The Hunted


1. 1.

You would think that you would be safe walking amongst hundreds of people but the harsh reality of being stalked grew with each corner I would take a man in a long black trench jacket with great big white gum boots with splash of a red substance resembling blood would be following me, I began to pick up my pace as my breathing got heavier my heart rate got faster when I looked behind me to see if this hideous man was still following me and to my luck I had lost him in the herd of people, I turned walking down the dark alleyway the smell of a rotting meat filled my nostrils, I could feel my lunch beginning to make its way back up my throat. The sound of feral cats fighting behind the trash cans could be heard, as thick heavy clouds of smoke filled the air.  I scurried past a large group, struggling to breathe as the smoke seeped into my lungs. I approached the large red door at the end of the alleyway, when suddenly the man that was following me for what felt like hours on end appeared with a smug smile upon his face. The last thing I remember was him coming closer to me with a cloth in one hand and a sack in the other.

Well this is the first part to my first movella on here please let me know what you think. This is a short story so there is only two more parts after this. 

Thanks for reading 

Love always Angel xx

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