Beyond the dawn

Over a decade after dealing with the volturi, Bella and Edward have settled into family life. Vampire blood burning in her veins, Bella is restless despite the treaty with the pack, and when a neighbouring wolf pack crossing La push territory threatens to change everything forever no one walks away unscathed

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7. Chapter 6 ~~ Part 2

A soft swish of branches, alerted the very tense bunch of werewolves to the fact they had visitors. Recognizing their vampire scent Seth calmed the bristling pack exclaiming:

" It's the Cullen's"

Sure enough, Esmee, and Carlisle swept into the clearing.

" Sam. I would appreciate you phasing so Esmee and myself may have a word?"

Carlisle said firmly to Sam, his golden eyes flashing with restrained anger. Sam stared for a moment, before giving Paul a pointed look to follow as he headed toward the nearest thicket.

With a meaningful look between them, Seth, and Leah quickly followed intent on keeping the peace between the Cullen's and the pack.

Waiting for their alpha to return, the rest of the pack all began to shift uneasily. Especially the youngsters who had spent very little time around their vampire neighbors. Quiet whines emanating from the smaller wolves, at the strange vampire scent their instincts balked against. They stand so still, like marble statues. They don't even blink for goodness sake, one of the youngsters whispered to his pack mate through their mind link.

The rustling of bushes heralded the approach of Sam and the others. All tall and russet skinned, black hair short, and choppy. Even Leah's normally sleek black locks feathered around her face and was sticking up at awkward angles.

Sam was a little taller than Carlisle, but their differences were never more obvious than when they stood in such close proximity. The Cullen's pearl white skin was iridescent in contrast to Sam and the other three werewolves. Sam's face was serene and sure, every wolf in the clearing waiting for him to speak.

" I want you to know that first and foremost I have no intention of allowing a hair on Renesmee's head be harmed in any way. Jacob did not__"

Carlisle raised his palm to stop him ;

"With all due respect Sam, that will not be an issue. Bella, Edward, and the family will never allow anyone, or anything ( he said the word pointedly, eyes flitting toward the pack ) close enough!"

"Then why are you here?"

Paul spat. He began to shake, his fists clenched. Sam simply put his hand on Paul's chest to calm him.

" As Jacob explained to us, a number of disgruntled foreign pack's wanting to take up against yourselves and my family, is indeed a problem, whatever it is they want?"

Carlisle said. Leah whipped around to face Sam.

"May I break this gently?"

She requested of her alpha. Sam merely nodded. Seth had turned pale, his heart hurting at the pain this was all bound to cause, the complete unknown about how all this was to be resolved. Jacob's pain palpable in his head even from a distance. He chimed in before his sister could speak;

" None of us even know what the elders will say yet, we just found out what they were... uh...concerned with. The Kalaloch pack shot off to spread the word of Renesmee and Jacob to the elders, and neighboring packs."

He gulped, unsure of what else to say, and fell back behind Sam who ruffled his hair affectionately. Leah gave him a look of annoyance at being interrupted.

"Carlisle, none of us could have foreseen this, it wasn't something any of us had thought about..."

"Spit it out Leah."

Paul said through gritted teeth. His black eyes blazing in defiance.

" The Kalaloch pack was very concerned with Jacob imprinting on Renesmee as there are implications to her reaching the age of betrothal, they feel the elders will be unable to overlook..."

Her hands shook slightly, as she paused hoping they would catch on and not make her have to say it.

At that moment, growls began to echo round the clearing, as dozens of sets of wolf ears picked up the approach of someone else approaching.

A soft thud as two sets of quiet vampire feet landed at the edge of the clearing. A split second later Alice, and Jasper made their presence known.

Alice scanned the rows of wolf eye's watching her, the low rumbling of growls still echoing around the space.

" Geez, What is this? Some weird wolf convention? Ugh! Is it really wise you guys hunt in packs, the stench alone must alert your prey a mile off?"

Alice said, her perfect nose wrinkled in disgust. Jasper chuckled softly at her side. Effortlessly she glided along the clearing to where the others stood, while Jasper stayed where he was amongst the irritated werewolves. AS his gaze touched each and every one of them, the snarls, and growls trailed off and they became silent, settling back on their haunches once more. Jasper's vampire gift manipulating their emotions and causing them to be still.

Everything calm again, Sam prompted Leah to continue. She sighed, and straightened her spine ready for what was to be said .

" The other pack, they have gone to the elder's for instruction as the betrothal between Jacob and Renesmee means they may one day have children. Half vampire, half werewolf children."

The Cullen's complete silence, and lack of facial reactions was unnerving, but she carried on.

" Werewolf and vampire offspring is an abomination in their minds. We kill vampires, you know...under normal circumstances."

She shrugged.

Sam stepped in quickly ;

" They will do everything in their power to stop this happening. And it will not be just the Kalaloch tribe, the elders will send every pack in the surrounding area if we don't comply."

Alice broke the Cullen's silence , her bright eyes wide with shock and a flicker of humor :

" You are telling me you guys are going to tell Jacob that he can't have kids?"

She screeched


Carlisle chided with a glare.

" Sam when do the Kalaloch wolves return? And what will they expect when they do?"

Carlisle asked, solemn eyes fixed on Sam.

"Tomorrow. And I do not know."

Sam shook his head wearily.

" I need to talk to Jacob, he needs to be with us tomorrow when we meet. Billy's friend has a café outside of La Push that will be closed for the day. I have sent word to the Kalaloch tribe to meet us there."

"Ok. We will deal with Jacob, and when we know more about what we are dealing with we can go from there. I trust you will stop them if they move toward Renesmee in any way tomorrow?"

Carlisle asked, placing a hand on Sam's shoulder in a gesture of camaraderie.

Sam nodded.

"You have my word."


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