Beyond the dawn

Over a decade after dealing with the volturi, Bella and Edward have settled into family life. Vampire blood burning in her veins, Bella is restless despite the treaty with the pack, and when a neighbouring wolf pack crossing La push territory threatens to change everything forever no one walks away unscathed

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3. Chapter 3 ~~ It's a wonderfull life

Edward watched his wife rocket into the thick jade maze of the forest through the window. Renesmee had been gone too long and Bella had become impatient. It wouldn't take her long to track them.

His perfect lips twitched into a smile as he sensed Alice glide into the room behind him. Her thoughts a jumble of excitement clamoring through the stillness of his mind.

"Edward, just look at this outfit I bought Renesmee! Isn't it just adorable. Do you think Bella will like it?" Her amber eyes widened in hope for a positive response. Clinging to the belief that Bella will develop a love of fashion with the aging of her fangs!

"I am sure Renesmee will love it." Edward intoned, a playful smile dancing at the corners of his lips. He swiftly snapped up, folded and placed the garment that was being thrust at him, neatly over Alice's still extended arms.

Just as the words had left him, he sensed the steady , wet thump of two heartbeats approach in the distance. One human and the slightly quicker more muted beat of another he instantly recognized as his half human daughter. Bella was bringing her back, Jacob with them! His secondary senses now kicking in as the too familiar scent of wet dog carried on the wind, filling his nostrils. He fought to push down the growl that began to form deep in his throat, so as not to alert Alice. He purposely had not seen Jacob in some time. Still dealing with the conflicted emotions he felt at Jacob imprinting on Renesmee and all that it intoned.

"Alice why don't you take the clothes over too our cottage and lay them out for Renesmee to wear in the morning ." Whirling her toward the door before she caught Jacobs heartbeat and scent. This was a conversation he would prefer to have without her observation and comments.

"Yes! Great idea. I can go through Bella's closet and get rid of some of those ratty sneakers she is so fond of. Force her to go shoe shopping with me." Her amber eyes bright with excitement, still holding on to the deluded hope that Bella would develop a interest in fashion with the aging of her fangs!

She was gone before he could concentrate on tracking their scents and sounds. His vampiric speed carried him to the edge of the lush green forest before he could gauge their impending position. Where he stood every bit as ominous, dark, and full of quietly brewing energy as a storm cloud.

Bella broke through the thick, leafy brush of forest, and took his breath away. Slim rays of light broke through the thick clouds and danced over her skin illuminating her from within like a sun kissed pearl. He sucked in his breath as a sharp pang of desire ripped through him, temporary drowning out the animal scent that now permeated the air and the deep, wet thump of a heartbeat that had reverberated through his ears. How could he see anything else when those golden eyes and still unsure of herself smile, filled his focus.

Renesmee's unique smell crept in under Jacobs. The perfect balance of the sweetest perfume and divinest of foods. Half human half vampire. His enhanced peripheral vision saw his beautiful daughter perched on the huge form of a golden wolf. Jacob. He ground his teeth together instinctively, now training his vision directly into those soulful eyes. He snorted gently as he caught Jacob lower his gaze in response to his piercing stare. Before he could intimidate the mutt further, Bella leapt the final stretch between them and into his arms.

"Mommy won baby!" She called back to Renesmee with a grin on her face. " I told you I was still faster than Jacob."

Peals of delighted laughter filled the silence of the forest. Renesmee clapping her moms achievement with delicate hands. Jacob chuffed softly, adding a snort of derision displaying his objection.

Bella focussed on her daughter gliding toward them on her usual perch of Jacob's broad back, her hands lovingly sliding around his neck, fingers coiled in his thick fur. Unconsciously Bella caressed her husbands face tracing their features. Renesmee was coming up to 11 years old, and thankfully her aging seemed to have slowed for the last few years. Charlie and Sue had still not asked any questions, despite the rapid growth of her first 5 years. She had retained the features of both her parents as she had began to display when she was little. Edward was there in her features, as perfectly shaped as polished marble, and I was there in the colour of her eyes and cheeks. No matter what my reservations the sight the two of them made together was formidable . After all this time I was still aware of what my vampire eyes could see. The shafts of light breaking through the cloud picking out the rich chocolate tones of Renesmee's hair, in direct contrast to the slivers of spun gold threading Jacob's coat.

I was so busy marveling at the two of them approach, I had barely noticed Edward had softly lowered me to my feet as Jacob reached us. It was then I felt his whole body stiffen, saw in a quick glance the steel creep into his eyes. Unlike me, Edward had no desire to be around my best friend and I had not realized he had managed to limit it to handful of times. Begrudgingly I had made my peace with it, knowing Jacob would lay down his life for Renesmee, and die protecting her.

It seems I was not the only one to notice, as Renesmee locked onto her father's gaze. Edward's features soften at once, as he caught her stare. Throwing his arms around her, he swung her from her perch.

" Did you have a good run honey?"

Renesmee smiled quickly, but worry etched her delicate features. She reached up and touched his face. She chose to communicate this way far more than words.How could she not?

" She showed me her and Jacob running, both side by side and then with her riding. She was so happy."

Edward explained. He looked wistful. My clever , knowing little girl then touched his face again and I watch Edward's doubts fall away. He gently took her hands in his and lowered them . " Yes." He whispered to her, and her smile lit the last shadow of doubt from his features.

"Jacob, go phase you must be hungry? Come eat with us?" Edward nodded an unspoken agreement between them. He chuffed his wolf 'yes' and loped off toward the shelter of the trees.

"What did she show you ?" I asked?

Before he answered, the look on his face made me actually imagine for a second that the faint hue of a blush, flashed across his pearly skin.

"She showed me what Jacob went through after he imprinted on her. What he dealt with from the pack. That by doing what he did , he made the treaty binding, in that. It was the absolute of all the pack's laws that no wolf ever kill the object of another wolf's imprinting. Such a thing would be intolerable for the whole pack, and all wolves involved would fight to the death. He sealed her safety . She is untouchable because of how Jacob feels about her. His unyielding and fierce love for her. Which admittedly permeates his thoughts all of the time, and I have the pleasure of hearing with crisp clarity every time he is around. Jacob is the only person I know who seems to think in such loud decibels."

His brows knitted together as if Jacob's thoughts were reverberating through his mind as we spoke. His silence felt solemn suddenly , and I said nothing as we walked toward the house. Renesmee bounding ahead, to see which of her aunties and uncles she could find. He stopped suddenly, putting his hands on my shoulders and looking into my eyes.

" Bella she showed me that in spite of his feelings on the matter, it was down to Jacob speaking as the rightful alpha, that Sam was unable to say anything about your transformation. The pack, and every other wolf pack that heard of such a thing, could have killed us all for violating the treaty. I suppose I've been given a lesson on how much we both owe Jacob. No matter how much I would prefer to stay angry at him."

A whistle interrupted my dreamily gazing into his eyes.

"Hey lovebirds, can we move this along? I am starving!" Jacob sauntered lazily along behind us. His lazy white grin flashing in perfect contrast to tawny brown skin.

" Yeah, yeah, I can hear your stomach from here Mutt."

Edward retorted, mirroring Jacob's smile. Everything felt right. Maybe being enclosed in our little Copse of forest away from prying eyes , staying away from other supernaturals and humans (except Charlie and the wolf pack) would be enough for me. Right then, nothing sounded more sublime.



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