In life today, people are constantly defined by stereotypes and false titles. Surrounded by so many impressions we often embrace the names we are called and define ourselves by them. In this essay, I try to explain how we can live our lives, more specifically "tomboys", as our own unique selves without anyone's false interpretations to guide us.


2. A History of Inequality

As I mentioned in the preface, I do not want this essay to focus of the aspects of gender equality. Unfortunately, as I am to effectively tell this story, I cannot help but slightly delve into the history of gender inequality for the sake of the subject matter. 

Throughout history, gender inequality has played a large role in government and society as a whole. It's common knowledge that throughout the history of the entire world, the female sex has played a more suppressed role by her male counter part in most societies. This may possibly be due to the the fall of Eve, followed by Adam or the differing build of the two genders. Whichever the cause, gender inequality has existed, as does it exist now. Examples of this idea stand out in history, such as exemplified in the governmental restrictions of a women's right to vote or to own property in places like England and America. Another example is this ideal of women being given lesser pay than a man, even if working the same job, as is a very common, real and unfortunate practice in these times. Whichever way you look at it, women have been suppressed, and suppression results in revolution. Women have gone to great lengths to claim their rights; to vote, to have to right to divorce, to own property, etc. Of course, this is a positive change, but it has left it's marks. What happened hundreds of years ago is now affecting today's youth. 


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