In life today, people are constantly defined by stereotypes and false titles. Surrounded by so many impressions we often embrace the names we are called and define ourselves by them. In this essay, I try to explain how we can live our lives, more specifically "tomboys", as our own unique selves without anyone's false interpretations to guide us.


3. Tomboy Girl

The webster dictionary defines a tomboy as a girl who behaves in a manner considered boyish or enjoys things that people think are more suited to boys. Many girls can relate to feeling this way or have gone through a phase in which they defined their actions to that of being a "tomboy". In essence, this is perfectly fine, but when you dig deeper into a subject, you can often deter what values are important and what could be considered, unhealthy. 

When you hear a girl calling herself a tomboy, what do you think? That's she's boyish? That she doesn't like girl stuff? Maybe that she relates to boys better than to girls? All these answers are very logical and quite likely, but there are other answers to this question as follows. A girl who calls herself a tomboy isn't comfortable embracing who she is. All her friends are boys and she feels pressured into acting like them for their acceptance. All her brothers  have influenced her into becoming someone who she isn't on the inside. Both sides of answers could be correct, or it might be a mix of both. The reason for a girl calling herself a tomboy and acting like one might even be to history, a long line of struggling females trying to hold their own. Maybe if she only acted like a boy, she would receive the same rights as one. This is not the right way to look at yourself. Being "tomboyish" is fine, unless you're acting that way because of the pressures of society and history, a weight that has been laid on girls and women for thousands of years. 

Example 1:

Alexa was determined not to end up like her mom, constantly being pushed around by dad. She did everything he said and never stood up for herself, and Alexa knew it wasn't right. She would never be like her mom. She would hold her own. Alexa went to school everyday and tried her best to act like the boys did. Maybe if she acted like a boy, she would lose the weakness of being a girl, and she was determined. She cut her hair like a boy, she started going by Alex, and she started to loose touch with her girlfriends who struggled to relate to her. 


Alexa believed that if she acted like a boy, she would gain the supposed authority a boy held, but this ideal wasn't true. True authority, the ability to stand up for yourself, isn't found in a specific gender, it's found in your own heart and actions. How you treat others, and how you let them treat you, thats all you have to work on, not on so called "boyish activities". I'm not saying a girl can't like video games or BMX, I'm saying that when a girl starts to like those things only to make herself feel 'more like a boy' or 'more in control' is when being a tomboy is unhealthy.

Before I go much further, I want to say that this article is not a point to judge others with. This article is to share what I have personally felt throughout my life so that I can better help those who might have experienced something similar and aren't completely aware of what affect their actions have on themselves. 


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