The Time We Said Forever

Callie and Carmen are two best friends, but they're total opposites. Callie is like day, whilst Carmen is the night. Callie's boyfriend, Sawyer, is caught cheating on her with Carmen, but he then breaks her heart. Alone and confused, will the girls ever learn to love again?


1. Day and Night

I’m sitting in a café, drinking my coffee, humming to myself. Two hands slip around my neck, and Sawyer kisses my cheek. “Hello, beautiful,” he breathes in my ear. “It’s funny, I almost didn’t recognize you. I think you got even more amazing overnight.”
“Ha-ha,” I say, smiling. “Come, sit with me. Have a coffee. You look tired.” I notice the slight circles under his eyes. They don’t make him any less handsome, though. In fact, they give him a kind of edge. When I tell this to him, he laughs.
“Oh, Callie,” he says, taking the seat across from me. “You’re so funny. One of the thousands things that I love about you.” I reach across the table for his hand and finger the iron ring on his ring finger. It is engraved with the words S+C. I smile. 
“When did you get this?” I ask Sawyer, feeling the letters. He looks at his ring and touches it with his other hand.
“I got it yesterday. Wherever we are, you’ll be with me. In this,” He nods to the ring. “Speaking of which…” He pulls out a small package the size of about four buttons and hands it to me.
When I open it, I find that it’s a ring identical to his. Tears of joy spring to my eyes.
“Oh, Sawyer, I love it!” I exclaim happily. I bounced in my seat happily, all I would do ever since Sawyer Jones and I started going out four months ago. 
We order our coffee, and after the waitress leaves, I get a text. Carmen.

DeathByChocolate: Hey    
Calliegurl: im w sawyer
DeathByChocolate: sry just wanted to hang w my bff. is that so bad?
Calliegurl: fine. We r @ CuppaCoffee if u wanna come
DeathByChocolate: on my way. C u soon
Calliegurl: Bye

SawyerDDY: im right here
Calliegurl: Sry: P
SawyerDDY: i still luv u <3
Calliegurl: i luv u more

I look up to see Sawyer putting away his phone in the back pocket of his jeans. “Carmen is coming,” I say. He tilts his head.
“What, you didn’t want to hang with your boyfriend?” I know he’s just playing. Sawyer loves Carmen. They’re pretty good friends, and that’s all a girl could ever want. Her best friend and her boyfriend getting along.
“You know I do. It’s just… Carmen’s parents have been fighting again, so there’s no one ever there for her at home. I want to be that person who’s always by her side.” I stare into Sawyer’s piercing blue eyes, compared to his brown hair swept to the side. He has stubble, which is my favorite look on him. His plaid shirt is slightly wrinkled, his jeans snug. He looks perfect. The only thing better would be if he was in the rain.
Sawyer walks over to me and hugs me. “Go be with Carmen. We can do this tomorrow.” Then he leaves.
Like a hot rain, all this emotion pours down on me too fast, and I feel like I can’t breathe. There are times when you love someone so much you can’t bear it, and this is one of those times. I pull my phone out of my pocket and read our texts again. Every morning, when he wakes up, he sends me a poem.

SawyerDDY: The sun shines through the glass windows. The color sparkles across the room, bringing a rainbow of thoughts about you. You are the light to my day. 

“I don’t know, seems kind of corny to me.” I look up at the girl dressed in black, leaning over me to invade my privacy. This girl and I- we have no secrets.
“Of course you wouldn’t like it Carmen, you’ve never been in love.” I say to her sadly. She makes a gagging noise, as if the mere thought of it would choke her. Which it might.
“You’re one of the happiest people alive, but you’re also one of the stupidest. Love is something to blame everything on. It destroys everything. Just you wait. Watch this love crumble and break into pieces you can never, ever put back together.” Carmen pulls out a compact and reapplies her dark red lipstick. The night to my day.
I laugh. “You are such a poet!” It’s true. If she stopped talking about The End, and death, and all this negativity, I would think that she actually had a chance of getting out there. When you actually get to know her, under all the black clothing and dark makeup is a true artist. 
“So… where’s Sawyer?” she asks, sitting down across from me. I shrug. “Everywhere?” 
“I told him I wanted to spend time with my bestie. And that’s what we will do.” I hop up and grab Carmen’s hand. Pulling her alongside me (and after paying for our untouched coffee), we race out into the world.

We’re lying in a ball pit in Chuck E Cheese’s. I’m lying on Carmen’s stomach, feeling it go up and down. She’s combing through my hair with her fingers. “I love you,” I say to her. “Like, as a bestie. You’re my best friend.” I touch her perfectly polished nails. They’re black. They look eerie next to my hot pink ones. Everyone always wonders how two people that are so different can ever be friends. I guess the answer is that we help each other. I bring life and happiness into Carmen Michelle’s world. She helps me hold my ground, and shows me reality isn’t like the movies. She gives me feeling. 
Once upon a time, I had just watched Cinderella for the thousandth time. I was talking about ‘Why isn’t everyone happy?’ and ‘People should be more grateful for all they have.’ That day, Carmen took me to New York City for the weekend. I couldn’t believe it. So many people without homes!
“See?” she said. “Life is tough on them. They don’t get the happily ever after that Cinderella gets. But these people,” she gestured around me. “Are some of the strongest people I’ve seen. They try.”
Before then, I never knew how horrible life is for some people. I’m lucky I get to have such a wonderful life. I have money, a house, clean air and water, a loving family, friends, and Sawyer. I’m on the cheerleading team, and I’m in a club. Now I am grateful for everything I get.
That day, Carmen showed me that she was a real person. Two years ago, she taught me an important life lesson. Now I will teach her how to love.

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