Beyond the dawn

Over a decade after dealing with the volturi, Bella and Edward have settled into family life. Vampire blood burning in her veins, Bella is restless despite the treaty with the pack, and when a neighbouring wolf pack crossing La push territory threatens to change everything forever no one walks away unscathed

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4. Chapter 4 ~~ Jacob

Jacob took yet another glance behind him, as he left the Cullen's house. Renesmee was pressed against the window, watching until he was to disappear into the forest. It physically hurt him to be away from her. First he falls in love with someone that can't love him like he wants, and finally imprints on someone he has to be separated from. Unlike the rest of the pack who had never had to go a whole day without seeing their mates, and objects of their fixation. Although there was only really night when they were separated, while Renesmee slept. Jacob would have preferred to have been allowed to sleep downstairs and watch over her. At least now the ice was broken with Edward, any objection to him being allowed to stay again can be discussed.

The forest stretched before him, the scents and sounds filling his senses calming his distress at leaving her. One final wave before the shadows enveloped him, and he phased into his wolf form. The forest floor soft beneath his large paws , he began to run quickly picking up Seth and Leah's scent who he knew would be waiting for him amongst the trees.

Unexpectedly Sam's voice filled his head as he mind linked in. Something that at times still caught him off guard.

" Jacob find Seth and Leah and come straight to meet the pack. Something has happened and you need to hear it from me."

Sam's tone was grave, and despite Jacob's requests for him to elaborate, Sam's voice stayed silent.

Jacob picked up his speed, and howled .

His ears pricked as two more howls whipped across the breeze in response a short distance ahead. Effortlessly dodging anything in his path, he reached the two waiting wolves, both braced to run with him.

"Jacob what is it?"

Leah's voice filling his thoughts.

"Sam wants to see us, something feels off."

Jacob explained to her and Seth simultaneously through the pack's link. The three fell silent as they headed toward the clearing they knew Sam would be waiting. Seth whined softly , sensing the anxiety coming off Jacob in waves.

Soon they broke into the clearing where the pack waited, hushed and still. Jacob approached, Seth and Leah at his heels. Sam's voice broke through the silence.

" Jacob. Another pack has been in the vicinity for some days. We assumed they were passing through, and it seems they were..until.."

"Until what Sam?

Jacob snapped. A heavy sense of dread creeping through every fiber of his being.

"Until they caught your scent in the forest. Wolf, mingled with human, and vampire."

Sam began to speak quickly, knowing if he did not Jacob's questions would stop him from saying everything he needed to say.

"They came to me as alpha of this pack to explain. It was an issue to them that there was a human scent, you know we are forbidden to let them know what we are, we must only protect. The vampire scent on top of that, has caused uproar, and the word is already spreading, even without my explanation. I told them that you had imprinted on a human, and the human in question is aware of what we are. As you know, although not ideal imprinting on a human breaks no laws."

"What is it you told them Sam?"

A growl rumbling from deep in Jacob's throat.

"The truth Jacob. I told them you imprinted on a half human, half vampire."

"What does it matter?" Leah spoke up.

" No wolf is permitted to harm the subject of another wolves imprinting, it's law!"

She snarled.

"It is also law that we kill vampires, that we protect humans from them. This is something no wolf has dealt with before, and they have left with the intention to bring it before every elder in every wolf pack in neighboring territories. Not just the alpha's , but the oldest wolves still alive. Those that formed the treaties, and bonds between wolf and vampire. Those that formed the laws of the wolf packs long ago."

Sam broke Jacob's gaze as he finished, and turned his flank . Leading Jacob to believe he had no intention of standing with him.

Jacob flew at Sam in a snarling rage of fangs and claws.





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