, you never loved me." Selena crossed her arms in annoyance, "I know that Justin, I still can't believe that you have a thing for... her." This made Rose snap with anger. "Okay that's it! Let's see how you're laughing when you're a little kid!" Rose's wand was glowing bright red indicating her boiling rage. Selena grabbed hold of her wand. "Hey let go of my wand!" "No you let go!" Both of them were fighting over the wand when suddenly, one of the blasts went haywire and hit Justin turning him into a 3 year old. "LOOK AT WHAT YOU'VE DONE! ME?! YES YOU! STOP THAT!" They yelled simultaneously. "Remind me to kill you later. Oh my God, Justin are you okay?" Rose bent down to Justin's level. "I'm okay Rose." Justin wound up in Rose's arms. "Great, just great, we turned your boyfriend, MY ex into a toddler." Selena said sourly. "Like we have a choice, let's just go through the day without you trying to rip my wings off and me not trying to zap you to Timbuktu." Rose said a bit agitated. Both of them went over to Rose's house.​

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