My Boyfriend's a vampire

y/n is walking by a ally at night and hears a terrifying noise behind the dumpster find out what happens in the movella.


2. chapter 2


what's up people reading the first chapter of this book um i'm Justin Drew Bieber and i'm a vampire. Yep I just said it i'm a vampire, but the thing is that girlfriend doesn't know but i am planing on telling her tonight. 

I'm kinda hungry so i'm walking out of y/n's house cause i told her that my mom wants me home, but my mom is going on some job trip,or somrthing. It's like 4 or 5 in the mmorning and I know your probably thinking "why are you outside so late?" Well me and y/n were watching movies all night and i was bored. So i'm going to the club to find a chick to chill and drink with/from.


                                         -skip walk to the club-


-justin still- 

just got in the club and some blonde headed chick just came up to me and asked "How about we take this to the alley way." knowing me i would go. When i got back there she started to kiss me and trying to seduce me and me being taught well, I don't cheat on my girlfriend.When she started to touch me i got really angry cause I don't like when girls other than my girlfriend touch me. So my fangs came out and my eyes changed to a blood red color, when the girl opened her eyes she started to scream which I hate so I covered her mouth and drank from her until she was dead and I left her there for someone else to find her I mean what's the point of keeping a dead, no blood human that is not usefull to me. Now I am walking home to get some sleep......




                                                    -skip walk home-


I just got home and I am pooped my mom is sleep cause you know vampire powers and and having super hearing and having super speed, so i can hear my mom snoring lightly. I'm going to bed nite.







                                                         -Y/N house-


Justin left like an hour ago and I am really bored now my mom is gone to see my gandmother who is very ill and my mom is there to take care of her. My dad is um....... well I don't know my dad really my mom said that he died in a car accident when i was litte. She said that he was about 29 when he died and at the time she was 25. But now i'm 17 and my boyfriend Justin is 18 and my birthday is in a week and I don't know what to do for it but i'll just ask on my only friend since 4th grade Jason McCann but he is also away for the summer and won't be back until next month or so he said it depends on what happens while he is there in Japan. Well i'm going to bed a girl needs her bueaty sleep am I right or am I right Nite....













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