Moral/Fable Purpose - Short Stories

Moral/Fable purpose


1. Guilty Waters

Storms raged through the night, through the old, creaking house. Dirty water dripped through broken window panes, filling the buckets and bowls placed underneath. The drip drip dripping echoed through every room. The water filled the buckets and bowls fast, overflowing, pouring over the floors. The puddles seeped through the floorboards, and made their way towards the lone figure writing at the desk.

The water level rose, slowly reaching over the tops of the figure’s feet. Cold, dirty water, turning the white socks a filthy dark. The figure didn’t move, but felt the cold around their soles.

It rose again, making the air thick and icy. Cold breezes oozed through the cracks in the walls, the water rippling in response. It reached their ankles… and kept on rising.

It reached their calves, then their knees, then their waists, but still they did not move.

The level rose faster, reaching their chest.

It kept on going. The perpetual dripping sounds grew louder, as the distant clock ticking grew quieter under the water.

It didn’t stop.

It would never stop.

As long as the figure stayed still, didn’t talk, didn’t move, and didn’t confess to their crime, it didn’t stop.

It doesn’t end.

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