The Staircase to Hell

Amelia is torn between falling into the grasp of the man from the basement, or listening to the man upstairs.


4. Three

Four months prior to Amelia's death

Amelia had a new bunch of friends, and a new well paying job. You would think this would be a good thing if you didn't look further into both categories. Her friends, weren't the sort of influences the man living upstairs would've wanted her to hang out with. They all have dropped out of school, convincing Amelia to do the same, they all drank things they shouldn't have and said things they shouldn't have, something Amelia has also picked up on quickly. She's fell into a bad circle of friends. Concerning her job? Well, she's simply helping a friend... to sell drugs, and steal from neighborhood families who are out of town. Every night Amelia comes home, and without hesitation bounds down into the basement to tell the man living there everything she had done that day. He'd encourage her, saying he was proud of her for making the right decisions, but Amelia didn't forget about the man living upstairs. She simply, acted as if he never crossed her mind, as if... she never new him.

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