The Staircase to Hell

Amelia is torn between falling into the grasp of the man from the basement, or listening to the man upstairs.


1. One

She sits at the table in the middle of the dining room, staring at the wall, tears rolling down her cheeks. Things were harder for Amelia today. The bully at high school school humiliated her... again, she failed her test... again, she didn't  smile though the whole day.... again. Her days at school have passed by in this same routine, but today was different, today hurt more. Amelia's about done with everything bad happening in her life, and forgetting about everything good. She could end it, she glances at her wrists, noticing the familiar scars which have been dug into her, by words, and knives. She knows what the man living upstairs in her two story building would say. He would tell her to trust him and that everything is going to work its way out, that he has it covered and the pain won't last forever. Today, Amelia doesn't believe him.

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