Beyond the dawn

Over a decade after dealing with the volturi, Bella and Edward have settled into family life. Vampire blood burning in her veins, Bella is restless despite the treaty with the pack, and when a neighbouring wolf pack crossing La push territory threatens to change everything forever no one walks away unscathed

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9. Chapter 8 ~~Meet the Kalaloch tribe

The clearing.

The hostile sound of animals screeching echoed through the forest as Jacob ran towards the clearing with Seth, and Leah at his heels. A soft breeze whipped up the autumn leaves as they clattered around the bases of the tree's. The breeze rustled their fur, and Jacob felt the cool, slick grass sliding against his legs as he ran. Their large paws beat against the soft uneven forest floor In a steady rhythm as they headed toward the clearing to meet Sam, and the pack before leaving for the Kalaloch territory. Jacob's wolf senses caught the whiff off a nearby hare as he hopped over a knobbly root protruding from the forest floor. Just a slight musky scent underneath the sharp scent of cedar that surrounded them. A soft questioning whine from behind him as they ran, as Seth's voice filled Jacob's head through the packs mind link.

" No Seth, we can not stop for a quick hunt."

Jacob chuckled. His muzzle wrinkled as he drew in the intoxicating scent of the prey in their various positions around them. The thick underbrush began to thin out as they neared the clearing, and he felt Leah nip at his heels playfully encouraging him to race her the last 100 yards. The three of them sped up, branches snapping , and small twigs snagging at their fur as they sped through the last of the thicket, and broke out into the clearing, claws scrabbling to gain purchase on the spongy ground.

The pack waited their arrival in the sun dappled clearing. Wolves of all sizes draped across rocks and hunkered down in the undergrowth. It was early morning and the ground was still soaked with dew. Woodsmok drifted in on the breeze from somewhere nearby , the only sounds a few gentle yips from the younger wolves as they frolicked in the long grass.

Jacob Squinted in the bright morning sunlight scanning the thicket for Sam.

" I'm here Jacob."

Sam's voice filled his head as Jacob's eye's found their destination, and fell upon his majestic form.

" Let's do this thing Sam."

Jacob gruffly addressed his former alpha.

" Jacob, I assume Carlisle and Esme, and Leah have spoken to you but I need you to hear from me. I would never let the elders or the Kalaloch's harm Renesmee. She is as much a part of our family as she is yours. You can not abandon her, and we will not abandon you."

Sam bowed his head, his blue eye's glistening and sincere as he spoke to Jacob.

He chuffed softly, and bowed his head in response. He knew Sam would never go back on his word, that he had accepted Renesmee truly the day he had imprinted on her, and he would die before he went back on that. Jacob shifted uncomfortably, berating himself for his reaction the day before. Darting a glance at Sam, his stomach rolled at the thought of the attack he launched on him previously. He choked down his saliva uncomfortably.

" I know that now Sam, but will you fight with us if need be?"

Sam was silent for a moment, chewing over the words before he spoke, but before he could reply. -

" We will fight anyone that challenges the La Push wolves, and last time I checked that was still you too ' Great grandson of Ephraim Black'." Paul interrupted ; spitting out the last words with disdain his eye's narrowed , glittering with a hard amusement.

 Sam was silent, and only nodded. Committing himself fully before he knew what the stakes were, seemed a foolish thing to do


The café.

Although usually a wolf pack would travel in their animal form any distance that needed to cover some ground. This time clothes were needed at their destination, So as uncomfortable as they were, the La Push wolves had traveled to the cafe outside of La Push by more conventional means.

The Kalaloch wolve's were due to arrive in thirty minutes. Just enough time for them to get there, make sure the cafe was empty, and ready for the meeting. Sam felt they held the upper hand by scoping out the territory and claiming it as their own by way of their scent beforehand. Billy's friend was waiting for them as they arrived , before they could be ushered inside the feel of the thick, muggy, unmoving air hit them as they took in the sights, and sounds around them. Muffled voices from nearby fast food restaurants, drifted in the air mostly drowned out by the music that concussed from one vehicle to another like warring d.j's in a nightclub. The gritty pavement felt unfamiliar under their feet, and something skittered across Jared's shoe, and disappeared into a nearby alley.

" Damn rat, I ought to chase after it and have it as a snack."

He muttered to an amused Embray walking beside him. Embrey guffawed loudly. Earning himself an evil look from Jacob considering the situation was not quite as amusing for him, due to the fact his entire future was based on this meeting.

"Welcome to The Den boy's."

Billy's friend made a sweeping gesture at the doorway indicating they enter.

" The Den? Really?"

Sam answered. A thick plume of eyebrow raised quizzically.

" How very ...fitting for a bunch of werewolve's."

Jacob replied, a smile playing on his lips as he winked at Leah, who was examining her surroundings with a look of disgust on her face, her lip curling up over her teeth.

The cafe had been emptied and closed beforehand, the shutters were down and the spacious interior dimly lit to keep out prying eye's. An expanse of black and white checked floor paved the way inside, and half a dozen chrome tables and stools decorated the space, with a long counter/bar along the back wall covered with slightly dated formica. A large 50's style till took up one corner of the worktop. A fully working, flashing, also 50's juke box took up another corner of the room. Eager to mark territory , most of the pack immediately hopped up on the stools that spanned the counter space along the far wall, eye's fixed on the doorway waiting for their rivals to appear.

Jacob, Sam, Paul, Leah, and Seth chose to stand against one wall. Jacob thrust his hands deep into his pockets, his face a mask of worry, his bottom lip jutting out slightly, eyebrows knitted together in a pinched expression. Leah stood one side , and Sam the other. Leah stood with her arms crossed, eye's fixed on the doorway, a fierce expression on her face. Sam stood ramrod straight, his lips pressed into a thin line. The clock ticked.

Leah began to fidget, tapping, her foot, checking her watch, shifting from one leg to another continuously. The air was charged with anticipation, and she could bear it no longer. Suddenly, in the silence she threw up her hands with a grunt :

" Aarrggh!! I can't take this. Jacob I refuse to take any shit from these Kalaloch 'PUP's  . They think they can come in here throwing their weight around, telling you how you are going to live you're life, and we are just going to stand here and listen to what they have to say?" Leah exploded. Spitting the word 'pups' as if she had acid in her mouth!

Sam glared at her, his nostril's flaring. Motioning with his palm to stop.

"Leah, calm down! We are not going to just start a brawl. There are protocols, way's of doing things, and barging headlong into a war is not one of them we have to be diplomatic about this."

Leah's agitation was increasing by the second, as time slipped away toward the Kalaloch pack's arrival. She began to shake, clutching at her hair with both hands. All the signals that her temper was about to cause her to phase, right there in the middle of the cafe.

" Leah. Go run it off, come back when you can control yourself."

Jacob hissed.

Leah had frenzied herself into absolute stillness. Her coal black eye's narrowed and fixed on Jacob. She hissed quietly under her breath, gave him one last acidic look and stomped out of the cafe.

" shall I go with her?"

Seth asked.

" Nah she will be back soon enough. If calming down is what she has to do to be in on this, then she will be calm soon enough."

Jacob told him.

Silence fell again, the ticking of the clock getting louder, and louder with each passing second, as the time hit 30 minutes.



The Kalaloch wolves'


When they appeared and swarmed through the cafe doorway they weren't what I was expecting. I had expected a few really large half naked boy's, just as Sam's pack had appeared to me before I knew what they were. They moved in synchronization, their expressions changed at exactly the same moment and was unnerving to say the least.Their similarities were intensified by the hostility in every pair of eye's ( except for the alpha's) They all had the same red -brown skin, and were dressed like fashion models in different shades of gray, like the different hues of gray you might find on the common wild wolf. They all had similarly cropped black hair, in varying lengths. Like my own, although theirs was fashionably messy somehow. All except one that was..their alpha. His hair was a shade of blonde I'd never seen before, almost silver in some lights, when thin shafts of light cracked through the covered windows golden highlights flecked his hair in honeyed ribbons. He was bigger than the other's too. Or it had seemed that way by the aura he exuded. His face echoed the way Sam's used to look before all this, serene, and sure. The planes of his chiseled features smooth and untroubled by anything it would seem. Unlike the other's his eye's were a cornflower blue, that flashed with amusement. Anger swelled up within me, what exactly did he have to be amused by? This small detail set me on the defensive even more. Of course their alpha was the first one to speak, and when he did so, his voice was like molten lava.

" Good to see you again Sam. Jacob I presume?"

He moved toward me his hand outstretched, the swell of well toned muscles evident beneath his smoke gray sweater. My lips pressed together in a tight line, as I appraised his outstretched hand.

"Let's just leave the niceties shall we, and get on with this...this...witch hunt!"

I said through gritted teeth.

" Very well, let's begin." He answered, his lips pursed in annoyance just for a second, and then the expression was gone and his amiable countenance returned as if it had never left his face.

" I am Malik by the way, this is my Beta Daniel, and the rest of the pack...Kaleb Cross, Drake Arnold, Adam Raymond, Luke West, and Chase Marks. "

They all lifted their heads quickly in a jerky nod of acknowledgement. Daniel, their Beta stepped forward at Malik's side. He wore gray khaki's, his dark hair was messy and curled softly at the nape of his neck, he wore a short sleeved V neck T-shirt, and a pair of the latest converse. A pair of dog tags hung around his neck , which personally I found extremely amusing! In fact he was covered with silver jewelry I suppose it was supposed to be ironic. He had adorned himself with Bracelets, chunky silver watch and a couple of rings on either hand, unlike his Alpha who wore a minimal amount of trinkets, a thin silver chain and one chunky silver ring on one hand.

" Daniel, why don't you pull a couple of these tables together so we can sit and talk. " Malik ordered.

Daniel began sliding the furniture around effortlessly, his large muscles, jumping and flexing as he moved. I tapped my foot impatiently, as he dragged the sticky tables into position. Was this Malik trying to get me to lose my temper? Let's get this done already, I thought to myself. Sam caught my eye, shaking his head as if telling me to hold my cool a little longer and beside me, Seth bumped my arm the beginnings of a cheeky smile playing on his lips. I ran my hand through my hair and tried to breathe through the tightness in my chest. Finally they were all seated.

Malik started out curious and cautiously, while I stood hovering over him trying not to glower too much.

" Well, as you know we have spoken to the elders, and they have met to discuss the situation. No wolf has ever imprinted on a vampire before for as far back as the legends go, however you know this."

I only glared  as he swallowed nervously.

" Just tell us what it is we are up against Malik." Sam interjected, and I thanked him silently for if I were to speak I know it would have escalated so quickly that I would phase. I simply curled my lip in response.

" At the elders request we dug around a little with regards to your pack. We discovered that Quil over there..."

Quil, who was slumped in his stool, quietly picking his nails interjected with the odd dirty look thrown toward the Kalaloch tribe in support to me, now shot forward on his stool, eye's narrowed in suspicion listening intently to what on earth they would have to say about him.:

"..Imprinted on Emily's two year old niece a while back, is that true?" Malik asked ,with a limp wave of his hand toward Quill.

" It has nothing to do with you ...not one of you! You'd better leave Claire out of this or I swear to god I'll rip ALL you're heads off." Quil raged, jumping off his stool so fast it clattered back against the large blocky counter. Daniel leapt to his feet, his hand clamped protectively on his Alpha's shoulder, ready to trounce Quil if he tried anything. He flexed his bulging muscles in a ridiculously obvious way as some sort of misguided warning to Quil.

I looked toward my pack and rolled my eye's. If nothing else he'd made me smile for the first time through this whole ridiculous meeting. Snicker's of amusement ran down the line of my pack brothers.

Quil stood there, nostrils flaring panting hard with temper as he tried to restrain himself. Sam caught his arm as the first non verbal warning to control himself.

" Quill relax, let me deal with this." I said, my jaw clenched and my hands balled into angry fists.

" Finish your point." I told Malik sharply through gritted teeth.

He looked at Quil warily, raising one eyebrow.

" I believe it was you Jacob who set everybody straight when this incident reached scandal proportions? By explaining there was nothing romantic about Quil's feelings, and that he would be whatever Claire needs him to be throughout each stage of her life. Brother, friend, protector, lover."

The last word rolled off his tongue, dripping with disdain.

" Am I correct?" Malik finished.

It suddenly hit me where he was going with this. I began to feel light headed. My chest constricted and I struggled to get air into my lung, the smell of stale chip fat heavy in the air.I choked out my reply as best I could :

" Yes, so what's your point?"

He shifted in his chair slightly, sitting ramrod straight. His buffoon of a bodyguard now on high alert, his eye's wide and focused on me as Malik prepared his next speech.

"Well it won't be that many years before you're..err..companion, Renesmee isn't it? Is grown to maturity...." I stopped him there holding my flattened palm toward him.

" Renesmee's name does not need to be on your lips. Do you understand me? She is not your concern." I spat.

" well actually Jacob she is very much our concern. She is all our concerns." He waved his hand around the stuffy cafe.

"What the elders want to know is how is this relationship going" He stuttered.

"If you are saying what I think you're saying, then you are on very dangerous territory. Elders or no elders, I told him, my whole body trembling, as fury built up within me.

" Look Jacob, I see this is not easy for you, and I sympathize, truly I do! No one wants to have their relationship with their mate's interfered with. However you have to understand that this is a very difficult situation." Malik said, becoming very animated now. His blue eye's were wide and he shifted forward in his chair, his elbows on his knees, hands clasped together.

" You know that this is an extenuating circumstance. When Renes..Your mate. Comes to the age of betrothal do you plan to have a family?" he said this last part fast, as if he couldn't get the words out of his mouth fast enough.

" What the hell are you saying?" I seethed.

" Jacob, by decree of the elders of every tribe in the state, you won't be permitted to breed a child. That child would be an abomination. Wolves and vampires will never be allowed to mix and pollute the Quileute bloodline"

He paused, clear blue eye's fixed on mine :

" You're first child, and any there after will be killed."

Every pair of eye's in the room fell upon me. Blood roared in my ear's, but the silence in the room was deafening.





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