In life today, people are constantly defined by stereotypes and false titles. Surrounded by so many impressions we often embrace the names we are called and define ourselves by them. In this essay, I try to explain how we can live our lives, more specifically "tomboys", as our own unique selves without anyone's false interpretations to guide us.


4. My Personal Experience

In fourth grade, a boy told me that he liked me because I was into "boy stuff". This statement made me determined to best embrace my inner "tomboy". I started to try my best to talk about "quading", shooting guns, and "mechanical stuff" my dad had taught me in front of other boys, under the impression that they might like me better because of it.

This was a completely wrong mindset to hold. Sure, I liked "quading" and shooting guns, but I only talked about it so much from that point on because of what I had been told; that I would be liked more if I acted more like a boy. Instead of being liked more, I just ended making a fool of myself, a lot! I found myself getting more caught up in "boy talk" than I did actually doing what I said. I said things to make myself look better, but I would find myself constantly being corrected if I said the wrong thing. I had created for myself a false sense of security.

Recently, I have gotten into the sport of airsoft, a type of competitive gun play where you try to shoot other players with small plastic bullets, which are mostly harmless. I was introduced to this considered "boyish"  sport by my friends and I truly, personally enjoyed it, not just because my guy friends did it. This is the major line of difference I constantly find in tomboys, exemplified in my personal life. Either you do something because you love it (as in my second example), or you do something because of peer pressure (as in my first example). This can be true of many things; friendships, clothing choices, your attitude, sports, etc. You're doing something of freewill because of one of two choices, but it's up to you which choice you're making.

I have learned to embrace my femininity. I'm not exactly saying that I'm a devoted feminist who believes she doesn't have to shave her legs or armpits or anything like that. I'm just saying that looking deeper into yourself and embracing who you are as a woman could lead to some surprising results. Maybe instead of putting on a gruff "tough guy" act to get a boy to like you, you can look further to the inner feminine beauty and kindness within you to attract a guy. Be yourself, and try your best to resist peer pressure. Be proud to be a girl, because no one can change who you truly are on the inside.

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