Beyond the dawn

Over a decade after dealing with the volturi, Bella and Edward have settled into family life. Vampire blood burning in her veins, Bella is restless despite the treaty with the pack, and when a neighbouring wolf pack crossing La push territory threatens to change everything forever no one walks away unscathed

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15. Chapter 14 ~~ You can run but you can't hide



Seth staggered through the airport, weighed down with Charlie's luggage. With a grunt he hefted a suitcase forward, and set it down with a thump " Geez Charlie, how long you planning on staying?" He muttered.

" Hey, those are mainly gifts for my granddaughter I'll have you know. If you have to go about this secrecy thing, then I had to bring gifts from everyone." Charlie scowled.

" I hope you know where we're going? I don't fancy being lost, wherever the hell we are. I guess this all goes back to that need to know thing again right?" He asked, eyebrows knitted together in a question.

" Need to know...sure Charlie." Seth grinned back at him. " Hey, do you mind scouting us a taxi? I can't see over all the luggage."

" Taxi? Right." Charlie replied heading toward the large, whooshing double doors at the front of the airport.


A bulky, red/brown skinned individual stepped out from behind a large green fern above the rattly, escalator behind them. His dark hair curled softly at the nape of his thick neck. A heavy silver chain glinted in the harsh lights, as he reached for his phone, his bulging muscles jumping as he curled his bicep to make the call.

" Daniel...they just got off downstairs. Stay downwind of Seth, we don't want him sniffing us out do we?" Chase Arnold of the Kalaloch pack spoke gruffly into the phone, pushed his dark glasses up his nose, and terminated the call.


A sleek silver Mercedes swept passed Leah on the route to her house, and skidded to a halt, kicking up bilious clouds of dust from the unpaved road. She rolled her eye's and stuck her hands firmly on her hips. She was determined not to betray her emotions, as inwardly a explosion of butterflies fluttered through her stomach, as she realized who the cars occupant was.

Malik swung his long legs out from the passenger side, and jumped out As though the car was burning. He slammed his hand on the roof of the car:

" Leah! You can't do this to me. You won't take my calls...I haven't seen you for day's, it's killing me! It must be hurting you too? Won't you just hear me out?"

Leah shoved her hand through her hair roughly, her gaze flicking to the drivers seat of the car. " Who's the meathead driving? " She glowered.

" Wha-? What's that got to do with it? " He stuttered.

Leah glared her response.

" Ok.. This is Kaleb cross, my pack mate. " Malik gestured to the dark haired man resting on his burly arms , peering at her with soft brown eye's from behind the windshield.

" Send him for a walk, I'll talk in the car, you have five minutes." Leah said through gritted teeth.

Malik ducked his head inside. " Kaleb...take a walk man."

Kaleb sighed, and lifted his bulky form from the car, shuffling down the road with a backward glance, his bottom lip jutting out in a pout. When she was sure he was out of earshot, Leah stepped toward the car, her arms folded protectively. Malik made a sweeping gesture with his hand indicating she go first, and as she passed him the gentle whiff off his scent, set her senses aflame. She could smell the apple shampoo he favored, the clean scent of the soap he used that morning, and the delicate overtone of his cologne, all rolled into what made up his personal smell. She remembered how that smell lingered on her skin after they had made love, and she felt the prickle of a fierce blush appear and creep up her neck as she settled into the front seat.

As he got into the driver's seat beside her, she turned her head quickly to avoid him catching her blushing. His heart dropped as he figured she couldn't even look at him, he knew that what had happened with Seth had hurt her, but if she just saw it his way for a moment he was sure he could get her to understand. He was not prepared to lose her now he'd found her, he'd seen his entire future in those dark, mysterious eye's of hers and now it was slipping

through his fingers like sand.

" Leah..." He touched her face gently, trying to get her to turn and look at him. His touch sent tingles across her skin and she was ashamed. He had hurt her brother, Jacob wouldn't speak to her because of her relationship with him, and her damn hormones were making her crazy, because in spite of all of that, she still wanted him, needed him even, but how could they be together with all this?

" I need some time, I told you that. I'd die for my brother, and kill anyone who'd hurt him, and you threw him around like he was dirt! Not to mention, I've lost my alpha because of you and you're pack! " Leah hissed. Her anger heightening as she spoke the words out loud. She glared at him, chin raised, anger and resentment burning in her dark eye's.

" Ok, I had no idea Seth was you're brother, that won't happen again..."

" Damn right it won't!" She snapped.

He held up his hands in mock defeat. " I know....and, as far as Jacob's concerned, will you just hear my side?"

" Say what you need to say." Leah sighed, staring at her knees, and picking a piece of lint from her jeans distractedly. Feigning disinterest, while her heart thumped in her chest.

Malik realized she was listening, and he was actually going to have to tell her his unspoken story. He gulped, and cleared his throat.

" When I first came into my phasing, I did so because a vampire had been prowling our territories, killed a local couple, and a small child that interrupted it feeding..." Malik began.

Leah whipped her head around, sensing the pain in her mate's voice. " Go on?"

" Ok, well my father was a shifter also, it's where my bloodline came from. He took me with him and the village elders to hunt this vampire. He got away from us, and...." Malik's voice began to waver a little, he exhaled in a rush of air and pressed his hands into his eye's. Leah was silent, as he removed his hands, and pressed his fists into his thigh's until his knuckles turned white.

" We lost him, and when we returned home his scent was a thick stench in the air. My father told me to wait outside, but I didn't understand what the fear in his eye's meant, and I ran in after him." Malik rushed the words, like he couldn't bear to have them in his mouth. He struggled to swallow, and continued.

" I ran into the house, ready to sink my teeth into this blood sucking leech, and I found my father staring at the remains of my mother, and little brother torn limb from limb in our home." Malik choked out the rest of his story in one breath, the color drained from his face as the memory played over in his mind.

Leah gasped softly, reaching out to touch his face. He caught her hand, and brought it to his lips, kissing her fingertips with a feather light touch. She thought to pull away, but he looked like a drowning man clinging to a life ring in a deep ocean.

" That's why I believe Jacob and his mate..." He spat the word 'mate' with pure venom on his tongue.

" Shouldn't be allowed to pollute a wolf bloodline, with the very thing we are created to kill." Malik spoke with the conviction of a man who has complete faith, that his cause is the true one, and Leah could not hate him for that. She searched his gaze, and his eye's burned with intensity. She read every emotion in him at that moment, fear of losing her, belief in his claims, and the vulnerability it had taken for him to reveal his true self to her. Her heart opened to him once more, and she knew she had to be with him still. Jacob would learn to understand, maybe she could find a way to end all this? She hoped.

" Pick me up in the morning at nine, don't be late." Leah said, a smile pulling at the corners of her lips. She pulled her hand free, and jumped out of the car before he could persuade her to stay with that alluring grin of his .

Malik jumped out of the other side with a feline like grace, slamming the door behind him. The grin still firmly in place as he called after her.

" I'll be here!" He watched her retreat round the corner onto her property, giddy that she would give him another shot. When she was out of sight, he whistled sharply, into the still air. While he waited for Kaleb to return, he leant against the car, his toned arms crossed in front of him. The phone buzzed like an angry hornet from his pocket, he delved for it and flipped it open :

" Yeah? You found them? ....I'll be in touch." He snapped the phone shut, his eye's narrowed, and a hard smile on his lips. He paced back and forth with a swagger, as he watched Kaleb approach, and muttered under his breath ;

" I told you not to run Jacob Black!"


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