The Staircase to Hell

Amelia is torn between falling into the grasp of the man from the basement, or listening to the man upstairs.


3. Four

Six months later


Cries, and sniffles encircle the closed casket, laying outside ready to be buried. Inside that casket is Amelia. The man from upstairs is there, as is the man from the basement. Tears fall to the ground all around them. The man from upstairs weeps, as he knows he has just lost someone he whole heartedly loved. He weeps because she left him. He weeps, because now there is no getting her back. The man from the basement however, stands towards the back of the crowd. No tears fall down his cheeks, no muscles on his body stiffen, because he knows he won her, he knows she's his now, and forever, he knows, he's taken another human from the man who lived upstairs. A smile crossed his face, as he watches her burn.

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