In life today, people are constantly defined by stereotypes and false titles. Surrounded by so many impressions we often embrace the names we are called and define ourselves by them. In this essay, I try to explain how we can live our lives, more specifically "tomboys", as our own unique selves without anyone's false interpretations to guide us.


5. To Those Who Enjoy All Things "Boyish"

You might be saying at this point: "I play hockey because I love it!" or "I don't play with legos because of peer pressure!" or maybe "I think comic books are awesome on my own part, not because of my brother's influence!" It is totally possible that your choice is a true and unaltered descicion on your own part, and it's completely okay! It's at this point where you must make the choice to fall under a stereotype, or be your own person. To have a stereotype is to believe all people or things of a specific characteristic are the same. Labeling yourself a tomboy most probably will cause people to stereotype you, which of course is not a good thing. There is only one you, so embrace that and don't let yourself fall under a label. You are Kim, or Chloe, or Jenna, not a tomboy. You like football and cut your hair short. You are not a tomboy, you are just Julie. 


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