The Hunted


2. 2.

I awoke to the sound of an electric grinder on metal, a sharp pain jolted up my body I began trying to open my heavy eyelids slowly opening up to see a place that I have never seen in my life unsure of how I got here or where I was, my body started to go into a state of shock as my mind began panicking I raised my head to check out my surroundings what seemed to be an abandoned mental hospital I tried to sit up but was quickly forced back down to the icy cold metal below me as I looked at my arms to see why I wasn’t able to move I could see that I was being restrained by metal shackles over my wrists and ankles. I heard a male’s voice suddenly come into the room as I looked over and saw the same monster of a man that was following me “Good your awake, now let the torture begin” he said in a deep menacing voice letting out a spine-chilling laugh, I turned my head back to look at the ceiling the sound of a small hospital trolley could be heard with a low whistle coming from the man. “Choose your first tool that you want me to hurt you with” the creep had said, I just ignored him when suddenly one of the tools was stabbed and dragged down the side of my leg creating a deep gash, I screamed out in pain my eyes quickly filling with tears as he continued to inflict pain on me. I blacked out for a short time as he was splashing alcohol onto my wounds creating a burning sensation almost as bad as the pain I had just endured, “Come on you animal, it’s time to put you in your cage” he began saying whilst undoing the shackles around my wrists and ankles. You would think that he would have put his “torture tools” away being the professional he was but maybe he thought of me as nothing but a weak girl or animal but he thought wrong, I picked up one of the small knifes he had on the trolley as just as he was about to open my cage door and throw me in there I quickly stabbed it into the side of his forearm and pulling down as I tried to shake out of his grip I saw this as my chance to escape or so I thought I couldn’t find any way out of this psychotic place.


Thank you to anyone who has read it and given me feedback it really means a lot to me

Love Always Angel xx

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