The Staircase to Hell

Amelia is torn between falling into the grasp of the man from the basement, or listening to the man upstairs.


2. Two

  Behind her, she hears footsteps coming up the basement stairs. One after another, slowly advancing towards the closed door. He's never had enough courage to approach me, she thinks as the basement door creaks open. A tall figure appears as the door opens. His face, is different, as it always is, as it change every day becoming a new person with new looks. Today, he is a tall middle aged man with short black hair, with dark brown eyes. He seats himself at the opposite end of the table, directly across from Amelia. She doesn't feel any need to fear him, it's almost like, he's inviting her, and she can feel it. He leans back in his chair, not bothering to lock eyes with Amelia he says, "Another rough day wasn't it?" he asks, although she knows he already knows the answer. Amelia nods, as she stares down at her feet. "You don't have to be afraid of me. You don't have to listen to the man living above you. Why should you listen to him? You're sixteen now Amelia, I think you should have the right to make your own decisions." he says, almost purring as the words fall of his tongue. "I...I know, but" What do you know!?" The man interrupts her, he doesn't yell, but slightly raises his tone. "I know I could leave, but the man, the man living upstairs, he said not to listen to the things you tell me." Amelia says, with more confidence than before. "That's because he doesn't want you to grow up, he doesn't want you to make more friends, or do things normal sixteen year olds do. Follow me Amelia, I have a spare room downstairs. You could have your own bed, and fridge, even your own televise if you wished. I could give you friends, and a job. All you have to do is follow me. Please Amelia." She knew, what the man upstairs said about this man living in the basement, she knew not to follow him. "Amelia!" The man upstairs hollered, "Don't forget to walk the neighbors dog later today!" he said. "Listen to him! Bossing you around like your ten! If you live with me, I'll let you do whatever you wish. You will be your own person." the man from the basement hissed. "Amelia, also remember to do your homework, and shower tonight!" the man upstairs shouted down. "Follow me, you can be free." Amelia had made up her mind, either that, or the man downstairs had done it for her. "Okay, I'll follow you." she said, her eyeslocked with his. "Good." the man downstairs smiled, grinning from ear to ear. Together, they walked down the cold stone stairs, into the basement. If only, Amelia knew that her bed was made of thorns, the fridge was moldy, the television was smashed, and the friends she was promised would leave an imprint on her that would effect her until the day she died.

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