In life today, people are constantly defined by stereotypes and false titles. Surrounded by so many impressions we often embrace the names we are called and define ourselves by them. In this essay, I try to explain how we can live our lives, more specifically "tomboys", as our own unique selves without anyone's false interpretations to guide us.


1. Preface

You might be under the impression that this article is a feminist protest. 

Not exactly.

To me, femininity is not about wearing makeup, or even being pretty.

In fact, in this article, I'm not even focusing on gender equality, as there are so many tangents of that subject, but rather to focus on embracing who you are, as a female and not letting others deter you. 

As you can assume there are always multiple opinions of a story or a position, but I hope that you can keep your mind open and clear to all possibilities, even those which expose a darker side to what you believed was a good thing.

This is about TOMBOY, a adjective that girls use to define themselves in the society in which we live today.


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