The Hunted


3. Final

I hobbled away as fast as I could with blood oozing out of my leg from the deep cuts I had just received from his torture. Searching every room I come across for something for me to hide under or behind. BANG!!! Echoed through this torture house over and over and the continuous “come out, come out wherever you are” in a deep dark voice. I came to a room at the end of the corridor containing a bed with the sheets draping down the side long enough for me to hide under without being seen. I crawled underneath the bed my body trembling, my breathing increasing rapidly as I could hear walking his footsteps trudging down the long corridor wearing his big heavy boots. The strong smell of blood and alcohol crept into the room as the door opened as each foot was placed my body began to quiver I knew sooner or later I would come face to face with my killer once again. Suddenly I was ripped out from under the bed by my hair as he sat on my stomach and pulled a knife out resting it against my neck…


And it's all over. Thank you again if you read and enjoyed my short story. I will be releasing a 5sos fanfic very soon that will be co-authored by Reegan so go follow and read her books they are amazing @itzxhood_x

Love always Angel xx

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